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  1. I've had a wonderful time. Hopefully I will see you again next year c :
  2. When you feel everything is dying around you you silly people
  3. Yes drown me in legal downers.
  4. My dearest friends, This year of living has gone by so fast, it seems the older I get the faster the years go by. I know I will have little issue continuing at this pace, as it is forced upon me. I feel like I have grown a significant amount this past year. In just about three weeks (22 days) time I will turn 6 years old. I have lots to prepare, and everyone is invited to come to my party. ^~^ There will be cake, and balloons! Love, Eisena
  5. It's not what you think
  6. The sky looks great and I like those trees
  7. I have quit. It's me, not the game. I hold nothing against it.
  8. Abstaining from masturbation helps produce a more powerful stiffy.
  9. Eisena


    Noses break easily.
  10. It is c : Although that pig will probably give me nightmares.
  11. It is a fact that sturdy branches can support life
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