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  1. The sky looks great and I like those trees
  2. I have quit. It's me, not the game. I hold nothing against it.
  3. Abstaining from masturbation helps produce a more powerful stiffy.
  4. Eisena


    Noses break easily.
  5. It is c : Although that pig will probably give me nightmares.
  6. It is a fact that sturdy branches can support life
  7. I fear I have now lost my touch with the world completely .. I would have never considered anything even remotely like this, 'edgy'. I remember the last time this was done to me.. They took too much, and I never got it back.
  8. Jesus thinks differently.
  9. Eisena

    Halloween Title

    I wear it with combats
  10. I wish you tried harder on your English instead of blaming russians for problems ingame. Reading the title of this thread hurt me.
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