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  1. Ask me anything. Is it true that it gives luck? It was my left feet. Also 2 ladybugs rested in my left leg when ive been outside. Am i getting like a lot of good luck in my left leg or something? You know... a mod deleted a post in a very paranoid way, i adviced him to go outside and interact with people to improve his life. It must be really depressing spending time from your life "moderating" (deleting posts under any reason) people for free that does nothing more than to express their opinion.
  2. The oddest thing is that nothing improves. Wow you are not banned for being antisemitic? Is this g1 forums or am i in the wrong tab? Sorry, what?
  3. Thanks guys i was scared. I was blonde with blue eyes but contact with humans degraded me. Being in contact with our sun god is turning me back to a more pure state.
  4. Ive been taking a lot of sun lately. My skin is dark and my hair is gold... m i developing cancer?
  5. Dont lie, you would come back in a week. Also im asking myself how people can discuss the same thing for years...
  6. Why do you still arguing amd discussing this? Have it ever chang3d? Have they ever been successful? Only fairfight when arrived were good enough to cause an actual game impact. Its done, no engine, no anti cheat, crapy balances, crapy gun, crapy game modes. Enjoy the game as it is and be happy it still here. I forgot to mention that they cant stop rerolls. Ani anticheat is shit if you cant stop that.
  7. I laughed at 3k+. Do u even apb? Where is the opt 7k+? If apb runned good for me i would have never stopped playing.
  8. Ey bud calm down im talking about pizza. Im following your advice tho.
  9. As long as the game runs there will be players and those players will boost my ego and existence.
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