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  1. After engine upgrade i willbe playing with my grandchilds.
  2. I have no idea about it but im 100% sure it will be delayed as allways. Theres also a chance that that update its only because they worked on consoles and pc is left to rot.
  3. Sry to say thing in half... imeant no people to play with, thats why i couldnt play. My very old rig has barely problems running apb.
  4. I enjoy anime but i dont act like a fan.
  5. I see why they crapped the yukon and intend to do the same to every gun. Old g1 tricks still kicking i see, every time dirtier. But i think troublemaker is the best g1 scam.
  6. The big diference is that there is profit for every cheater making a new acc. I said this in the past: shut down, re open with b2p (buy acc), enforce anticheat and we will play. The problem is that they cant make this game interesting, as i long complained. Someone who doesnt enjoy playing games -a wide range of games- cant never manage, and shouldnt, one. Watchout, someone is too important to post in public forums. Merged. Sadly. I could say that playing online filled my life. I still enjoy offline games but is not the same to share stuff with others. I experienced gaming with afriend for long periods, chatting, facing challenges and those beautiful moments are printed in my head and will remain until the end of my days. Death to cheaters.
  7. You are free to disagree but not call me a lier. I could play pre lo and couldnt after they arrived. Also their updates and balances are the crapiest, game destroying level. Plus i lost a lot of clean effort i did over my years with them. I wont forget that damage.
  8. Azhwrayth


    Check if he has a banana or balls. Female cats have a bigger anus.
  9. Guys, let them destroy the game as they please. The more people playing apb the sooner will die and another company will revive it. It doesnt matter how much time you spent or how you explain things to prevent disasters, theyll do what they want anyways. There are better things to spend your life energy. The only thing i am sure is that they dont deserve this beautiful game.
  10. The basement. No they are not in the cemetary.
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