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  1. thanks for 7 days. But what about players who have ping 420 now? . This is unplayable. While you start the server in Europe, I will have left already .. 2 or 3 days, and then the weapons that I bought for 10 days have already expired by half.
  2. everything is fine. Almost equal statistics . just decided assisting
  3. Здесь надо говорить по-английски. Проверь apb-r.ru или vk.com/apb.reloaded там есть информация Here you need to use English. At vk.сom / apb.reloaded you can watch the news
  4. Grateful, but it depends on them. For me, it’s just a goal to find out the objective reasons why such a decision was made. I want to know why. I want to know what exactly they considered for violation. I can refute and give an explanation. To any suspicion, I am confident in my innocence. And also I want to warn people. So that they do not fall into a situation like me for nothing. There would be a bomb if they posted direct evidence on the forum. And because of what they made such a decision. I returned to the game after a year of absence. I played for almost a month, wrote to support and remained blocked. An absurd situation. She is even funny. I myself turned to support and they delved into me and gave me a lock. ( I curse that day. If I didn't apply, I think I wouldn't have thousands of questions now. )
  5. Thank you all for your support.I will fight for a long time. The truth is behind me.
  6. Ignore Sayori. This is his opinion, but when he would have been in such a situation. His opinion would have changed. *The reason for the block is still a mystery to me. About the actions that they said. I did not commit them. I would at least have a good reason why they thought so.
  7. Zzzz I was blocked that I was selling anything for real money. But I didn’t. And nobody cares about me. And people who got into the same situation just have a very small chance to return their active status to their account. I created a topic about it. Nothing really, no reaction. Only an answer from support, "thanks for understanding."! p.S I invested $ 4,500 and I have almost all the permanent weapons on my account . Well, this is at least not entirely reasonable. It is necessary to check everything carefully so that people's accounts do not suffer. I am a living example of who is locked by mistake. And on strange charges.
  8. I have reason to believe you. I myself got into such a situation and not even because of the style of play, violation of anything. They just decided that I was selling for real money. But I didn’t do it. It's just amazing ... And my chances of getting everything back are void. The game is already the 4th day. Who will remember about my problem in a week ??? . After all, everyone is busy with the servers.
  9. I agree with you, only the guys with the trigger bot met
  10. Zzz , Ok we w8 ) ty. Nice days with 350 ping hehe
  11. This is a punishment for my unjust and false account lockout.
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