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  1. way to go on the new servers, absolute trash
  2. what drugs you takin'? why exactly we deserve it ? it's a free game, it's not like you paid to play and you're not getting your money's worth. be fucking grateful, people. LO is actually trying to make something of this game..
  3. Hi guys! I was just wondering if it's possible to untie my old apb account (that i don't use anymore) from my steam account ? And if so, how ? Thanks!
  4. Well, keeping in mind that the FR0G is only usefull within 15m, depends what you're looking for. Both weapons are 5 shots to kill, but Obeya's maximum damage range is slightly bigger and has a bigger magazine. Personally I'll choose FBW over the FR0G.
  5. I think we already have a winner lol. Brilliant
  6. My guy is moaning about a few days of premium.. Cmon mate, grow a pair and stop whinging like a little kid
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