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  1. Deserved jokers gave, and compensation will be for all players? For the fact that players could not get them last week?
  2. They will fix it soon, they already know about this problem, I think they should compensate, so don’t worry
  3. Thanks for the answer, I hope there will be compensation to the players for these 2 weeks
  4. I am sure that there is a separate table in the database or a column that is responsible for the fighting areas, accordingly there should be all the data related, who earned how much or how many tasks they completed. Such nuances are taken into account in all respected companies, games, etc. .. In any case, there should be some kind of logs from which this data can be taken.
  5. Okay, just understand, I was talking about another problem, and you started talking about compensating for the fact that the players did not play for more than 3 days, which is not very appropriate, do you agree? Although it offends me that we didn’t play then, I agree that 7 days of premium, in the conditions when everything is unplayable for you, is pitiful. Well, I’m more offended that 2 weeks was spent just like that .. We could easily earn 800 jokers, in the end 0.
  6. Did you read the topic before writing your answer? For the second week now I can’t get the well-deserved jokers in the fighting areas. I don’t need this premium at all, I’ve been collecting jokers all the time and for 2 weeks I can’t do it calmly!
  7. For the second week in a row I have not received jokers! The first time this happened because the servers were turned off, as a result, the time was simply transferred to the next week, I thought okay. I passed a week, I think now I will finally receive the joker tickets, I go into the game, and the fight area timer has been updated, and the table of players has not been updated, as a result, for the second week I can’t get the well-deserved joker tickets. imgs: https://imgur.com/a/qncudTp I would like to receive compensation in double size, after all, this is the problem of the game, and I think many players would agree with me.
  8. I confirm the words said above me. Ping really interferes with the game and playing it is not very nice (given the fact that the premium is over). And technical work has begun again that does not allow the use of premium, so I think that it is necessary to compensate for preventive work not with premium, but with joker tickets. + I did not understand the moment why the fighting districts did not finish their cycle and did not give the players their honored jokers, which they wanted to get during the week, so I think this fact only strengthens that there should be compensation in this form.
  9. And where can I turn on this issue? If you can link please
  10. Hello, I am interested in whether it is possible to make a refund on the currency of the gamerferst. If so, what do you need to do and where to write?
  11. Oh my god, am I not sleeping? Oh yeah sure, I’m going to take my term paper tomorrow, well, okay, I’ll play APB
  12. 3 days without APB is too much, maybe at least give the jokers as compensation?
  13. Will there be compensation in the form of jokers? Because of such a long prophylaxis? I think many players would be happy about this and forget these 2 days without APB
  14. Ordinary players will not have a bonus in the form of jokers? It would be very nice, as we have been expecting for 2 days
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