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  1. Long time ago when this game was 10/10 We did not even ask for it. That is what I am talking about . It is not about the free stuff..I PAID FOR IT!! Its about losing your money. That money I am working for every day I know WORK and JOB maybe they are hard to understand but you may check it on the dictionary. I agree too. I do not need anything but my money back.
  2. I was one of those people who made this game stay alive, we made community, invited new people we were always played without cheats and hacks. SO PLEASE. LET ME BE UPSET NOT LIKE A KID . LIKE A GROWN UP WHO GIVES ALSO HIS MONEY AND LOYALTY TO THIS GAME AFTER 8 YEARS YES I THINK I DESERVE MUCH MORE THAN PEOPLE WHO THINKS THEY BETTER SAYING " STOP ASKING FOR FREE STUFF " that means you have enough money to pay everything . Congratulation for being rich by Mommy and Daddy. Thats why you will never learn how to get something, If you have nothing!
  3. Hi everybody! This is the first time I am writing in this forum because I became a little upset! I have been playing this game since Open Beta, More than 8 years, I have like 2000-3000 hours with my main acc and little accs (Piedonepapa/DreamGirlZ Citadel MAIN) I paid like 20 euros a few days ago to become "Premium for one month" and I also bought a joker box what gave me items with cooldown. (IT WAS NOT MY FIRST PURCHASE) The server screwed up like 2 or 3 days after my purchase IN THE MIDDLE OF MY HOLIDAY , YES I freakin grew up I need to work to go to job and still want to play your game like a lil kiddo but I do not care. I would pay I paid and I got almost nothing because TIME IS MONEY . You removed the events, free items with cooldown, free premiums what MADE MORE PEOPLE come to play !!! because this game was not about getting players money like stealing it with micro transactions getting almost nothing for it (GAMBLING??) It was about the feeling of playing one of the best online game with much nice and kind players. I KNOW Hackers are less now BattlEye is good. I am glad and Thank You. I know hardwares can crash when time is come but in your place I would give your players compense for failing that hard. Sorry, I feel this .this is the ugly truth I could support a ticket but I saw the forums and not I was the only one who said that about this! Thank You Very much for read and sorry for bad english.
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