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  1. It’s the feature of Russian players to stay in a dead game. For example, 1.6 online consists of only Russians, css has the same problem. Private servers for mw2 are full of Russians as well. If you start seeing more and more Russians on the international server, well, rip the game then
  2. It will be fixed by itself when everyone gets matched against equal skill
  3. That’s the reason why we need to wait for phasing system that will hopefully be released after engine update
  4. Tbh, gold doesn’t mean anything in this game because how easily you can get it. But if you can’t hold it then you’re not even close to the average skill ceiling of the game
  5. Yes, it’s true that aim is a big part of apb but if you look at some streams you will see that top tier players started relying more on utilities than on their aim. The obvious utility is a car gameplay that is very op. Some players don’t even fight, they just driving cars with blowtorch and try to kill you when you’re in the bad situation. They won’t leave the car in bad situations just to play for aim. I might be wrong then.
  6. That situation made my friends learning the game in the right direction. Btw, if I remember correctly, I’ve seen your name in asylum citadel, 255r silver running with true ogre and always eating my nades without reading when I’m going to nade you. Don’t think that you’re good in other shooters if you can’t read obvious decisions of your opponents
  7. I’m not sure what games you’re playing but you’re 255R silver if you’re using the same name in game, so I doubt that you have a good skill in other games. My friends from csgo who was global elite got their gold in the first day of trying the game against 255r silver groups running with osmaw/detonators etc. in the bronze district. On the last stage of the first mission they had already figured out that to beat this type of players they have to use different set up, one cqc and one long range and play by assist otherwise they will get farmed by osmaw with car surfers and detonators. If they figured out that fast that they can’t casually play 1v2/1v3 in that game then I’m pretty sure the game is team based
  8. Read my posts, I know that the game is competitive, I was arguing with op
  9. I usually just kill random guy, happened often times when I killed the guy who was doing the point during overtime on their mission, lovely words were filling my pm afterwards
  10. You might be right if the matchmaking gives bronzes against vets. But I would make these type of finals 10mins. Enough for many opportunities to retake. For now, it's stupid when you retake the item and opposition just needs to press f on it, they should be moved in the same situation that you were while retaking. See, attacking is so hard if you play against the same skill level opposition. When I'm on defend side, I always predict, meet by spawns my enemies and don't forget there're a lot of imbalanced places that is so hard to attack without proper team play (german fortress hello)
  11. In my opinion missions with final stages such as item hold and points hold should not have overtime but should not have timer for the stage as well. It should be ended when someone reaches enough points, 120/120 points for item hold stage. It would be the most balanced way, imo
  12. ‘Cheaters everywhere’ disease is out of control. I haven’t seen a single cheater for months Is he reworking the entire game on the new engine?
  13. me either, hope it will stay like that, I don't want any change to it. It's just a useless system
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