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  1. I’m more concerned of LO developing and then releasing that piece of fart named RIOT instead of working on tiny QoL changes or balancing the live build. Everytime someone makes a suggestion that will improve live version and can be done on the current engine Matt responded: ‘good idea but we’re busy with the new engine’. And then they’re releasing this mess
  2. Another topic with important things that apb needs right now
  3. According to the hate to valorant for being too empty and for having some problems DURING CLOSE BETA I feel like rushing 2.1 with all its problems might not be a good idea
  4. Had 145 in full asylum, now 110-120
  5. Will see on beta how it works. I had a really bad experience with windowed borderless. Tearing and huge input lag into my mouse movement in AAA games. Not that bad but still not good was an experience in online shooters
  6. Oscar meta, pls bring it back
  7. I tried to play cs and fortnite back in the days windowed, I felt like my mouse movement is not synced with the game movement. There's a reason why popular shooters still allow to use exclusive fullscreen.
  8. If you're talking about public missions, yes, mostly you don't need to pay attention what weapon your opponent is using. But if you would play arranged missions against high skill players daily or if you're a streamer and gets streamsniped by top tier players you begin noticing on missions where every decision matters, every kills matters that some weapons perform better than other and doesn't take a lot of effort to play with. You can miss 3-4 bullets or even spend the whole magazine on one enemy on public mission with pmg and pretend it's an op weapon but if you face top tier player who uses jg, 1-2 miss and you're dead because shotguns scale much better with higher skill level.
  9. I would nerf blast radius of opgl nades a bit other explosives are fine imo
  10. Because it's not a cheat but an exploit of the game client. I'm not sure if LO fixed it, might try to test it today
  11. There're no weapons that completely broken like old troublemaker. Nerfing it only because new players matches with low golds can affect other aspect of the game. Anyway nerfing certain weapons won't fix its problem and low golds will find their way to ruin new player's experience because you don't really need strong weapons to kill someone who doesn't even know that he's on mission and have enemies.
  12. No, I mean a full group of low tier golds shouldn't be matched with new players and balancing weapons and players equipment around that problem instead of fixing is not a right way
  13. I don't think that it's a good idea to implement such crutches into the gameplay artificially limiting player's game experience. Just wait for new engine
  14. I'm not quite sure how they're going to detect mouse scripting. What prevents you from configure your macro, install it in mouse and turn off the software. My old deathadder that I'm not using can play any macro on any pc that I installed on the pc with razer software.
  15. New engine won't fix cheating problem. It's not a big deal to dump the game and find offsets. The only problem is an anti-cheat. Btw, Valorant anti-cheat got bypassed in the first day of cbt.
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