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  1. Lol, obeya is good as it is. People bitching about it because many players use it. What a surprise that f2p weapon is being used more often than other weapons. Next thing people is going to bltch if obeya gets nerfed is Oscar. And when everything gets nerfed we will come back to the moment when ntec will be stronger than every gun again. And forum silvers will start bitching again
  2. Ntec is easily beatable by oscar in mid range. The only reason why everyone using it is its utility and versatile. OCA is not versatile, with its accuracy its effective range is in range where jg can two shot. JG user always makes a 2nd shot no matter you're using cj on oca or not. Just try to remember how many times did you kill a jg user before he lands a 2nd shot
  3. It's a nerf because there's no point to play oca if you can play jg or pmg
  4. I know. I support this idea since matt told about it. But forum guys who don't play the game and just sit on forums thinks that shotguns undertuned currently. Literally, one of them wrote a post in suggestion to make jg 20m drop range. At the momen, it's so easy to land 2shots and corner pop with it, especially when they nerfed oca.
  5. Noticed after the last patch I get freezes. During Xmas I didn't have any lag spike or freeze
  6. I showed that vod just to show that we’re playing in prototype district. There were much more broadcasts. Basically, everyone who plays arranged thinks that jg is strong even on live. Buffing its ttk doesn’t make sense due to corner camping or car gameplay. Usually, if you push a corner without knowing that there’s jg sitting behind you barely even hit that guy for half hp before getting two shotted. Also, don’t forget about rng, you have to be so lucky to be able to minttk jg by oca or pmg. Just remember the moments when you faced jg. How often do you kill him before getting a 2nd shot from jg even if he doesn’t two shot you.
  7. It should be good but not the go to choice. Basically there's no point to choose any other cqc with that ttk of jg. If you didn't realize, usually shotgun always make a first shot and practical ttk always faster than any other cqc weapon. And don't forget about terrible accuracy oca has. Even now, with current jg, everyone on arranged picks jg instead of oca because of impact it can do
  8. We have been playing arranged matches for the whole time while threat segregation is turned off. Basically, 0.68 jg is too much. You get instant two shot without realizing that some peaks you from the corner. Everyone on arranged matches saying if you have a choice between oca and jg, you should choose jg Removed video. - Azukii
  9. Would be nice if they at least fix time on some missions. We can provide every mission name if they need
  10. I understand what you mean, but at the same time it can make more other player to make their own events if they get a support by LO, turning into more community interactions.
  11. Oh yeah, I can easily come to the point, bait you to lose your nades on me and easily make it neutral and you gonna lose it pretty quickly, so balanced. It should end up when someone reaches the score cap.
  12. It doesn't make sense when the opposition have only half points before winning the mission and you're trying to comeback and they have at least 3 opportunities to make one of your two points neutral to win on overtime. The mission should end up when when one of the side gets the score cap. The same goes for item hold stage. It doesn't make sense either when you're doing a comeback when the opposition has 60/120 score and it's overtime already and they have a lot of time to just press F on the item. It should end up when someone hits 120/120. It sounds like you're trying to defend little orbit who made a 3 useless events and one major joke RIOT on that spaghetti mess while they could fix the live with small changes like mission balance, fixing bugs etc. If they can't just for example add time for some of the last stage then by that logic they shouldn't be able to add events or making a weapon balance.
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