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  1. Yes, it’s working on live servers
  2. Weapon balance is good and bad at the same time. Ppl didn’t ask for buffing shotguns, rifle range, making cooling jacket working on burst mechanic guns. Overall g1’s balance wasn’t bad, only few things such as ntec meta/oca/hvr were an issue. At the same time they did small hvr nerf that’s actually good. I think, they should make small changes like hvr nerf without accidentally making mistakes by implementing big patches at the same week it was implemented on otw.
  3. Lign

    APB's P2W image

    The problem is that it's nearly impossible to make new and good weapon for the game cuz we have all variations of all type of weapons. Cosmetic things, at the current state, is the best thing can be implemented in armas imho.
  4. The discussion is about trigger bot based on pixel color that you don’t need to inject into the game exe. It’s fully undetectable and works perfect if you set bloom off in settings
  5. Tell it to these russian jumpshotters
  6. Yeah, meta ntec before ir3 nerf was a beast in all situations. Ppl who’s saying oca and Oscar are stronger than ntec base on statistic and numbers but not on situations that usually happens in game. I’m not saying Oscar is not op, but for most ppl it’s more enjoyable using ntec, not everyone wants to dance, keep a good firerate and control oscar’s recoil at once if they can just use ntec the gun that doesn’t have recoil at all at low resolution
  7. Lign

    Apb nowadays

    Fo real...Where have u got this information? By playing on otw maybe
  8. Lign

    Apb nowadays

    Pretty much. I don't get why people will do stuff like that then complain shotguns are OP. The hive-mind has also made a habit of mass downvoting me, but I'm cool with that, I like the color red! Bronze district doesn’t count. It’s so easy to destroy oca with jg, it was easy before, but inconsistent sometimes saved my patootie. Why is it so easy? Because most of times shotgun user makes first shot faster than you start shooting oca, because of cornerpopping. Even if you decide to pre shoot a corner, your opponent is going to hit you faster than you, thanks to perfect apb player’s hitboxes. And don’t forget, that LO implemented a nerf for oca on otw
  9. Lign

    Apb nowadays

    The main LO's mistake is that they implemented new patch so fast when it didn't even take a week to test on OTW.
  10. Lign

    Apb nowadays

    and Engine Upgrade Yeah
  11. Lign

    Apb nowadays

    The community didn't ask them for shotgun changes, it was strong before patch and its inconsistent just gave us a chance to kill them in cqc if your opponent is cornerpopping. The whole forum was about cheaters and ntec meta before LO came.
  12. Lign

    illegal websites

    Hacking is not illegal unless you’re not hacking server side