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  1. There’re very low amount of closets in all games, companies can’t get rid of cheating completely unless OS will be restricted to work with memory like on consoles. It’s not really a big problem, either in apb, I don’t see closets for long time, but it’s probably due to low pop. But cheating is still a problem in apb. If they can’t ban a player who plays full hvh mode for weeks, imagine what would be if the game had high pop
  2. The problem is that it will be abused for fast lvling
  3. you didn't get. I mean, it's okay when the game has closets. every game has a problem with closet cheating, nothing you can do about it
  4. Exactly, that Russian streamer with rage hack stopped streaming and already 140+ rank playing for two weeks. It’s just a disaster
  5. I’m okay with closets or macro users living forever but when a guy with full package 360 degrees aimbot and minttk at every effective range of the weapon he’s using playing for weeks it’s dumb. There’s no any game where ragebot can play longer than one day
  6. Shotguns indeed need to have slower ttk than smg but 0.8 is too much, 0.73-0.75 is good if oca will be 0.7. CSG should have the same ttk as jg but lower dmg with more accuracy and longer range
  7. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hUfwI4_lnOwSLKQA63wyfpkUY5LaSCenShHzwKZ8aTM/edit#gid=1883713473
  8. I just remember the similar topics where ppl were saying to rework balance in 2018. Also, I don’t understand why you’re talking about bloom except if you’re mainly playing ntec, but again ntec is still the strongest metA
  9. You want them somehow to balance useless weapons the game already has and also add a new one. That’s insanity. We can’t even get a proper balance among meta weapons due to the game being overfilled with weapons. At this point adding a new weapon is like reinventing the wheel
  10. Due to the fact that the vehicle speed is so low, it will be so easily to track and kill enemy in the car. It will just cause a lot of unbalance especially on missions where you have to deliver a car. RTW could easily add that feature during developing but they didn't due to balance issues. In my opinion the best way either deal with it as a game feature like bhopping in source games or if the car entrance is blocked instead of instantly getting in the car it will wait for the same time as you normally gets in
  11. The problem with it was that there was no client side anticheat, you could go in any cheat forum to download free injectable cheat and move on till you get banned. If apb was a bit more popular, it would accumulate the amount of cheat coding scene with some crazy functions like hvh scene in csgo. The only one that had some crazy things was epicgoat. Speedhack, hitting any shot without even aiming at the target, changing the size of the character to make it bigger than the building in financial(it was client side but still fun) and many other things. The last funny thing was a fake ff ban. He used that to kick you out from the district and your name would appear in the chat in fairfight notification. There was a lot of fake bans, although nowadays there're much less closets and ragebots than it was during ff, read my post above
  12. Matt confirmed that huge amount of bans by fairfight were false. One guy got ff by typing in social district something about Tiggs, one 255r silver got banned while logging in the game just to make some symbols. Also showing in public the names of banned people accumulated a huge toxicity among already toxic apb community
  13. ye, the first link when you google apb reloaded cheats is the same name of site as this purple name at your pic
  14. bro, it seems you don't understand what I'm saying, you're not very got into that situation. On your picture is a site where you can buy private cheat, look at the first post on that site and click on the menu of cheat to buy it. I just found out it the same way as you by googling
  15. yes, look at your picture again, and read purple name of the cheat provider
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