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  1. They have all their nicknames and stream links in head of the triggerbot site, lmao
  2. It’s okay if they cheat but as I replied Kemp earlier, the real problem right now is same persons on same accounts have been ruining gameplay for months. I saw full donated players abusing speed hack bug for months without caution or russian triggerbotters playing 24/7 in asylum on same characters and streaming for months. I’m not okay with it
  3. You’re a bit wrong. People cheat because other people are better, afterwards people decide to cheat because other people started cheating.
  4. I’m okay with cheaters in apb if they sometimes get banned. But. What would you feel if you get the same persons as opposition on same accounts using triggerbot, streaming with it, advertising the site where you can buy their soft in district chat, and this has been happening for months. Even, they have their nicknames on the site And you keep reporting them and reporting them and reporting them, and nothing changes
  5. C'mon, I can write simple triggerbot in autoit in 5mins by googling the tutorial, what a skill lmao
  6. The funniest thing, these russian triggerbots seriously think they're skilled players because, as they said, they know how to write simple triggerbot in AutoIt
  7. These players also advertise their site where you can buy the cheat from their main characters in district chat. They're still alive
  8. Lign

    Nhvr nerf.

    So, you're basically complaining that you can't kill with heavy rifle in cqc how it should be
  9. The 2nd one not always undetectable if it uses key emulation that easily can be detected by most client anti-cheat
  10. Nah, I asked famous ru triggerbotter, why is he insta crouch for 10ms, he said it's more effective than unrealeasing shift
  11. I know, but mostly times even decent player can accidentally shot when you just show your weapon for 0.3ms, but triggerbotters never do such mistake. And about crouching, they dont fully crouch cuz they use the config for hold crouch. They just click crouch to show the crosshair
  12. That's easy to see the triggerbot. If your opponent uses hvr with triggerbot, he will not try to prefire if you do a fake corner picking. If he uses jg, most times he crouches for halfsec before shooting to make crosshair visible again.
  13. The problem with the event wasn't the exclusive skin for elitist. The problem was that you could repeatedly play and win and the 1st place was the only one way to get the skin. I got the skin but I also enjoyed 20v20 gungame event, So I kept participating and winning
  14. I know right, ppl are so selfish on apb forums
  15. Ntec is the most popular weapon because it’s the most versatile, not becuase it’s f2p and well known ‘ak-47’. When I play for fun against average players I don’t use it, but when I get decent opposition they force me to switch to ntec. I usually see the same behavior from my friends and opponents who knows me. Ntec is a lazy gun because you don’t need to switch to other weapons depending on situation. You can be beast wherever you want with only ntec