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  1. The funniest thing here is some ppl who circlejerks in apb discord arguing that the game is not dead and some districts are empty because people don’t want to play here. We have reached a point when nothing will save the game including engine upgrade. Recently, LO introduced a new patch with a good balance changes but such changes had to be done year ago when there still was a part of community who cared for a game and took it seriously. Everyone left, and now it’s a bunch of whiteknighters, 255R silvers and 3 streamers, who plays a game once a week
  2. It’s actually not really hard to do. It’s just so time consuming because after unpacking the files there will be thousands of sound files named by a number and only one of them is the right one. Use a part of that tutorial where it describes how to unpack files then try to find that sound
  3. Russian guy named Daruma had over 300k kills in 2015. There’s another Russian guy who doesn’t play anymore, but he had multiple 16 roles on different character. His name was something like ‘unquiet’. Me personally have over 300k kills among all my chars
  4. They probably just don’t want to. It would cut a part of already small community who likes making themes in the game or collecting it. That exploit is known by 90% of vets who doesn’t have a small pistachio instead of a brain(sorry 255r silvers). Even kemp accidentally showed the exploit on his stream once
  5. Ye, there were better chances than now but still not enough, I doubt that many players were jumping from instance to instance to find a proper opposition because it takes time and it's exhausted. It's just a terrible system that needs a rework to make matchmaking working around all instances. No matter in which instance of financial you are, the matchmaking gonna give you a proper opposition from other instance if it exists.
  6. Relying on issr b stats it should be a very strong sniper rifle but that bloom increase after a 2nd shot makes the gun feeling so unnatural. But if they buff its accuracy on 3rd shot the gun will become the strongest long range weapon in the game. It either needs a little bit of rework or keep it as it is. As all other sniper rifles in the game, it's mostly a teamplay or a weapon that requires a usage of utilities such as covers, long distances etc. Yes, you can't overshoot obeya when you both start shooting at the same time but you also can't do it with hvr/dmr/scout. That's how sniper rifles work in the game
  7. Even with 1.5k pop the game had problems because of limitations. When you join any district instance, you gonna match with other 40 players and there's quite low chance that other side will have the equal skill players like you.
  8. Anti vehicle gun with an ability to shoot from a car window shouldn’t exist. Dog ear is still a very good gun. They just made it like it should be
  9. I’m more concerned of LO developing and then releasing that piece of fart named RIOT instead of working on tiny QoL changes or balancing the live build. Everytime someone makes a suggestion that will improve live version and can be done on the current engine Matt responded: ‘good idea but we’re busy with the new engine’. And then they’re releasing this mess
  10. Another topic with important things that apb needs right now
  11. According to the hate to valorant for being too empty and for having some problems DURING CLOSE BETA I feel like rushing 2.1 with all its problems might not be a good idea
  12. Had 145 in full asylum, now 110-120
  13. Will see on beta how it works. I had a really bad experience with windowed borderless. Tearing and huge input lag into my mouse movement in AAA games. Not that bad but still not good was an experience in online shooters
  14. Oscar meta, pls bring it back
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