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  1. AFAIK premium gives a bonus up to 95% to exp but I have never got that amount of bonus experience. For 2000exp I get 900exp bonus from premium. Cash bonus doesn’t have any problem with it
  2. Guys, if you don’t have free slots you can fill mine
  3. at average People spend 2-4 hours per day playing apb. 30 days contain 720 hours. Divide by 3 because it's the average from my numbers we get 240 days you need to spend month of premium for 799g1c. Fair enough
  4. I'm agree. LO should ban also for editing sensitivity and key bindings
  5. I don't have any problem with ghost shots or missing on my ntec. Tapfiring is very accurate on this gun like I barely miss any shot if I don't lose my aim. And I'm not the only one who doesn't have any problem with ntec, just look at most 'pRo gAmInG' streams, mostly russians who main ntec for the entire life. It's just stupid that the gun outperforms obeya and obir in 60-65m range with damage drop off. The problem is that the minimum ttk to maintain the maximum accuracy on ntec for tapfiring is between 0.8-0.85sec in 60-65m range. If you try to shoot that fast with obeya, you will fall to the maximum bloom so quickly and rng thing. To not miss a shot on obeya in 60m I already need to shoot much slower than it's intended firerate to keep the maximum accuracy If you feel like that then why competitive players who made their own rules with allowing 2 ntecs per team for arranged matches and for cw always choose stacking 2ntec instead of one and for example oca. Basically, it always goes with that stack: 1 obir/obeya 2ntecs and oscar. Never cqc with only maybe few exceptions. But again if any team picks oca for the specific situation(close range spot etc.) The opposite team rarely chooses to switch as well and performs without it as good as always
  6. Overall ntec and Atac are well balanced, they just need to get nerfed in some specific things. Basically, ntec has insane accuracy in tap firing, you can spray three first bullets and be able to hit them all from 60-70m. That’s the reason why it overshoots obeya from 60m even with damage dropoff. It needs a nerfed bloom recovery to make practical fire rate in tapping slower. Oh, and of cource remove benefiting from hunting sight in jump Atac just needs much bigger recoil because currently it shoots like a laser. It’s a shame the weapon was made to compete with current cqc has much much better accuracy and be able to pixel picking from the corner
  7. I would donate for two permanents if it happens. 20$ is still huge for old game especially for a Russian player like me
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