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  1. He’s not triggerbotting, it’s just his gamer glove
  2. In my experience how an average russian thinks in english he meant that what the point is of cheating when he donated a lot into his acc
  3. I think it’s false bans because my friend got banned on his transferred acc that he didn’t even play because he has much bigger acc on eu that he plays everyday
  4. By listening to their fire rate, if there's the same delay again and again between shots it's macro. Even top tier players can't keep the fire rate the same without difference less than 20ms
  5. Not fixing bugs they implemented to the game for year (radar tower and UI, huge frame stutters on specific CPU, hiding apb_catcher spamm from the task manager). Implementing useless things the community never asked for (RIOT, RFP range buff). I just feel like they're trying hard for the players
  6. Just to make sure everyone knows it. LO didn't fix APB_Catcher spamming. They just hid it from the usual task manager. Download alternative task manager and check it out.
  7. Would be funny if they make hvr 1stk afterwards complaining at players relying on paper stats and not playing in testing districts. Seriously, wasn’t it too obvious that rfp with 65m is too much
  8. Lign

    Latest migration patch

    Got a problem on my 7700k today, constantly dropping fps and stuttering every second, feels like my ssd is dying but it's 100% healthy. I found out that when I don't press movement buttons my fps doesn't drop at all and everything is smooth
  9. At least you don't understand what they write unlike me. LO, pls add language channel based chat
  10. Just if we compare spct and the current high skill level they barely hit mediocre. Not all of them but mostly
  11. I don't want to discuss it publicly but to be honest I don't trust to some of spct
  12. We won't get proper spct. Most of them don't main the game anymore and was invited to the team for being famous in the past but afaik LO didn't discuss the new balance with spct before putting it on live
  13. It's because you set 1:1 resolution when usually ppl play 4:3 or 16:9
  14. To be honest, I've seen only two cheaters last weeks. I know it's not funny anymore especially in 2019 but maybe you have to getgud
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