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  1. Actually, there are very few cheaters, 80% of suspected just get hackusated, but because of low population when you face them again and again, especially in fc, it feels like the game is full of cheaters
  2. I mean, if you search for it you could get it. Or just ask usual cheaters who keeps rerolling. Yeah, you can’t find on popular public cheat forums, only in discord and other platforms , but it’s possible to find that’s why other cheaters called it public
  3. No idea, I know there was one that you could get for free if you had friends
  4. There had been a half-public cheat for battleye for months until eac has come
  5. If they implement a proper spectating mode like cs then it will be pretty easy to detect cheats, but yeah, I cringed so hard when imagined apb esport
  6. After the failed shotgun rebalance patch no one asked before Matt said that they will listen to the community and try to not make the same mistake. Where are we at now? Too fat
  7. Rebalance stuff, fixing ui disappearing and radar tower bugs that they gave us with their trash events patches, removing vip stages etc. there are even more, just lurk the forums. The only thing they did good with the last patch is faster cd for non premium players
  8. In my view, there are only vets left, so it’s better to keep this population trying to not make going negative until new engine instead of making trash coded boring events on the current build. There’re a lot of simple things they could do to please vets and not make them leaving the game
  9. Being able to mod offline version will cause private online version
  10. @MattScottdid you really believe that garbage mode was a good idea. Didn’t none from the team have a thought that it’s gonna be a total fail while creating the mode?
  11. Ahahahahahahahaha oh god I have no words. Иннова соснула вялого у мэтта UPD It would be much better if you give 10k g1c for 5k hours else you're just deleting the huge community from the game.
  12. The problem is that all mice that you can program have memory. That means you can set a macro into your mouse by razor, logitech, a4tech, completely uninstall a software with full cleaning and have a mouse with working macro
  13. Macro that are based on mouse programming have never been banned(razor, logitech, a4tech). Battleye detects only external programs such as ahk
  14. It could be just a bad rng. Listen to the shot sounds while looking at magazine capacity. If there was a sound but the number of bullets in round wasn’t changed then it was a ghostshot. I don’t get this kind of ghostshots by legit clicks
  15. I think it’s one of the helpful bugs. I don’t remember when I get ghost shots by legit clicking
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