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  1. Lign

    Revert the CSG.

    JG is currently superior cqc in the game. Basically it's unkillable if you use corners and its firerate(0.73) can outplay oca in open place if you strafe around to mess the tracking of your opponent. CSG feels bad and not skill rewarded due to slow firerate(0.77). It just forces you to use corners and makes you feeling in dangerous if you have to play openly in some situations. I do believe that making equal ttk for both shotguns will fix it and I think 0.74-0.75 gonna be the best for them
  2. As I said, the only radar tower was on the south of asylum, far away of the middle house. When I destroyed it, everyone disappeared from radar. And look at my screenshot, enemies are away from the range of radar, but still being shown
  3. They can’t fix it since November afaik
  4. I don’t see any problem with radar tower as well, but as you know it’s bugged right now and sometimes it glitches and makes all enemies or your team showing everywhere, no matter where radar tower stays. I remember how at the start of mission my team was able to see enemies on a radar in the middle house of asylum when the only friendly radar tower stayed far away on the south near lighthouse
  5. Until it gets fixed. Knowing that you’re seen by opposition team everywhere while their radar tower is up somewhere is bad for gameplay https://m.imgur.com/U784v7v if you’re unable to fix it, atleast disable the mod in fc like you did with some mods during xmas event
  6. I won't, I just explained why increasing the price for the pack is a bad thing. So, what's the point of buying it for this price if most interesting things are available separately. Let's take a look at Juggernaut pack. Pretty pants, nice looking hat, better looking knee pads than the version for 99g1c(imo), 2 good competitive weapons that I use sometimes such as lmg and smg versions of S1. The only things suck in the pack are assault rifle version of S1 and espacio with kits
  7. I don't see any reason why it's locked. We basically gonna use hs3+ps3 or hs3+tagger. It doesn't change the weapon at all, only increases a quality of life a bit
  8. LO doesn't understand that quantity doesn't mean quality. The pack provides a lot stuff such as 5 weapons, a new car and 4 packs of clothing but they all suck. I barely see someone using new car due to bad handling, it's actually even worse than its alternatives bishada or jericho. Weapons, I don't even want to talk about it, clothing can be bought separately and the only one I see around in the game is war tech pants.
  9. Replace ir3 on fang with ir1 or nerf base accuracy to make it harder cornerpopping and hit full burst from 40m
  10. The chance in bronze districts is still high because there’re a lot of premades of 255 dethreaters, newbies will get high tier mission at defending side
  11. XP gain is affected by the type of mission. If you got mission with 255r who’s a team leader, you have a chance that the mission is given by a high tier contact means harder mission means more money and XP
  12. Great change, but it would be much better for asylum if you make explosive guns one per team, because the game starts lagging when there’re 5+ opgl and osmaw in fight club
  13. Lign

    Rework the OSCAR

    None used ir on obeya because it got a buff for its base range, everyone just played with cj
  14. Lign

    Rework the OSCAR

    Oscar is rarely seen as well because most players are used to play ntec
  15. Lign

    Rework the OSCAR

    Carbine is the most balanced weapon in the game. It doesn’t need any changes at all. it’s strong enough in cqc and can beat Oscar easily in 20m with cj2. Bringing back it’s old stk will make it the best meta for mid range due to fast ttk. I know many players who prefers carbine over Oscar due to its possibility in fast spraying your enemies