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  1. It doesn't lock your pc, just wait 5mins, I have the same problem if I keep apb as active window during starting
  2. There must be a reason why I began noticing them. Before I was fine getting freeze each time the game collects garbage but now it feels like I get freezes x4 times more
  3. First of all, I know that the game has problems with performance, everyone gets freezes every 5mins, including me. But after switching from the halloween patch I get them even more often. Sometimes the game can freeze 3-4 times in a row in 5 seconds. It is running on SSD with 16 gb 3200 ram and 7700k@4.8ghz. I noticed that I started getting freezes in the exact same situations when someone picking me from the corner with a shotgun shot or when I get naded. I had it before but not contstantly as now
  4. just a random. Most people have at least 4 max ranks where they daily check for the mission. Anyway nano is not a best secondary, don't know why some players want it so bad
  5. Tbh, playing since RTW and I thought it has a simple backstory for crim vs enf thing as in cs T vs CT to make it sense
  6. If feels like he’s Jerry, not rick
  7. Just, people are tired of the current meta and weapon balance made a small good kick for the game that made the community discuss it a lot. And what's the point to start doing something and not finishing afterwards. If they have no resources and time for weapon balance, don't start it then
  8. For that moment, recolored existed model is not a good way to keep players happy
  9. That's not a point, It's all about priorities. for example, RIOT was a failure, it took the high priority upon doing something for the live version during its developing but it doesn't mean that mapper that were working on changing financial has to work on weapon balance. Same here, 'No weapon balance but hey we made a cool mask for you, just watch our official channel on twitch and participate in giveaways'
  10. AFAIK, they're not going to merge servers into one big world before engine update, so they were fine to release balance patch while working at the new engine. But instead we got new masquerade mask and fix for it during last 2 weeks, yikes
  11. Thought it will come up after the Halloween event. It’s been 1 month since the last patch
  12. Who needs such changes when you have masquerade mask
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