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    can break the whole game, imagine you're attacking the point inside a building and someone spamming the molotov and resupply it by ammo box or joker vending
  2. After getting false banned without any proves and one of the LO employee telling me I deserved that ban I feel satisfaction reading the article
  3. Even with the current pop it will be much better than sticking to 40v40 instances. New players don’t know at all about advanced tab, so there’s high chance they will be moved in a silver district full of high end golds. It’s terrible for both sides. Golds will not get a proper match or keep sitting on missions without opponents and new players will get stomped hardly if the system decides to match them with vets. Phasing should be a top priority after engine upgrade
  4. I don't think that it's a difficult technology to implement, many open world games have it for over 10 years. For example World Of Warcraft has it since Cataclysm as I remember correctly. You can meet players from different servers in outdoor, also invite them in your group without any loading
  5. phasing is for better matchmaking. For example. You're in financial en1, there're no any equal skill level players to match with you in your district, but, in financial en2 there're players with the same skill level. Depends on districts population you or your opponents will be moved in your or their district without any loading
  6. I agree there’re tones of minor changes or QoL changes LO can do on the current engine but I do believe it won’t change a lot and population won’t comeback. Instead of repeating the same words on forums again and again, I would just wait until they release a new engine or when the game dies completely. Nothing really we can do here
  7. Would you like LO to release the last build from the open beta with the all its flaws. Or would you like them to move some development resources to dance with the current crutches in the code to make another clunky event or a new weapon that will be op af that eventually will get nerfed into hell. Also, do you have any suggestions how to bring players to NA right now?
  8. There’re very low amount of closets in all games, companies can’t get rid of cheating completely unless OS will be restricted to work with memory like on consoles. It’s not really a big problem, either in apb, I don’t see closets for long time, but it’s probably due to low pop. But cheating is still a problem in apb. If they can’t ban a player who plays full hvh mode for weeks, imagine what would be if the game had high pop
  9. The problem is that it will be abused for fast lvling
  10. you didn't get. I mean, it's okay when the game has closets. every game has a problem with closet cheating, nothing you can do about it
  11. Exactly, that Russian streamer with rage hack stopped streaming and already 140+ rank playing for two weeks. It’s just a disaster Merged. I mean, Every game has a problem with closets. It’s just a thing we have to deal with. But when rage hackers get banned in 5 hours of one session only if they stream, it’s stupid, especially with the current pop in game. Without stream that Russian guy playing on one acc for two weeks already, using everything except speedhack
  12. I’m okay with closets or macro users living forever but when a guy with full package 360 degrees aimbot and minttk at every effective range of the weapon he’s using playing for weeks it’s dumb. There’s no any game where ragebot can play longer than one day
  13. Shotguns indeed need to have slower ttk than smg but 0.8 is too much, 0.73-0.75 is good if oca will be 0.7. CSG should have the same ttk as jg but lower dmg with more accuracy and longer range
  14. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hUfwI4_lnOwSLKQA63wyfpkUY5LaSCenShHzwKZ8aTM/edit#gid=1883713473
  15. I just remember the similar topics where ppl were saying to rework balance in 2018. Also, I don’t understand why you’re talking about bloom except if you’re mainly playing ntec, but again ntec is still the strongest metA
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