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  1. Lign


    true, carbine and oscar are almost dead weapons with ir3 nerf, however carbine is actually not bad at cqc if you are not facing shotguns at the corners
  2. Lign


    @MurkTheMercIt's almost impossible to kill jg in cqc, when your opponent the first one who made a shot, you probably can do only 3 shots on him before getting two shotted. If you're lucky enough and you're the first one who started shooting you gonna make 4-5 hits before getting two shotted. Facing jg is like praying to rng if the enemy misses 2nd shot or the server doesn't register it
  3. Lign


    what do you mean?
  4. Lign


    Thanks, it's my face while reading 1.19.6 changelog
  5. How about give it a bit love. JG bullies it.
  6. The problem is only in ntec. They should just nerf base accuracy a bit and it will be fully balanced and revert back ir3. Other weapons we usually use with the mod is well balanced, maybe if only slight obir nerf, but anything else is good
  7. Firerate reduction is useless for IR nerf, cuz none had been shooting with base weapon's firerate on mid-long range before nerf. Now it's even easier to control spread on N-tec. I literally hit first 5 shots by spraying from 70m.
  8. @TheHidden-TemberIt will be still useless, cuz CJ affects shots inside burst but not a burst. They have to do overhaul on burst system in game then.
  9. shotgun user now will never show himself before you going to close range to his corner
  10. so, you're fine with ntec easily outplaying obeya/obir on 70m when you can just spray first 5 shots on this range and hit them all
  11. I can say even more. Now shotgun users are more happy they can peak corner and do two shot so carbine do 2-3 shots on them
  12. Here you can post your opinion about IR's changes. I think the problem is not in modification but in some guns we usually use ir in it. NTEC becomes so op on 70m by hitting 8 shots. Also accuracy is so insane, I can literally spray 5 shots and hit'em all. At the moment it just outplay all long range rifles such as obir and obeya making them not a good choice to play. At the very same time, oscar becomes almost useless on its range (40m) CSG PR1/PR2 is also garbage now. My opinion LO should fix/nerf specific guns*cough*ntec*cough*
  13. Or I can just use ntec for all ranges and situations
  14. True, but you haven't improved weapons that is counterpart of ntec.
  15. The new HVR system is so much good imo. I will be still a bit upset when someone do 99% damage to me from 80-90m and his teammate just needs to hit me once, but atleast now hvr is useless enough in cqc. Btw, I'm wondering why you're not changing ntec, it's the best weapon in the game with insane accuracy at jumpshooting and 60m+ by tapping. It has been meta for too long imo.