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  1. That’s a main thing LO wants to do after engine update
  2. I also made a lot of tests on my pc, and I managed to have consistent 144.0 in empty district without triggering that bug. I also tried to set cap for 144.1 .2 and .3 and when it jumps to .1 I manage to trigger that bug
  3. Me and all my friends don’t have such a problem when we cap the game to 144.0. For me personally, I noticed that the bug appears when my client jumps above 144.0 to any other number like 144.1, but never when it’s always 144.0
  4. That feeling when all such problems will be automatically fixed with the new matchmaking
  5. And your words are also true, but high risk is only involved in situations without covers, most times JG is used with corners or any other cover. If you missed a shot, you can hide and just repick, but honestly missing with jg in 2020 is very lame and sub average skill ceiling in my opinion. But I would like to see a slight accuracy buff for csg, it really lacks of it even tho I hate shotguns in this game with all my heart
  6. you're forgetting a thing that shotguns are extremely overpowered in 3rd person shooter, making them even stronger will ruin other type of weapons in cqc. JG is already faster than any meta smg, and don't forget that it's a paper definition of strength, practical you're going to minttk with smg in very rare scenarious while you can hit scan with jg and make an easy two shot kills
  7. It was good imo for 850 damage, but they finally decided to do what ppl were asking for, lowering it's damage and I can say that mechanic is not needed anymore
  8. It was fixed by g1 long time ago to nerf qs a bit.
  9. Hvr is rng because it’s ads based weapon, jg works different
  10. Jg has nothing to do with rng based on bloom size as hvr or any other ads weapons
  11. Almost the same as scout but scout doesn’t have that damage scale mechanic. You can jumpshot, you can hipfire in sprinting with it if you kissed en enemy in cqc. You can shoot from crouch without ads. Good idea, but I would make it 500 or 550 then, to still be able to two shot
  12. After playing a lot of arranged in qs era I disagree. Skill jumped so high during that time. People stopped missing a lot and weapons with high amount of damage per shot became much stronger than weapons with tracking mechanic. It’s much easier to land one shot now than minttk with weapons such as oca etc. here is the montage of old hvr and I can say that this one is pretty average gameplay. People did much crazier things with qs on arranged
  13. Nah, qs was op. The problem is that many players mastered it to insanely overpowered lvl, making it 0.5 ttk. I remember how I could easily kill pre nerfed oca with hvr in cqc. It was a complete bullshLt. But I believe with that new damage, it won’t be that strong if they remove damage scale
  14. That’s not an argument. Because most ads based weapons are rng cannons in cqc
  15. LO, you can easily remove damage scale based on accuracy now if you’re making it 770 per shot
  16. It’s still not a problem. You can make a triggerbot that will shoot whenever it detects something that’s not white
  17. It was an ui exploit. It had been fixed years ago, so there’s no point to hide it. You can open your own themes by double clicking on them. But if you have a right timing, you could double click your theme and then click at other author theme and the game opens it. And then there was a theme stealer hack that took a year to fix but as someone told me ( dunno that I can trust him ) you need just a source code of that hack and change offsets and it will work again
  18. The problem is that the majority of playerbase is silvers and bronze, when I join the game on the morning, there’s always full bronze district and dead silver districts. If LO will cater to only high skill players, they’re going to lose the potential donators because many high skill players with a big game knowledge don’t donate a lot because you can get all best weapons via f2p gaming.
  19. I actually think that ppl wouldn’t be that intolerant if Matt didn’t post relatively positive promises about engine upgrade. it had been already year and half from the first promise of getting Eu released in few months. People just automatically imagined that Eu is almost done with a good optimization and then we got open betas with barely working build
  20. I totally disagree with that thread. Do you really want qs back? Do you really wanna that mess back with players playing hvr 24/7 in any situation and every your decision except switching to hvr yourself will fail against qs. And do you really want old hvr back with the current cargameplay meta? if we are talking about balance it’s where I support LO except tiny issues. Ntec is where it should be now. Hvr is not go to choice anymore. We got carbine accuracy that ppl had been asking for years. if you think there was more choice than now, you’re delusional. Many tryharders stick to oca/ntec/hvr meta. And if that balance was great why were there so many threads about qs, about oca being op, about ntec meta etc. yes, LO can revert everything back. It will be fun for the first time but then you will start getting annoyed by meta of pre-LO era. You’ll just be forced to use certain weapons if you want to beat someone in pre-LO balance.
  21. Secrectly, all modern games with many different skins are much more heavy than apb low quality primitives
  22. But... but some people from apb discord saying that 80 FPS is fine and playable for competitive experience
  23. I was wondering how we can fix dethreating with the current matchmaking system and realized that LO can make players losing their ‘elo’ only if they lose on 3rd or 4th stage of the mission. So, as long as they need to dethreat, they still have to work for it a bit. It will also increase the activity of players in silver district and we might get a 2nd alive silver district again
  24. Only one district is alive and it's full of silvers and low golds. I'm getting exhausted farming them and getting one good oppostion that can compete well after 15 missions against silvers
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