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  1. Looks like 2 me your 1 of those players that constantly Dethreats in a Bronze District just 2 keep an insanely high kill count.
  2. I could not agree more here. Its super annoying when you have 1 or 2 people constantly killing you in a mission hearing their themes.10+ times in a match it really irritates the daylights out of me.
  3. cyral

    Gasoline truck

    Gas truck skin on a dump truck, along with an extremely high explosive radius. 8x that of normal would be cool.. Imagine the explosions along with the kill count.
  4. Military style weapons: 1 RPG's 2 Medusa LMG or equivalent 3 Volcano's 4 Perc Nades 5 Micro Missile Launchers Terrorist Style Tactics. 1 Ghosting missions not assigned 2 2 CAR BOMBS. 3 Blocking OBJ's of other players missions 4 forcing other players on missions AWAY from their objectives with your vehicle 5 not in missions informing your friends via DISCORD of where their opponents are 6 my personal favorite ❤❤ 1 who Dethreats DAILY in order 2 RE-LOG BACK IN the Bronze Districts for the sole purpose of keeping a High as Fuck kill count. 60 kills an hr is considered God like in Bronze and theirs players that do that. 20+kills/arrests a mission is normal for em The long standing players don't run. Instead they force "even in chat" new players to uninstall the game, by being extremely rude 2 em. A rank 15 Bronze is subjected to harrassment by being tked by those same Silvers/Golds that have dominated the District. Not to mention on the truly new players their 1 shot and their dead which they do not understand.
  5. So individuals can use Military style Weapons and Terrorist style tactics 2 run em right back off the game? How about we get rid of Bronze instead? Or even get rid of the color coded Districts altogether?? That might be fun, just like over Christmas Break. Bring back "Open Conflict" again
  6. To the OP, This suggestion that you have made has been made in pieces on and off for the last 3 years. And over the time span, you will note more negative comments and responses to anything that has to do with the Bronze Districts altogether. Most players that give the bad comments are more then likely the same players that you are trying to "nerf" NOT happening.. Matt Scott and L.O. will and have done EVERYTHING to bend over 2 KISS all of their collective hinnies.. With that said, let's see if they will get RID of the Bronze Districts altogether, everyone that is Bronze down to Trainee can by default go to the Green Districts.. Now if your Siver/Gold and DETHREAT all the way down 2 where you can enter the Green Districts, your IP address should be permanently BANNED from APB for the remainder of APB's life span.
  7. cyral

    error code 10004

    Post power cycle. Still seeing error code 10004. FIX IT.
  8. cyral

    error code 10004

    thank you for the understandable explanation.. i'll have 2 wait for the power cycle.
  9. cyral

    error code 10004

    Explain this to me before i loose my cool. it says my account is being used by a different client, which is BULL-SHIT. my client froze on me and i was forced 2 re-boot my computer, now its giving me the error code and refuses to go any further
  10. once a population hits MAX, 40/40 in a district, and a CORRECT threat level wants to enter that district, the person with a threat level 2 above said district that's been in it the district the longest gets booted to make room of the same fraction. sense we all know ya'll refuse to work on an even based MM. this will help a little
  11. cyral


    NO...it's ALREADY IN the ARMAS marketplace via the Joker Boxes...buy the boxes you might get the Volcano...(ultimate OSMAW) or build your Joker tickets up and purchase the OSMAW in the Joker Store.
  12. This topic has been suggested YEARS ago, only to be told this. NO NEW PLAYER is welcomed to play APB, ONLY VETS are allowed. when they die the game will die also. If You want/need to be cannon fodder then by all means play APB. Most "NEW" players are RE-ROLLS anyways. ( players that have multiple email accounts) and you are correct when you said they get face fooked to the point they uninstalled with in minutes.. i personally lost count of how many times this and "Balancing the MM" has been suggested In APB's history. only 2 be told FOOK YOU.
  13. Can LO (after the engine update) make it where usplayers can trade cash back and forth between character's on the same account.. This might help reduce the multi accounters in the game. Or Smurf accounts as their known as..
  14. Phasing is NOT gonna happen. We have been promised an engine upgrade in this game for years... The phasing is supposed to happen AFTER that non existent engine update... To date I have not read anything on a time table for the engine update ..... or a target date to completion.. And in Matt's article it mentions the phasing AFTER the non existent update.
  15. Funny thread, thank yall for the time and effort to post here... But after many years debating with @VickyFox I kinda came to the same conclusion she has many years ago... With the state of the current population on Jericho any and every suggestion we as players make will it be 2 late 2 save our sever or not? Now let's throw another monkey wrench up in the air for debate.. We all know the DIE HARDS really like teamkilling that 1 person on their side for various reasons, let's start giving them a REAL Penalty for it instead of demerits... The 1st teamkilling we can let pass but the second teamkilling let's start giving the player who was tked the 2nd time BY the SAME PLAYER, should be getting his/her rewards for the match...(cash and standing score).... Now if they keep getting teamkilled 3 times or more they can come off 1/3rd of their current in game currency.. I know most if not EVERYONE will hate this idea cause it's hitting you hard in the wallets.. Your attitude is gonna be this " I EARNED that cash why should i come off it?" Simply don't teamkill that 1 person .. Now if that 1 person is tked by everyone on his team 1 time then it will be considered a 3+ offense by the ENTIRE TEAM.... Kinda makes you mad reading this idea by now doesn't it??? Good.... Stop teamkilling....
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