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  1. Once phasing takes effect AFTER the engine upgrade goes live Now when an enforcer witnesses a criminal in the act, they Duke it out right there, after phasing goes live and the enforcer witnesses the criminal ram raiding, will they 2 be teleported to another map??? Sense now their in a mission which makes sense from the few post about phasing...
  2. Every time I think about logging in, the Districts on Jericho are dead.. Even Social usually has less then 5 people Fight club, forget it... all a fat ZERO Population LO cannot justify the expense of keeping Jericho at this point... For the last 18 months they have been loosing money on paying for the server space.... They nerfed the ARMAS guns to the point their all but useless... their shooting paintballs not bullets.
  3. APB needs 2 die for good from the server's, it's all but dead here in the NA... the Dethreaters have killed it, their the only players left on the game. The rest of us have already quit.
  4. Games gonna be long dead before the new match Maker is put in place.. i doubt we have another year left to play. The engine upgrade is about another 5 years off, that's a generous figure cause once it goes live, G1 Junior will need 2 concentrate on working out its bugs before the match Maker gets its overhaul
  5. Ahhhhhh you wasn't here when that District was happening.. Open Conflict was the district that had no color designation. Any body of any rank or threat level could join. Anything went here, there was no rules... just like Bronze District of today. LO still has it coded in the game, all it would take is 10 minutes to enable the District again and to Disable the colored ones. But the streamers have all collectively deemed that District to be an extreme hazard to their videos.. so we do not have it anymore... LO by far has listened to the streamers and no one else. And now the game has all but flatlined because of that philosophy... They got their easy kills for their videos and now we have a dead game.
  6. So your asking for the mega Districts of "Open Conflict" again?? Bud so am I, have been for the entire year of 2020, along with the merger of US and Europe.
  7. My thing on car BOMBS, once you add "Remote Detector" to your character, that vehicle just now became a weapon and should be treated as such.... Once your lease is up on your guns you have to renew em at a decent price, on cars with detonators, same principle applies.. once you use the remote detonator you have to renew the weapon.. The spawn price for these should be no less then $500 each time.
  8. Sad thing is LOs not gonna change a thing at the moment, all of their collective brainpower is all on a non-existent engine overhaul. Plus by looking at the current population of the NA server, this game is all but dead. At least in the states. Aim and trigger bots along with the wall hackers have made a HUGE freaking comeback, at the present time because of the games population, you have really no choice but to use those hacks in order for you to get more then 2 kills and complete your objectives on your mission. the hackers and cheaters are not being casual about it either, their extremely loud with it. This game has been and always will be about the kill count, nothing else... You have always needed to kill someone in order to reach your objective.
  9. cyral

    Casual Server

    We had something near this... called Open Conflict... it's gone now
  10. I saw the remaining population on Jericho this morning, The development staff should dump it and merge Jericho into Citidel so we have a decent population again.. Jericho is dead no resurrection in sight... hell, a crash cart can't fix that... it's way past its flat line
  11. cyral

    Fix Cars

    Now that's funny, but very effective description of what once used to be this games tank.
  12. cyral

    Fix Cars

    The Pioneer was already nerfed to the point it feels/acts like an NPC SUV, sad thing is no contact sells the Pioneer, you have to get em from other players who put real cash down into the game for em or buy it yourself from Armas.. My opinion, it needs 2 go back 2 its orginal stats or give the players back their cash that they spent in Armas for it.
  13. Sad thing is LTL has been Nerfed to the point as a solo enforcer character you are being owned by the criminals, LO has forced squad's of LTL into existence now so we can get a decent cash grab. My prediction is this.... When the streamers get "owned" by the LTL-MOB they will go to complaining again how difficult their sessions are and LO will remove LTL altogether...
  14. As a primarily Enf, I can tell you stuns are NOT that great... it usually takes me a few hrs of getting brutally screwed over in order for me 2 get that 1 arrest in for a daily... Now squad's is all about cold hard CASH grab. Nothing more nothing less.... sense by the current style of rules on earning money, that's the only counter we have to a crims NON-MISSION earnings. Muggings, / ram-raids... By this thread your asking LO 2 take the somewhat lopsided cash effect out of the game.....
  15. On Jericho we have such a low population that anything mentioning Threat Segregation will be meet by the community at large as a hostile intent. But because of the severe low population why not just get rid of the Colored Districts and just have the 2 Open Conflicts again?? This option will force the crims to ram raid and mug in a populated district where as the Enforcers have a better chance of getting a few rewards 2... sense enf characters CANNOT gain any cash or standing points OUTSIDE of missions... when they hit the "witness" button it automatically starts a mission.
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