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  1. Yeah if only the majority of downvoters had more than 50 IQ and THINK on their own...
  2. This isn't Reddit. The only thing that downvoting accomplishes is making people feel bad for stating their unpopular opinions which often reflect the hard to handle reality
  3. People will cry about cheats and this game will maintain bad reputation as long as your lag compensation will carry laggers. New players won't tell the difference between a bullet sponge and an aimbot.
  4. Requiring twice as much ammo to get killed and killing everyone as fast as an aimbot. Keep downvoting. I know that you love your soviet dial-up
  5. I think that all official posts should be in russian and they could gain 50 players more
  6. Ye true dat. I would maybe play but I'm not into playing on a russian server. I already have enough of laggy soviets in DBD. This game needs some serious lag compensation rework. That + new content and something else than shooting. APB has a huge sandbox potential but besides missions involving shooting there's nothing else to do.
  7. I'll take 1vs1 over 2vs2 any time. At least I can go and AFK
  8. I guess you don't play many games. And I can assure you there are games with 10 times bigger budget that have every patchday looking like this beta and it goes on for weeks before somebody wakes up with a fix.
  9. There were quite a few people interested to come back and try it on the Steam post alone...It's not just the people who play APB everyday
  10. I still remember Tiggs stating that the beta of UE will be paywalled behind premium...they had like 1-2 devs at that point, engine nowhere near ready for years but they were still spewing their money baits.
  11. Maybe uninstall and take a break? Find something else to play? If you're addicted to APB chances are you will come back anyway but you will need to start from 0.
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