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  1. I thought that it was about wheelies or rather lack of. I don't care about themes because I always delete the audio folder but man where are wheelies?
  2. I like live more. Beta feels very heavy on my eyes with this strong contrast everywhere
  3. They probably hope that it won't be needed with new MM and hopefully bigger population so it's unlikely it's going to happen before the 2.1 goes live
  4. That too but if I level some alt I can gamble and wait 3min
  5. Or remove friendly fire on unopposed. Some people are willing to wait every stage and TK anyone who do the obj. Sometimes that might take even 20 minutes of wasted time lol. It's more effective to wait on the drop and have less stages till the end but some will go as far as 99 4 objectives and patrol them like a maniac
  6. It's just a matter of giving a fuck and using a bit of brain. Not like I expect it...
  7. I've heard that shadows are killing fps. Gonna check later
  8. I think that it's a good time to start caring more about new players than your own good time
  9. I can play in bronze to chill but still let bronzes/new players kill me and win. But yeah inb4 "there's no way to prove someone is new and this thread is the example"
  10. I was curious if anything has changed. I created a new character and started playing in bronze pretending that I'm new. I didn't sprint at all, couldn't aim. To make everyone take the bait but I quickly realized that even with this low population no one really cares about this game's future. I played around 15 missions and there was literally not one time where I was not getting farmed. If I was a new player you can bet I would be long gone. Like most. Now did I expect different outcome? Lol no. This is 2020 mentality on pair with crying how predatory or bad some studio is but giving them $100 on the next ocasion. There's no such thing (mostly) as responsible gamers. I really hope that the new matchmaking will take care of the new blood because without it this game won't grow and without a bigger /pop you can bet the plug will be pulled fast. TLDR: if you farm bronzes don't cry that this game is where it is.
  11. They didn't get all the money for just this project and they were also mismanaging it a lot. On top of it the UE was pretty primitive at that time. APB isn't even an open world like in other games. They had to find a way to "stitch" together few arenas and let us traverse it. There was no time cycle and many things included. Nowdays they could utilize everything that UE4 (or something else) has to offer and reduce the amount of custom code, work and people.
  12. This was quite fun. I wish there were more casual activities like this to chill without sweating much
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