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  1. Well, the cool thing about sending gifts through armas was that I could use any extra g1c I had after purchasing what I wanted to gift stuff to friends that are new to the game.
  2. That's really f'd up. I hope they can find a solution for this some day. I'd love to burn money gifting stuff to my friends again lol
  3. It was a really great addition to the marketplace. Why was it removed in the first place?
  4. Try the advanced launcher. There is an option called "primitives" or something. Max it out
  5. you know, there is this box in the settings called "smooth framerate" that caps your fps to 62. At least in my game it was checked by default
  6. One hour in to the beta and I still can't enter a district. I get randomly disconected when loggin in, when loading a character, and the fartest i've gone is the loading district screen.
  7. Wow thanks a lot edit: well, now seems like dropbox download speed es capped to 450kb/s. At least it is an improvement lol
  8. I'm trying to download the beta, but the download seems capped at 360kb/s. I have 50Mb internet, and this has always been the same for me with the live launcher. Of course downloading 90mb patches at 360kb/s is not that bad, but 5gb from the beta is too much. Any idea on how to solve this? Sorry if this is the wrong section.
  9. can I refund the 7 joker boxes I bought yesterday?
  10. "There are no good guns available for purchase for in-game money, at least until I reach Tier 5 contacts." >inmediatly unlocks ntec and pmg after 30 minutes of gameplay
  11. Does increasing saturation help? if so you could try vibranceGUI
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