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  1. 130ms is perfectly playable once you get used. Driving sucks but you get used to that too. Greetings from the land of the permanent +170ms
  2. Taking the effort to DDos apb is like hitting a handicaped kid with a baseball bat
  3. The unreal engine editor thingy of the updates feels like they have one more year of work ahead tbh
  4. Honestly, at this point I just want a functional game to play with my friends again
  5. A few joker tickets, a title or at least a hat or a shirt. Right now there is no real reason to try out the beta given that the performance is mostly the same as the last one and downloading the beta client is difficult for many of us because of the slow download speed of the launcher. 2 or 3 players online is not enough to properly test the game (assuming we eventually reach a point where it is playable without droping to 15 fps every minute)
  6. Performance didn't change that much since last beta so there is no incentive to play this one.
  7. Hope is the last thing one looses I guess.
  8. I think maybe we will all be vaccinated against covid 19 before the engine upgrade
  9. I really hope they don't remove this with the engine upgrade. My gf has ectrodactyly, and this is the only thing that makes the game playable for her, given that she can press only 2 keys in the keyboard at a time.
  10. you just have to change a few lines in a text file
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