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  1. ShawLOL


    i never had memory issue. maybe its your pc...
  2. probably it will. server are still getting DDoSed.
  3. whoever is ddosing the servers, please stop it.
  4. All manual ban? Where did you get that information from? I never said battleye should protect the game files. Littel Orbit have to encreypt their game files from modding. Not hard to do. In my point of view are both easy to bypass. Just google for information how to bypass an anti-cheat isn't that hard. That's the reason to add a Server Side Anti-Cheat like FairFight as well.
  5. When EAC was active on apb reloaded, it wasn't prevent from modding the game files. It was even worse than the current anti-cheat (Only in my opnion): I think Battleye + Fairfight would do better job. But GMs are still needed to observe the real hackers.
  6. Is that correct? -Add FairFight with Battleye/EAC -Add 3 GMs to observe cheaters from the game. -Encrypt the Game files from modding. -Block all high/gold rank players from bronze district.
  7. How about EU- Im sure you never play on Citadel. Your first time play is your last time play.
  8. Year: 2021 "Do you want medspray removed?"
  9. Thats not the big issue. Deathreating people are the problem.
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