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  1. Have you tried the ACES-Rifle? SMG with range provided you control the aim and burst fire with marksmanship mode. Or H-9 Curse, this one requires good aim too.
  2. They need to be more violent, when you take a hit the player needs to have limbs coming off, more blood and a little screaming would be nice as you are in the process of dying. Also a sacrafice mod. When enabled your player primes all expolsives and charges (nade in each hand) at the enemy with a 200% health boost. In this time you can only run in a straightline and weapons disable. Then boom, massive explosion, lots of blood and parts everywhere in the hope that you save the team or die knowing you went off with a bang.
  3. Using the most effective weapons and loadout / cars that are known to achieve results does not create a tryhard. Tryhard is a mindset, a way of life for some. They are the people that are above their own team, if it goes wrong you are to blame not them and in fact they cannot lose as it's never their fault. Helping you is not how it works, you either help them or get told to go to a bronze server. When a tryhard wins it really is a great achievement, they are so proud to have slaughtered a weaker team and like to tell you about it. If however they lose there will always be a backup excuse such as you were using op weapons or they were having connection issues hence the sudden disconnect prior to losing the mission. A bad loser, a bad winner and someone that you can rely on to give up half way during a mission when things start to fall apart. This is the Tryhard of APB, spitting on you since RTW.
  4. Looks nice, what's your return policy if someone orders the wrong size?
  5. You need to consider the truth, it has nothing to do with threat. Even if you were gold you would still lose, you would still be called a noob or fake gold and there are people that will trash talk no matter what. Losing is the end result of others being better at that given time. Realistically are you ever going to win every single time? - no Are you the best player in the game? - no Can other people out play you? - yes You need to change your way of thinking, even the best team in the game can lose because they did the wrong thing at a given moment in time. What would you do differently next time? How can you improve? Do you know why you are not a better player? (PC, internet, other factors?) Try to identify you weaknessees Once you know yourself and understand what it is you need to change you will start to improve. Excuses and blaming others is the first thing you need to shift away from. "I want to get better" "My efforts effect my team" "Others are not as good as me, what can I do to help them" The solution is clear, stop playing in a bronze district and push yourself to become better. Play in a higher threat district and start training against higher skilled players, keep losing and eventually you will understand it.
  6. The OBIR when it had a slightly faster TTK and the OCA before CJ nerf, especially the OCA Silverado.
  7. Hello, Just out of interest, do you have the windows page file (virtual) memory disabled?
  8. Some players also never see anything despite it being plain obvious to someone else. Same as above, not everyone has the ability to understand what is going on. If you are going to make a statement and suggest that others are lacking your level of perception, understand that you automatically open yourself up to the same concept. Your ignorance has answered your own question. The fact of the matter is quite simple, APB has a cheating history, the game was plagued at launch back in the RTW days, various methods have been used to discourage cheating, every single developer knows this is a massive issue in online gaming and if it wasnt, why else are they implementing and continuously trying to improve the level of cheat detection. Why do paid cheat sites exist, how do they make their money... For the players, it is not about what is involved in making a game, it is about the game developers understanding their playerbase and listening to feedback. Those that wish to share a view do not need people like yourself trash talking and trying to intimidate or put them down. Why have you choosen to go down this route? What is your purpose and goal because from what I can see your standards are not holding true especially when you see yourself as an "observer".
  9. It depends on the reason why the person started cheating in the first place and what people don't realise is that cheating is not just about downloading the software and using it. The drive to cheat is psychological, it's all about the person's state of mind. - Would you cheat? - Why would you cheat? - Can't stand losing - Aggressive player - Always complaining and blaming team mates - not willing to improve - no patience - lack of understanding - feel humiliated by losing - pressure to look good by others - pressure to fit it - finding a group of friends - being someone ... endless list of reasons Trauma based cheating Those that start off as genuine players but constantly fail and believe they are not good enough to get better and need to impress to feel better about themselves are the ones that will have a hard time quitting. Once the cheating starts it is a way to relive stress and help that person deal with their "problems". They will have a very hard time quitting as pulling the plug is going to take them back to the low point which initially triggered the cheating mind. You might have even seen this yourself, those players that start out with enthusiasm but eventually it turns to constant moans and groans, always beating themselves up and looking / sounding depressed. If they stream you'll see the change from start to end, once they start cheating the enthusiasm goes, instead they just play the game, still complaining but that excitement about them is lost. Like most trauma based minds, a sense of numbness becomes normal. Cheating to make friends Similar to trauma based, some players use the internet as a social ground to be someone. If you cannot fit in with the crowd you might be a lonely soul. So if these people start cheating to get noticed and become part of a bigger community, it is to them a form of comfort. It will also be hard for them to stop cheating if it means losing friends. Cheating due to mental age Young players / immature minds often do not understand the reasons why cheating is wrong. The whole sense of responsibility and respect is non existent and why should it exist online? These people are still growing up and cheating is a form of experimentation. They can stop if they mature but the path of cheating can lead them to a life of cheating if they are effected by any of the above. Cheating to make a point / cheat crusader The people that are out there to provoke cheaters. They feel the need to cheat and further ruin the experience for others because the game is invested with cheaters. They want things to improve but no one is listening, they know how to help and fully understand the issues but for whatever reason they hate the developers and whole community. To them their actions are doing some kind of justice but at the expense of the ones that genuinely do not cheat. These type of players are open in everything they do and are not trying to hide the cheating, it is not about the winning but causing maximum disruption to make a point. They can stop cheating quite easily. Cheating to try it out There are people that wonder what it is like to start cheating and will try it. They will mess around for a bit and eventually see that the cheating kills all form of excitement for the game. These people will stop without issues and never go back. Genuine players Effected by all the above but truly decent people would never consider cheating. It can be difficult to stop cheating and at the same time a lot of people choose the easy path or fail to deal with their issues. To quit cheating means changing yourself and a lot of people out there do not have the drive / courage to do so. A drive to win doesn't make you more prone to cheating. - I want to win so I am going to get better. <ask yourself, what type of people fall into this category. - I want to win so I am going to cheat. <ask yourself, what type of people fall into this category. It all comes down to the persons state of mind. (mental capacity, reasoning, morales, ethics, beliefs...) Can cheaters go legit? Yes.
  10. I agree, what happened to acting on the feedback and tweaking for further adjustments? I'm not sure how many players gave this one a go but the gun is showing no real world improvement. (I left feedback in the other threads too) 0.015s on paper translates to nothing.
  11. ISSR-a Lowering recovery time for accuracy loss, requiring you to wait less time after taking a shot to fire again. Test A Lower recovery delay to 0.335 (from 0.35) The difference is negligible, always after 2 shots the 3 is slightly off and 4th completely inaccurate, the changes do not make the weapon any more functional than the current live version. Suggestion for A phase 2 = 0.300 Suggestion for B phase 2 = 0.280
  12. ISSR-a Lowering recovery time for accuracy loss, requiring you to wait less time after taking a shot to fire again. Test B Lower recovery delay to 0.32 (from 0.35) The difference is negligible, always after 2 shots the 3 is slightly off and 4th completely inaccurate, the changes do not make the weapon any more functional than the current live version. Suggestion for A phase 2 = 0.300 Suggestion for B phase 2 = 0.280
  13. The better player will lead by example and not complain about minor issues with the intention of making others feel like they have done something wrong. It is a choice others take, no one forces you how to play, what to do and when to do it. The rule book you are reading only exists in your mind so stop limiting yourself and see beyond otherwise you will never improve and will always let others influence your choices. Are you a better player? Catch up, take the item, show them how it's done and win or fail knowing you showed them your willingness to fight no matter what the situation. If it is my random teammate, i first tell him to stop, if he doesnt, i usually kill this silly ant, i rather lose before running away Think about that rule book, you wouldn't like to be TK'ed for no reason other than a personal view.
  14. The area might be fixed now, I went recently just to try it out with my enf friend.
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