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  1. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2022/8/5/message-from-matt https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2023/3/8/apb-2023-roadmap These two will explain everything.
  2. It got moved to suggestions https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/23152-mirage-petition-to-dev/
  3. Hello, I like this car it has brought me back to the game for a bit and added something. (not a bad effort but...) - The fuel cap needs to be moved away from the ridged area and directly above the wheel arch. - Coloring of sections needs some work, eg rear bumper to much (shown in orange) - LOD / draw distance is bad. - Wheels are unfinished - Interior is unfinished. - Odd interior glow when reversing - Dust effect also odd, looks low detail in some places and misses part of the boot area. I added some wheels too see what it might look like and lowered slightly.
  4. But our Loaf friend is talking about cheats / cheaters vs genuine players. There is no doubt, a cheater could easily out gun with the FBW and kill quicker than a genuine player using the ntec (or other such as an SMG) in CQC. How Loaf has expressed this and worded the post may not convey the actual suggestion. Loaf is frustrated that in all this time cheaters and cheating is still a big problem today and suggests it is hurting the playerbase / and is one of the biggest contributing factors to the games decline and should be the number 1 priority. I'm not sure what to say about this, do you see what you have done? You imply our Loaf friend has made an assumption about players and yet you do the very same thing based on their forum account. Loaf also mentions the word "decade" in the original post and so I would assume he / she has been around much longer. Loaf, there are posts about the changes to the game (see the A/Q thread ) https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2022/12/22/2022-AMA-RECAP In short nothing will change yet as the game engine and code needs to be updated first. Essentially what will happen is the game will remain identical but all the coding behind it will be modernised. This transition will then allow for and make it easier to change the game content and improve it but in the mean time most of the issues that exist will remain.
  5. Hmm, best I can offer are some cookies I store in the back
  6. Tell that to the players trying to play but are being TKed for no reason, griefed or insulted for not playing to someone elses expectations, and all the other non-sense that goes with online gaming. I did also write "Devs being lazy or not knowing how to resolve cheating doesn't help but they are the response to cheating and not the cause of ruining the game."
  7. You have answered your own questions and see exactly what the issues are around human detection "depends who you are asking". As to who ruins the game, i'm going to disagree on that, it is the player / players cheating that ruin the game. Their actons cause the developers hassle into trying to resolve an issue which is down to human behaviour. Who is in control of human behaviour? No one, its you, your free independant thought process. you choose how you play, what you say, how you write, the style and emotions you promote / directly or indirectly as you play. Devs being lazy or not knowing how to resolve cheating doesn't help but they are the response to cheating and not the cause of ruining the game. Players cheating ruin the game and devs reacting too slow or inappropriately lets us down.
  8. The one that a lot of people don't give a ToS about.
  9. I see what are you saying and detection rate of said BE and parameters is another topic. The point I was making and which you quoted is about human involvement and how the detection comes about. Devs want software to detect. Humans can visually see cheaters depending on their actions. Common sense approach, why not ban if it is plain obvious. The complaint is whilst we wait for something to be done cheating continues and some of it can be elminated with the presence of someone that just has to watch and see for themselves. Who is the person to make that decision, who is "qualified" (employee or GM?) to judge gameplay and deem it to be in violation of ToS. And now comes your bigger issues of legal implications which cannot be ignored and that is the biggest issue the devs face, they cannot afford to get it wrong. Third party Anti-cheat, detection and liability slightly more their side. Overal what is better? Banned for cheating with proof and genuine software detection Banned on suspicion of cheating, video evidence without software detection. That's my take on it, devs can explain their implications and reasons with more detail but it always comes down to ToS and legal matters. Update that, "if we suspect you are cheating, you will be banned" I'm not overlooking player satisfaction and complete disappointment in how cheating has been handled over the years, I know its a massive let down to see a game you enjoy runined by people that just don't understand how their actions are a detriment to the game, other players and even themselves. We need more action to eliminate cheating and negativity within the game and I would welcome a more proactive approach.
  10. As an old APB player you know the choice to ban players based on human perception will never happen as it's always about detection. It's exactly what you are saying, think about it. Those team killers that were constantly killing you "think" you cheat. So is perception the answer? Spoiling the fun for others is an issue and anyone that does so needs to look in the mirror and question their values. If you cheat and you read this post, please stop cheating and be a better player instead. You choose to be who you are, online and in real life there is no difference because the one thing that always matters is what you think of yourself. These words are intended to inspire change especially those who have lost their way to cheating.
  11. Hello, Did you manage to resolve the issue? If not run the game on default settings, no changes to configs just max all options. Run the game in windowed mode with the FPS limit on in APB so its at 62fps. Does this change anything or does the game last longer?
  12. Your own words, all I'm saying is that any RTX 3000 series card that doesn't work from the factory and requires the user to underclock or mess around with the power limit to get the game stable is faulty.
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