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  1. Hello Sgt Drayke, You appear to have done a lot of testing and I have some questions about your tweaks. What happens if you keep everything as you have done but run the GFX card at 100% factory settings? So undo all the EVGA precision settings so that the card is running as EVGA advertised. And why does your card show 2040MHz for the GPU?
  2. A gaming concept with gunplay and movement mechanics that is pushing nearly over 10 years old is probably the biggest limiting factor of the game right now.
  3. Can't be, gold servers were always empty Off topic - Spotted you in social.
  4. Here from 2016 https://youtu.be/f-cG5ktAEN4 What you see in the above is no longer possible, range, speed and bloom all different. (i've lost track of all the changes)
  5. The OCA-EW 626-SD Silverado is a shadow of it's former self. There was a time when it was op (like most things) Then it became balanced Now it's broken. The current 17.5m range doesn't help, the limited 22 mag means you need to make sure you are on target and the bloom is a killer. Plus the current server performance it simply feels like your rounds disappear.
  6. E.g, It means you do not introduce new mechanics or content that is game breaking, Exactly the point which the developers need to consider.
  7. No one actually said 9 years vs X years is to suggest said person is right, the statement highlights that said player is still loyal to the game and this is even mentioned at the end. However what is does show is that the said player has seen a lot of changes and the question is, why have certain aspects of the game only been changed now when it never used to be a problem back then? It is questioning the introduction of new content and if you look deeply at what has happened over the course of APB you will see a pattern, for example. A new weapon gets introduced, the gun / gameplay meta is changed. Something happens, oh no we broke the game by introducing 1 new weapon. Oh, OK, lets re-balance everything to make it work. Cycle repeats, new weapon, something happens, re-balance. Nobody likes this and I could talk about a time when the OCA Silverado was a decent gun compared to what it is right now. Who decided these changes? Who was complaining? The video is highlighting a serious issue with the game management and development, that is, WHO IS IN CONTROL OF THE GAME? WHO IS SETTING THE DIRECTION? Think about that, the players or the developers? I am by no means suggesting that players should simply put up with things that are game breaking but at the same time there needs to be decent direction and control by the developers to know what is right. And this is where the 9 year player can truely say the game play and gun mechanics at a certain point in APB's history were actually not bad compared to what is happening right now. No one is against content if the circumstances are right and it is done correctly, everyone knows the engine upgrade will help achieve this but as stated above the issue is the balancing act, It is not about using the best gun and or "learning" to use a broken one, that is the illogical thought process which simply ignores the true nature of the problem.
  8. My friend made this, it's a message to the APB community and Little Orbit.
  9. Hello, The game requires an older version of PhysX which probably didnt install due to a newer version being present. Go to your APB folder and find the older PhysX installer. C:\APB Reloaded\TPI\PhysX Install this >PhysX_9.10.0129_SystemSoftware If steam look in your steam folder C:\Steam\steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\TPI\PhysX Not sure where to look for it? Right mouse on the APB icon, Open file location Then go back one folder.
  10. I would say re-work Kevlar mod instead. When equipped the player will have the ability to take a hit without losing HP, only for the first shot. However when hit, you cannot shoot for a duration and you slow down. It is a consumable therefore when damaged it is useless. (re-purchase) Kevlar 1 You can take 1 hit When hit 2 second delay before you can fire (you are in pain) Reduce speed by 30% Kevlar 2 You can take 2 hits When hit 4 second delay before you can fire (you are in pain) Reduce speed by 40% Kevlar 3 You can take 3 hits When hit 6 second delay before you can fire (you are in pain) Reduce speed by 50% The above is just an example and I have no idea how this woould work in a game environment, maybe useful for VIP or area where this is no cover / open space to get to cover. Once the timer starts follow up shots don't stack, so if you take a hit, the timer starts that is it, you are now back to normal HP and can be killed as normal. For Kevlar 2 and Kevlar 3, if you do not take any further hits during the timer your plates are still useful so after the timer you are back to having the ability to take 1 hit but obviuosly your armour life is consumed. EG, Kevlar 2. You got shot once and the 4 seconds is up. The armour now has 1 life left, next hit will destroy armour.
  11. The PIG and Perc issue? There are people that do not use this combo and go full LTL, you just made LTL worse for them. Furthermore now promoting the use of PIG+PERC when really all that needed to be done is modify PERCS. Option B: Remove stamina damage from PERCS or delete PERCS instead.
  12. Have you tried the ACES-Rifle? SMG with range provided you control the aim and burst fire with marksmanship mode. Or H-9 Curse, this one requires good aim too.
  13. They need to be more violent, when you take a hit the player needs to have limbs coming off, more blood and a little screaming would be nice as you are in the process of dying. Also a sacrafice mod. When enabled your player primes all expolsives and charges (nade in each hand) at the enemy with a 200% health boost. In this time you can only run in a straightline and weapons disable. Then boom, massive explosion, lots of blood and parts everywhere in the hope that you save the team or die knowing you went off with a bang.
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