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  1. Blackxtar

    Car Customization

    Its really good. If they add all of these, it can be a good medkit for apb.
  2. Blackxtar


    So deathcam can avaible for new players (etc: lower than 85R). It can solve this.
  3. Blackxtar


    The best cheat is macro. You can't proof that. Deathcam isn't a solve for it.
  4. Blackxtar


    I know how I move, Im just telling: A dead person cannot see anything. Its not competitive. Its just like that: Die, go push and kill, die, go push and kill. Its not a realistic fight. This troll guys trolling all of the ideas, this game jumping in same place because of this trolls.
  5. Blackxtar


    Remove deathcam. It will change combat mechanics. Because you cant hide. When you kill someone, he is spawning and coming to kill you. Its not fair.
  6. We want to do drift with car. When we press ''W'' and ''S'', car going forward or back. No spin, no engine sound. İmprove car mechanics please.
  7. Blackxtar

    Message Box

    When players are writing in chat, a message box need to show in character's up _______ | Hi | -------- (^_^) /|\ | / \ İts need to be as like this.
  8. You need to add new ranks. Trainer-Bronze-Silver-Gold ranks isn't enought. All of the macros in silver, I'm not macro but I must to join silver district. Fix macros or add ranks. Another thing: Increase group limit. I can't call my friends to apb, because I have 3 friends too. Crowded friend groups don't start to play APB. Because they can't play together. Increase 4 ---> 10
  9. Blackxtar

    Police Radio

    Add police radio sound to utility belt.
  10. Blackxtar

    Clan Wars

    You can find friend if clans be more effective. And you will enjoy more with this way
  11. Blackxtar


    Add steam workshop modding. We want to play singleplayer sometimes. Add room create for players.
  12. Blackxtar

    Clan Wars

    Clans not effective in game. Add clans wars, clan mods and clan map. Etc: Players can upgrade clan garage, deposit money to clan safe, donate to clan own vehicle.. It will make this game very better and more competitive. Lots of peoples playing for enjoy with friends. Not for farming..
  13. You dont know play alig. I can destroy cars easily, killing targets mid and long range. Alig just bad in close range.
  14. He says true. This features need to be add
  15. Blackxtar

    Casual Server

    Need to increase group persons. 4 person sometimes not enought.
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