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  1. They could make a Matt Scott NPC in social that is in a different place every day and repeats some information about this request and other hot forum topics when it's interacted with in-game.
  2. If you've ever seen Team America, there is a philosophy about d**ks, pu**ies and a**holes. This same philosophy can be applied to APB regarding silvers, bronzes and golds. D**ks and pu**ies like clean fun, but the a**holes have been shi**ing on everything for way too long and with VOIP gone, the bounty feature gone and matchmaking at an all-time-low, their holes are growing bigger every day, letting even more of their s**t flow unto the streets of San Paro like a plague. Now in 64-bit.
  3. Please consider adding an option to leave the current mission, instead of having to quit and reload the game.
  4. IMO, the game at gold level is not fun, so my rule is always to play in bronze or leave. Still works. In-game VOIP also added a lot to the game, IMO, which set it apart from many others.
  5. Missions are too long and teams are too small.
  6. It's literally the game's best feature!
  7. Great point Hex and top post Oldfart. While that segregation was a notorious change, this game definitely needs to cater for two main types of players. The competitive players who prefer small teams with a huge emphasis on teamwork and winning and the casual players who enjoy larger, more chaotic, social teams. The competitive players rarely call backup, as it stands to compromise their teams' co-ordination and when these players are in the bronze district ( as silvers ), newer players don't stand a chance. Hence why they leave. It's also the case when silvers or "yellows" go up against a team of competitive gold players... They want to leave, but they have a second option to continually dethreat back to bronze. Newer players will benefit a lot more playing with better players, than playing against them and the current system sees the former happening a lot more and it's understandable that some don't have the desire or patience to help them out, which is fine. This is why at least one segregation would be beneficial over none at all, IMO. Old-school players have posted RTW scoreboards that have predominantly large teams with varied threat-leveled players and that is exactly what newer players will benefit from. They should have good players to learn from on their team as well as some newer players on their opposition that may give them a decent shoot-out or two. That's what I would hope the casual district to be like. Meanwhile, the competitive players will have their 2vs2, 2vs3, 3vs3 matches with little to no desire to use the backup system. Merged. Just played a round of the new Beacon game-mode with what I can only describe as a Call of Duty weapon patch. The current game is extremely slow paced compared to many popular shooters these days. A trend which became very apparent after 2010. COD has always been fast paced and with it's surge in population during the MW and MW2 days, triple A developers started to add infinite sprint, increased sprint speeds and increased weapon accuracy. A personal example is the change from Battlefield 2 to Battlefield 3. BF2 was much closer to this game's pace and weapon handling and BF3 became a COD clone. No loss of accuracy simply meant the AR or SMG with the highest RPM was often the best choice and shotguns became OHK. It also has to do with the higher percentage of millennial gamers who desire higher kills-per-minute for higher dopamine releases. A new player to this game gets absolutely none of that. Assists don't count, as they are merely "kill steals". Battlefield 4 even introduced "assist counts as kill" in an attempt to keep them happy. As lame as it all sounds, this game's graphics and engine may not be a problem at all when it comes to how "dated" this game may feel to people who are used to current shooters. Personally I enjoy it. It reminds me of BF2 and CS in a GTA setting, but food for thought all the same.
  8. Firstly, I would like to thank you for dedication in persisting with the engine upgrade. As a player and not a developer, I can only have faith that you truly believe it's worth the time and money to doing so. For the current version, which I feel is still a long way ahead of Version 2 as an overall better experience, I am hoping some of these changes could be "relatively" easy to implement to the live version, while we wait patiently for your hard work to come to fruition. In my humble opinion, these long overdue changes will make the game more fun and competitive and could bring more players back, which means potentially more income for development in the meantime. Without the need to add more bloat to the game, just to give the few whales and ever-decreasing long-term players more ARMAS items to spend their cash on. Gold Districts - Remove them entirely. Silver and Bronze Districts - Players can rank up all contacts in Financial and Waterfront, with only a small penalty if the contact is native to the other district. - Players cannot put a hold item in a 4x4 Vegas or 4x4 Coywolf. - The player with the lowest threat on the team becomes the VIP, with the intention to be defended by their higher threat teammates. ( this could possibly be a Bronze Server Only suggestion ) Bronze Districts Only - Players with gold threat cannot ready-up to participate in missions, witness criminals or be witnessed by enforcers. - Team leaders can always call backup if their team has less than 4 or 5 players. Current backup rules apply after that. ( players can still choose not to call backup if they want 2vs2, 2vs5, 3vs5, etc. ) - Players cannot car surf on a car that contains a hold item. (that would still leave the possibility to set up another car with a car surfer to defend an item-driver while the attackers could potentially have an extra car with a car surfer if the team has 4 or more players) General - Change the red and black Coywolf designs in the Joker Store to the ones on the splash screen. ( or hold a community competition to redesign them and maybe other cars as well to add to Speedball's stock. Sell entry tickets on ARMAS to cover your costs; Artists will pay for the chance to be "immortalized" in the Joker Store ) Thanks for your time.
  9. Please consider allowing either team to call backup in low player count matches like 1vs1 and 2vs2 so we have the choice.
  10. JiMMY13

    Casual Server

    No threat restrictions. Groups disabled. Solid system to minimize friends teaming up by readying at the same time. Matchmaking minimum 4 vs 4. Current backup system.
  11. Good suggestion Havana. IMO, the entire game is better without 195 mods and bronze district, even more so.
  12. Friendly fire. Seems to be a dying trend in shooters and it's one of the most game balancing and ultimately satisfying features in a team shooter in my opinion.
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