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  1. For me Beta feels nice, even while the sound is broken. The FPS is good, with some exceptions (like making sharp turns on very high settings). They game itself looks MUCH better, than the Live version, especially the foliage, which was always lacking. The fact that objects appear much further than Live is also very important, as stuff just disappeared at a certain point before. Overall, its better than Live, if bugs with sound and FPS drops can be fixed, it would be more or less be ready to be shipped out into Live.
  2. ALIG 762 is in a bad state - the weapon is just not capable to fullfill its role. Compared to the SHAW 556 it performs worse on every front - slow firerate, high weight, bad accuracy at all ranges(exept medium), and high recoil. It's only upside is hard damage, however even that feels useless, considering any rocketlauncher or a grenade would do a better job, as explosive damage passes through Steel Plating Mod. It would be a plus if you could shoot this weapon out of a car, therefore giving it an upper edge over other hard damage weapons, but its not, therefore its almost completly useless. The way to buff it would probably be increasing it's maximum accuracy, making it viable at longer ranges and maybe buffing it's soft damage to make it a 4 shot kill. Its a heavy machinegun for christ's sake, why it takes the same amount of shots to kill as PMG's tiny bullets?
  3. Now that all deployables have a countdown after which they poof out of existence (or blow up like the ammo box), can we get some indicator of how much time do these deployables have? Like a timer under your crosshair, which you can see if you look at it? This would at least tell you for how much longer does this deployable will continue to exist.
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