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  1. HALLO! LO dev team, Could you please revert the changes that were made to NFAS and Shredder? they are unusable against JG and OCAs, both weapons are unable to kill players within 5 meters away, looks way off to me, Honestly, I liked G1s weapon balance as it gives the use of different weapons, other than Obeya, N-tec, OCA, JG... this patch made this game soo boring that I would only use these, I wish shotguns were matching the power of OCAs, other than that, shotguns would look balanced, "I know people are gonna complain back about NFAS being strong" I mean c'mon it's a close range weapon, 1 meter... play smart, keep safe distance. Main Point of this topic: Balance to shotguns, including, CSG, NFAS, Shredder (has too low firerate and poor hit percentage on moving targets - Well better kill afk players at 0.5 meter) HE HE! BEG THONKS FOR READING - PAW PAW awdagrfhsgr
  2. It's ok, we need fire in san paro to greet new comers be positive apb community for once atleast, new players find it hard to enjoy, why not make apb easier for them.
  3. Greetings LO, I would like to suggest adding more Account Bound Items, including: Explosive Weapons, such as OSMAW and OPGL. Weapons from JT Store, such as (STAR LCR, N-ISSR-B 'WISP', TAS '20, C9S EX-III), etc... Vehicles: Pioneer, Jericho, Charge Cisco 1804, Charge Mikro Mark IV, Han Coywolf 'Remus' RR4, Dolton Fresno D 300, etc... Clothes: Cyberpunk Clothing Pack, Street RX Outfit, Enforcer+Criminal Halloween Complete Bundle (Account-Lifetime), Enforcer+Criminal High Roller Bundle (Account-Lifetime). Dress To Kill Enforcer+Criminal Bundle (Account-Lifetime). G-Force Race 'N Rapid Pack (Account-Lifetime). Guerra Libero-Vigilum LE Bundle (Account-Lifetime), All Stars 'N Hard Hitters Bundle (Account-Lifetime). That's a huge amount of items! Thanks for reading. - Pawwww
  4. Good Evening LO and Community! I would like to suggest new game modes for apb reloaded, as the population is dropping down significantly, I wanna experience playing against AI, that replaces humans, and I will list the modes down below here: 1. Single-player: Play against AI alone, from 3v3 to 6v6, easy-normal-hard-legend. 2. Co-op mode: Play against AI with your teammates, from 2v2 to 8v8. easy-normal-hard-legend-mission impossible. the two modes listed above are available in Mission districts only. The below modes: 3. Fightclub AI modes, to help populate some areas to keep players playing, flexible skill based on player threat and rank. 4. Zombie Mode: special game mode that allows you to fight against mutants around San Paro to stop the spread of the virus! This game mode is special and has new effects to the environment lighting, a new contact can be pledged to in order to fight against the virus! - Rank 10-50. Lastly, I would like to suggest a rank extension to help R255 players enjoy the game in a new way. Thanks LO and community for reading. - PAWWW
  5. Greetings LO team, I just found it difficult to understand which exactly my clothes are, due to lack of organization in the wardrobe UI, for example, when buying from in-game store, it shows a panel saying "ALL" and this where I can sort my clothes selection, now when going back to wardrobe, it's GONE! We need that sorting panel to be available in wardrobe too. Please read our suggestions at the least. - PAAAWWW
  6. Hello LO and Community! I would like to suggest a new feature to the game as "Options - UI", Text Colors: (Vehicle, Weapon Class from Lethal to explosive giving criticality level color), Crosshair Type: (Small, Medium, Large) -> (Dynamic - Static - Default "Based on Weapon") and (Color and Opacity). Can we possibly get those features in the game in the future? Thanks for reading.
  7. nothing has to do with my join date - ok leave this as what it is, its fun to have bugs gege
  8. 1. Team name tags disappears when returning to title screen multiple times. 2. Fin and Waterfront districts have character sliding issues, feels like standing on icy surface. 3. Player car bail out bug, player server side positioning is not in its place which makes aiming on it very difficult. 4. FPS issues occur when minimizing the games sometimes, also running other apps interfere with gameprogram which is stupid and might get detected as a thirdparty and cause ban. and what about this fake anti-cheat? baby battle
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