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    NO...it's ALREADY IN the ARMAS marketplace via the Joker Boxes...buy the boxes you might get the Volcano...(ultimate OSMAW) or build your Joker tickets up and purchase the OSMAW in the Joker Store.
  2. This topic has been suggested YEARS ago, only to be told this. NO NEW PLAYER is welcomed to play APB, ONLY VETS are allowed. when they die the game will die also. If You want/need to be cannon fodder then by all means play APB. Most "NEW" players are RE-ROLLS anyways. ( players that have multiple email accounts) and you are correct when you said they get face fooked to the point they uninstalled with in minutes.. i personally lost count of how many times this and "Balancing the MM" has been suggested In APB's history. only 2 be told FOOK YOU.
  3. Can LO (after the engine update) make it where usplayers can trade cash back and forth between character's on the same account.. This might help reduce the multi accounters in the game. Or Smurf accounts as their known as..
  4. Phasing is NOT gonna happen. We have been promised an engine upgrade in this game for years... The phasing is supposed to happen AFTER that non existent engine update... To date I have not read anything on a time table for the engine update ..... or a target date to completion.. And in Matt's article it mentions the phasing AFTER the non existent update.
  5. Funny thread, thank yall for the time and effort to post here... But after many years debating with @VickyFox I kinda came to the same conclusion she has many years ago... With the state of the current population on Jericho any and every suggestion we as players make will it be 2 late 2 save our sever or not? Now let's throw another monkey wrench up in the air for debate.. We all know the DIE HARDS really like teamkilling that 1 person on their side for various reasons, let's start giving them a REAL Penalty for it instead of demerits... The 1st teamkilling we can let pass but the second teamkilling let's start giving the player who was tked the 2nd time BY the SAME PLAYER, should be getting his/her rewards for the match...(cash and standing score).... Now if they keep getting teamkilled 3 times or more they can come off 1/3rd of their current in game currency.. I know most if not EVERYONE will hate this idea cause it's hitting you hard in the wallets.. Your attitude is gonna be this " I EARNED that cash why should i come off it?" Simply don't teamkill that 1 person .. Now if that 1 person is tked by everyone on his team 1 time then it will be considered a 3+ offense by the ENTIRE TEAM.... Kinda makes you mad reading this idea by now doesn't it??? Good.... Stop teamkilling....
  6. Sad thing is those better players keep the throttle on maximum overdrive in the bronze district.. No true new player has a chance against them. Most new players uninstall 2 hours AFTER character creation.. Why you ask?? They are told 2 by these so called better players.cause they threaten em out of the game. Uninstall or I'm a keep mowing you down every mission I can.
  7. cyral

    Jericho is dead.

    Sure is. But then why did I have 2 wait almost 45 minutes to get in my correct action district if Jericho is dead??? I play an enforcer and apparently we got a little CPR going on..
  8. Keep item in trunk, drive car onto yellow circle...BAM DONE.... Sense they always put the drop point in an easily accessible location for vehicle's.
  9. I kinda agree with @VickyFox on the drop in population.. But the idea is worth looking into IF Jericho can be merged with Citidal... other then that I don't see how this is possible with the current population... Because I'm a R240 High bronze and it REALLY sucks facing low golds and high Silvers all day long.. Now how about this added to your original post, Let's make a counter for a players death. We already have a kill/arrest counter in the game.( press J to see it when your in a district) I guarantee you this... a lot of people will quit fast when they start getting marches based on their k/d ratio.. They cannot handle players of the same skill set so they stay bashing low/newbies
  10. @VickyFox, thank you, I really did get that laugh and i needed it.. And i do happen to agree on the P2W, that's crap... The ARMAS Guns are just reskins of the contact 1s that you do not need an advanced Rank to purchase and use... Anyway on to another out of the box idea.. Lets get rid of the color separation now Lets go ahead and merge Jericho back to 1 Super District that it was at 1 time... The Open Conflict Districts, if I remember right, could hold right at 100 cops and crims each. 1st of all we all know that APB is primary a SHOOTER Game and nothing else..... the objectives are just a reason 2 get people to shoot each other... Now onto the dreaded Miss Match Making;) Instead of your color threat being used lets use a players k/d ratio as a baseline for opponents.. For example A. Jonny on ave. gets 10 kills an hr in and dies 4 times regardless of how many missions he does. Thats a 2.5/1 ratio at the moment...this is on ave of say 100 hrs of gameplay... B. Jimmy in the same 100 hrs gets 2 kills and dies 15 times... thats a 0/.1333334 ave.. in any other game but APB these 2 would never be opponents.. C. now lets say Suzie pops up and can do 12 kills and 3 deaths per hr... thats 4/1 ratio and that would be a good fair match for Jonny with a+/- 30% of Jonnys orgininal K/D ratio... But we all know this is too much for the Design Teams of APB's past 2 handle... So lets go ahead and Kill Jericho off altogether and merge w/ Citidal lets face it 2/3rds of the current population on Jericho are re-rolls anyways...or Multi-accounters looking for that EZ Bronze farm district that they always are allowed to terrorize to the point any true new player uninstalls within an hour of character creation...
  11. cyral


    Penalties?? How about this.. Once a player achieves in his/her current gaming season that threat level 2 ABOVE current district they get 0 rewards for doing missions... 0 cash 0 points 0 standing increase 0 DEMERITS Once a player reaches 1 1/2 above...they get a 50% reduction of all rewards .5 cash .5 points .5 standing .5 DEMERITS This will make it harder for em to De-threat ... sense thats a BIG FREAKIN ISSUE NOW.
  12. cyral


    This issue has gone on far enough.. This poor Bronzie IN HIS OWN G-DAMN district didn't have a snowballs chance in hell of getting any more kills then that. He was even teamkilled by the Gold on his side... 4 Times in order for her to loose threat status. Every 1 of these Silvers you see has JUST logged in for the day when this was taken...it'll take about 2 missions for em to turn GOLD and Every 1 of em does double digit kills in EVERY FRAKIN MISSION. if their this good why are they even ALLOWED 2 STAY in the bronze districts???? once you ACHIEVE 2 threat levels ABOVE your current District for 60+ hours out of every 100 played you should be AUTO-BANNED from ever entering that District again. This will help Solve a few problems now. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!! unless yall are 2 freakin chicken to enforce it due to low gamer community on the Jericho servers. These individuals are whats the problem now...After they get done wooping your patootie..... they whisper and tell you "UNINSTLL or im a keep wooping your patootie" Thats the attitude in the Bronze Districts now.
  13. I'm just letting you know what's happening now in the bronze district's. I am sure as hell NOT taking your original question out of context. And I would love 2 see a complete overhaul of the match maker system so you and others can level up your contacts.. By the current system does allow what I posted earlier.. By your own admittance your a solid Gold.. meaning you have a great skill set... currently theirs 2 many people who are abusing the threat system in there, if they would play in the Silver or even the Gold districts, for you there would be no shortage of opponents.
  14. @Havana Your plan sucks. I st of all there is a good healthy BRONZE population in Jericho now.. We don't come out to be slaughtered too often. Why do we "bronzies" need 2 move districts??? All it'll do is get the Gold/Silver threat players a VERY GREAT Freakin excuse to DT to Bronze threat so they can go to the Green Districts.. I've ALL FUC-KING ready lived through that NIGHTMARE once... Why are you asking me to do that again..???
  15. you really need 2 read the post there.. I've already put my 3 pence in. for me I really don't give a rats patootie as to WHAT your current "R" is.... In his post states this means to low skilled players like myself (who are in-fact Bronze) " I'm using you to level my contacts so "FUCK YOU"I'm a grab 100 kills a mission and you can't stop me" That's what it means...
  16. cyral

    Suicide Bug

    On Jericho we have a well known way for players to literally kill others without being N/P5 nor in missions... I call it the suicide bug.. When player 1 is driving a car player 2 rams his vehicle into either a tree or bldg the car explodes. Player 1 dies.. and it's recorded as a suicide... They do this 2 help their friends win missions, by mission blocking at it's best.
  17. Ok now I'm a take your entire argument and destroy it... I've literally tried this method a dozen times...Doesn't work...No solo missions in empty districts. I've sat in Waterfront for almost 2 hours without anybody else there "Ked" up and got nothing I'm litterly the worst shot in this game. so i do waste a ton of ammo that cannot be replaced that easy.and gettting the kill....doesn't happpen for me that easy...I'm constantly getting sniped out by no less then 3 people every time I die. which causes the game to crash...it doesn't know who to give the cred to for killing me nor who to give the assist 2. This is my current method of gameplay...doesn't work,I still only get about 20-50 creds for the kill... nothing more I decided to take these 2 points as a whole... You have more hours in the game then i do, and i can almost bet the farm you have more then 15k kills under your belt. I currently have right at 1150 hours in this game with a kill count of only 3856, along with 6800 Joker tickets... u have never seen me in the game then to say this... when their on(which is rarley now) i do team-up w/ a few people that do try and help me getting a few kills (or in my case arrest) in during the normal missions... you can do that in 30 hours??? with premium??? i had a week of premium time and couldn't get no more then 100k to the positive side... thats playing 5+ hours a day for them 7 days. and as far as spending that 10 bucks on the ARMAS marketplace...for me it would be a waste of good money....I'd rather go to Mcdonald's and buy the Big-Mac meal then give LO my cash... thats it for now...but please lets continue this discussion.... i find it very amusing
  18. it took me a few months debating with VICKY to come to the same conclusion as she shares here.. the Golds/De-threaters are there in the 1st place cause its easier for em to collect points/cash and mission rewards. A strait out right HARD-LOCK will cause em to De-threat back 2 Bronze and thus making that in-effective.. most of the players will only need 2 missions to go back gold again and this time their stuck in with the newbees/low skilled players... shes right on this issue...we need a new system in place to prevent the farming of the Bronze districts in all... the current threat system allows for 1 threat level below your current 1, and you can enter that district unmolested by the games ADMINS. but in reverse you can be a TRAINEE and bounce all the way to the GOLD districts unmolested by the same system. nice quotes...you must've read some of my arguments in the old Forums from 2 years ago. and @VickyFox can tell you, when I 1st started i stayed Green, I played in the greens for quit some time,these same weapons you are describing here was the cause of my start in the Forums. I was seeking a shit load of guidance and trying to understand why these people w/ these weapons need 2 come to the Green Districts and abuse us to the point people litterly uninstalled just within minutes of char. creation.. I watched in a years time a games healthy population decrease from well over (daily log ins now) from 850 to less then 100 now...the 850 was on all threat level districts, now we can barley fill 1 set of districts on the weekends much less weekday play... Currently RIOT is sooooo bugged i can't even get a map to load up...but yet the normal Districts load just fine. and @Yood, Matt Scott is soooooooooo full of crap that's why he wears a scarf in the summertime..to prevent you from smelling him....when it comes 2 his plan on MATCH MAKING...it still allows for DTers to be able 2 FARM the low skilled and true rookies of this game un-molested... Name & Shame removed. -Mina_ his plan is going on 8 months now and nothings changed. That was to keep the low-skilled players still interested while they were getting brutality raped in every mission from quiting the game. I along with many others agree with you.. when G1 ALLOWED the cry-babies to be-able 2 DT, they essentially killed the game. before the threat was unlocked 2 the anarchy it is now we did have a healthy and true player base that was on a steady growth.now..."shrugs" its like this...the DTers went where they litterly can keep a huge plus on their k/d ratio...along with the HUGE cash fall they get for doing 10+ kills in every mission.. a lot of peple were getting shut out on missions, so they left for other games that they can be giving a little reward for.
  19. just another GOLD player looking for the community to give him their collective blessing to De-threat so he can become another terror in the noob district by default. I find this thread funny as shit...hes looking for permission in the 1st place... at least hes got integrity
  20. cyral

    Action District

    I do agree we DO need a new action district in this game... Lets try a REAL HOME NEIGHBORHOOD say Model it after BEVERLY HILLS, or even the suburbs of Chicago or even New York City... I'll even be glad 2 see the Subs of Atlanta in here as well.. Anything that has a TRUE Residential FEEL towards it...Lets face it, Financial feels like we're always in a Downtown office complex area.or even the True INNER-CITY feel... Waterfront has the super sized Industrial feel towards that 1. I'd like 2 see one of them Million Dollar NEIGHBORHOODS that have their own private Docks and a river behind the homes... for contacts we can make the local mom and pop corner store the Crims Spawn in point. Lets face it....all the known drug dealers and hookers hang out at em anyways... For the Enf's we can use the local Block Captains house or even the local gas station as their Spawn in points or even the local recycle/junk yard... Or LO can take ANY small town that has less then 15,000 residents and transform that landscape into an Action District...I've seen hundreds if not thousands of small towns that would be perfect for an action district in my years of travelling
  21. cyral


    Needs to be REMOVED from the game RIGHT FREAKIN NOW...... My Character with the keyboard and mouse UNPLUGGED continues to move on his own and look skyward. he moves in a RIGHT CIRCLE pattern I NEVER had this problem until the update 2 days ago. With repeated LAUNCHER REPAIRS these actions are starting to stress me out.. the ANTI-CHEAT still keeps kicking me alot... But with PERSISTENT log in attempts I'm able to log in... Now do I have to go on the bandwagon just to get an LO appointed "individual" to even look at these problems and respond accordingly???? The Launcher is FUCKED...my character doesn't have keyboard or mouse commands and goes ballistic on his own...even EMPTYING clips of ammo BY HIS FREAKIN SELF.. WHAT GIVES????????? Merged. no worries...I just LOST a FREE Premium weekend on the update issue... I've already uninstalled and will install AFTER the bugs get worked out.. good luck getting the buggy shit 2 wor
  22. Thanks... After reading your reply I've sent in the support tickets.. now I'll be outa week or so due to their back log of tickets from other games... That really sucks, cause now I'm out of the free premium weekend time
  23. yes i have for the past 6+ hours now... I wouldn't be here in this thread asking for help if the websites check list did the trick...along with the trouble shooting from the APB forums.
  24. @VickyFox Rival and here i thought we was barbershop buds but i'm glad your doin well...as for me I was working doing OTR stuff the last year.. now i come home 2 new anti-cheat software thats bugged so bad it makes the inner city roads smooth by comparison. in Jan. i'm looking to go back otring for a bit.. and you already know how i still feel about topics like this...but i'm learning that as players we reach a point that is our own personal plateau of skills. and for others who have transcend our personal heights does feel like we're constantly on the loosing end of every in-game match.. now I personally have been shut-out of sooooooooooooooo many matches its unbelievable.... 0 points and cash... now i pick and choose my matches that look like it might be fair to me...and yes i do get reported a lot for this attitude..but the current state of the MM, is broke in favor of all these nice long standing players that do deliberately abuse the current threat system. sometimes by the TAB mission screen it looks like i'm the only Bronze left in an all GOLD district. And yet I only play in the Bronze Districts...And on a daily basis i watch soooooooo many people De-threat just to be able 2 re-log back in..and its ALWAYS the same 1s. By the current system in place on Jericho the game is still un-playable at best. i really haven't seen any true new players that last more then 2 hours, the rest are just re-rolls. These re-rolls are becoming a problem.. IN order to get the "T" they need to start a brand-new account.. thats multi-accounting and thus bannable. when you buy a char slot from ARMAS you will start at char. level 9 along with your current threat level...
  25. The ANTI-Cheat is FULL OF FRACKIN BUGS.... i keep getting ERROR CODE 10022 and 0xC0030004 during on-line loading process... off-line it loads just fine until i go on-line to select a district..then this crap comes up..."EAC SANDBOX NOT ACTIVE(DUMMY CLIENT)" now LO your dummies alright 4 forcing that crap on us before the ENGINE upgrade. this has been going on for 5+ hrs now...I did the checklist in the forums and on the ANTI-CREEP website. now im unable 2 get in the game.
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