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  1. Right now we have an issue with alot of dethreaters playing on bronze districts coz they can't handle gold or silver and they farm for kills to get more money and exp , this is a scummy thing to do and makes the game look bad for new players... However if you were to add reason as to why they should play on the apropriat district dethreating won't eb an issue anymore. My suggestion is as follows: first off -make it so that when a new threat level is achieved you get automaticly send the the right district seconde -make it so that playing on gold districts gives you more money then playing on silver , and silver gives more then playing on bronze. those 2 features would add competition and alot more fun for all parties involved , new players get the "new" player experience and more advanced players can stop farming on set new players to ruin their day just to earn more cash in-game
  2. dear human beeings if you wish to have a custome symbol(s) or theme(s) made contact me for an offer discord: CaptainYahr#2952
  3. We are a group of lunatics. We make money and help each other like one big familly, we have a discord server where we hang out, there are no specific requirements other than: - we either speak Dutch or English (when we play together) - Don't be an pleasant fellow help other clan members if you can not all players are as good as others , its about the fun in playing isn't it? - newbies are welcome and will be taken care off if loyal - people over R100 will have to pay a small fee this money will then be used to further help other members with their financial problems or you could offer something -respect all members (no racisme, no harrasment, no griefing, no scamming,...) -fill in the format to join We are small but have big plans, we are planning future events like: races, DaH BIg MuHNeY FaRMiNG Day, so on so on feel free te mail me on my Crim acc called: Crean or leave comment with your application this is the format: ~ingame name: ~real name(optional): ~age: ~mother language: ~what are your qualities: ~game hours: ~ingame level: ~what could you give to the clan?(fee or offering required only for R100 and above):
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