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  1. Well...I went back to playing a little bit myself given the situation and the free premium. There's nothing to do anyway.
  2. The error is random, one day may never happen, in others it may happen every 30 minutes.
  3. This is the most useful thing I absolutely wanted to know!
  4. This happened to me the other day when I join a district. I think it's a problem when you join a district and there's a problem with communication between PC and the server. The advice I can give you is to try the APB Advanced Launcher and check the box "No In Game Movies". This should speed up loading and communication with the server.
  5. Maybe even 2014, but from that time until 2018 it was GamersFirst who ran the thing. LO took over everything only in mid-2018 and they found themselves a mountain of shit, not to mention the new engine where G1 in 4 years failed to do anything, while LO in almost 2 years finished the new engine.
  6. Well...I got excited too with the arrival of LO and how they were talking about the Engine Upgrade. I was really hoping to try the new version by the end of 2019 and instead we are still here at the beginning of 2020 to see only screenshots. Unfortunately from what I know they have a pretty small dev team and the way the APB code is made I would have already got my hands in my hair. Even if honestly at this point I have the doubt, wasn't it better to recreate the game directly on Unreal Engine 4 instead of transferring everything and fixing it? In my opinion, it would have been easier without having the problems they currently have with version 3.5. I've had enough and now I'm playing something else, but I'm following all the developments. I'm worried that if I see the current slice of players (one of the lowest in APB's history) I'll die a lot faster than I expected.
  7. Abandoned the game for this reason, crash every 30 minutes even with LOW graphics. Sad to see the game die like this.
  8. I still don't understand where you see the cheaters. I play every day in the mission and fight club districts and I don't meet them. The most I've seen so far are those with macros, which are present in every game.
  9. Vivox? That stuff was always a problem. I prefer to have voice chat disabled and wait for the 3.5 update.
  10. More professional, it will help you in life
  11. Then I should have gone mad a long time ago because of this "mechanics". Take a deep breath and keep playing.
  12. I'm not surprised, the possibility of receiving the legendary item is 1 box out of 100. That's suck.
  13. Kast2


    But why don't you just quit? I think you'd do everyone a favor.
  14. Kast2


    I'm certainly not going to abandon APB for a guy who doesn't know how to admit he's poor at playing and makes up excuses like "the anticheat doesn't work" or "is full of cheaters". Get good bro.
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