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  1. You're right I haven't had the game installed for a few years now, why would I keep a game that takes up space that's dead?
  2. Jesus man, the fuck are you still doing here if you think the Engine will never come out? Don't you have anything better to do than keep saying LO is broke and in debt? Which then to know these things are you an employee of theirs or what? Or maybe you're relying solely on the story of the lawsuit with Descendent Studios about where LO is "supposed" to not have enough money to pay for the dispute they lost? Go do something else and let them mind their own fucking business.
  3. Comparing Little Orbit with G1 seems to me too much. On a technical level it is true that there is little difference, but the fault is not totally given by LO, while on a communicative level it is a completely different thing. This is a difference that would have stood if G1 had actually continued to update the game. Little Orbit has been handed a lot of shit, starting from the foundations of the game that is on how it was developed at the level of code and engine, updating in 2018 a game like APB would probably be like shooting yourself in the head. This is false, the game is being upgraded from UE3 to UE3.5, not only did Matt specify this, but you can also just go directly check the list of games created with the various versions of the Unreal Engine.
  4. I need the helicopter. At least I get away from all these people who think the first person stronger than them is a cheater.
  5. Are you on drugs or? Reading your words, it's obvious that they were simply better than you, since Little Orbit came along, with both BE and EAC I've never found any Aimbotter or Wallhacker
  6. Servers open to anyone, matchmaking based on a person's rank.
  7. Looks like you're the only ones getting the cheaters. Ever since they put the BE or EAC on, I haven't found anyone. lol
  8. Kast2

    Nerf the .45 Pistol

    If they really don't want to nerf, we need a buff with the most guns. It's scandalous to see a gun more useful than some assault rifles. You can't talk to me about skills and .45 in a sentence together.
  9. Kast2

    Nerf the .45 Pistol

    The title says all.
  10. In the live version Vivox has been deactivated because it used an ultra dated version, so at the moment there is no way to communicate vocally in the game.
  11. If you have made email/password or 2FA changes you automatically get a 7 day lock from each type of trade.
  12. I had a framerate with everything on Ultra at 80-120 fps which in my opinion is not bad at all, the problem itself is the HUD, if disabled the lag problem disappears, so mainly the cause of the fps drops is that.
  13. RIP for anyone who couldn't get in in 2 hours lol
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