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  1. Abandoned the game for this reason, crash every 30 minutes even with LOW graphics. Sad to see the game die like this.
  2. I still don't understand where you see the cheaters. I play every day in the mission and fight club districts and I don't meet them. The most I've seen so far are those with macros, which are present in every game.
  3. Vivox? That stuff was always a problem. I prefer to have voice chat disabled and wait for the 3.5 update.
  4. More professional, it will help you in life
  5. Then I should have gone mad a long time ago because of this "mechanics". Take a deep breath and keep playing.
  6. I'm not surprised, the possibility of receiving the legendary item is 1 box out of 100. That's suck.
  7. Kast2


    But why don't you just quit? I think you'd do everyone a favor.
  8. Kast2


    I'm certainly not going to abandon APB for a guy who doesn't know how to admit he's poor at playing and makes up excuses like "the anticheat doesn't work" or "is full of cheaters". Get good bro.
  9. Kast2


    Oh, my God. 1. It works well, I've been playing APB since 2013 and since LO is present, I haven't seen even 1 cheater, except for some genius who enjoys using macros. 2. But do you really care so much about reading "user1 was banned for..."? What a sad thing. 3. The support is full of requests, some time ago it took up to 2 weeks to receive a response. Avoid complaining. 5. Do you know how a patch works? Do you really think that in the notes they would write "- anticheat updated"? 6. If you want, I'll give you a prize. In exchange, get the hell out of this forum. You would do everyone a favor.
  10. Kast2


    1. It's already operational. 2. No thanks. It's toxic. 3. The support has the task of answering you as formally as possible, maybe you can not understand why you have never worked under directives. 5. Every week the anticheat is updated 6. Really? Now would you like to receive a reward for every cheater who can get them to banish? You do the report optionally because you love the game, not to earn money. Jesus.
  11. AMD Card with GDDR6 are not affected.
  12. Have you updated your video card recently? If so, go to the nvidia control panel, under the 3d settings management section, search for Low Latency Mode and set it to OFF.
  13. The problem is that APB cannot handle the new GDDR6 memory.
  14. Welcome to the Russians! It may sound bad...but we're talking about 1/10th of the English players so it shouldn't be a problem. At least let's look at the positive side...Citadel is fuller and they don't have to pay for another server.
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