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  1. So.. we have 3 hours to test another 1 hour added, What about those who cannot get in to test.. they will be loosing the 3-4 hour experiance which kinda sucks..
  2. Okay so the email i used to bind to my gamerfirst account then?
  3. Are we able to login with our steam accounts? I have updated the beta client and currently at the main menu screen
  4. Expect the unexpected! hyped for the beta!!
  5. Is it just me or the population has gone down hill since the Anti-Cheat change? we was looking at 1200 players now its gone back to 600 max..
  6. But didn't you say the servers will be back Thursday? but i do hope they are back before the weekend.
  7. Servers are working perfectly fine for me currently in social rn
  8. Hi all so basically reading from the update @MattScott posted about the citadel servers he said "The plan will be to do a short maintenance on Citadel on Thursday night to take these live." did he mean as in today as he didn't state a date nor time. i do believe he meant today but i am guessing Thursday night his time zone for the maintenance and not UK GMT time zone Thanks.
  9. I really hope Little Orbit actually puts this into the game its amazing and i hope they listen to the community.
  10. How does one know if someone is using macros? i have seen so many people shoot the FBW so fast it out guns most of the weapons i use which is kinda stupid or they just have amazing aim, i am not saying i am a good/bad player. (Yes this will attracts salty players, Oh you're just bad) How do you know if someone is actually using some sort of macros for weapons such as the Obeya,Carbine, and so on.. When ever i use the Obeya everyone accuses me of using Macros which clearly i don't.
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