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  1. Yes exactly. I have not seen one GM in a active district for weeks maybe more. but then again i do understand they are probably busy with their own life.
  2. Hi all, So basically, When ever people need a GM in APB they are nowhere to be seen but when we don't need them poof they appear so i am forced to open a support ticket also make this post as i really don't want to. WE ALL need active GM's in districts and not in social messing around teleporting people onto building etc yes its fun etc but there's no need. Also i do understand most if not all GM's are stuck with the updates but i am sure a few GM's can hop around districts to watch or help others within the game. The real reason why i am making this post is because i cannot report this player for cheating because i do not have a keyboard that can type Russian letters so therefore i have been forced to open a ticket that would take weeks to even get seen to.. WE ALL NEED ACTIVE GM'S
  3. This is also happening to PC servers aswell saying the servers are down due to maintenance
  4. Well let's just hope everything goes smooth and is fixed by the weekend.
  5. My main was actually Jericho as most of the friends i played with are on Jericho so i had to put up with that sort of ping which was playable till the ddos but then it made no sense for me to play Jericho not only because of the low population but the fact i live in the United Kingdom so now Citadel is the main.
  6. I am not really bothered about the free premium they gave but i am more bothered about the fact there is no update regarding the EU servers. its painful to play. Full 40v40 district 160-180ms unplayable then the districts with around 20v20 90-130ms kinda playable.. for me 40ms and under is playable
  7. Was about to make a post about this... It is way to laggy for some players, what is happening with the server issue? when will this be fixed where is the ETA or at least some sort of news
  8. I think we all deserve a months free premium for the mess up
  9. They can easily turn the servers completely off till they realise the engine update. Just be patient and be happy LO are actually doing stuff to the game.
  10. Hello, I have always wondered why character gender change isn't a thing in APB would it be possible to do this or would it not work. Regards, Ash
  11. Ashn

    Missing Pumpkin

    Hi guys, Basically i need 10 more pumpkins to complete the hunt. the nearest pumpkin to me is at Merchant Village i have found two but its still saying the nearest is at Merchant Village i have checked for 20 Minutes and still nothing i have changed districts and its still the same, I have not shot any pumpkins within the event. Thanks Ash.
  12. If that would be possible then that would be great!
  13. It is the Legendary Nano, it just sucks that i do not play the NA due to the population plus the aids ping i get... i should be able to get it transfered. makes no sense at all
  14. HI, So basically, i do not play my Jericho account anymore due to the fact i live in the EU and it makes no sense to have a Jericho account as it's un playable for me i have a OCA Nano and i want it on my Citadel account is it possible for a GM to remove the Nano from my Jericho account to my Citadel account? both accounts are on the same email can provide as much proof as needed if this is possible.
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