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  1. Chris "Insane" Delvin Chris is a ex-marine that went undercover after desertion. He is the last living soldier of his squad of brothers, now he patrols asylum, while being hunted by PTSD. Chris has dedicated his last living days hosting insane parties for all crims. The military archives with records went missing after he disappeared. So there's not a lot of background info about him. Clara "Mad" Delvin Clara was a top student at San Paro University, but after she found out her brother was wanted for desertion, she dropped out. She joined Prentiss Tigers, in hope to track down her brother. After a long search she tracked him down, and finally could turn him in. But after her brother told her what had happend, she couldnt do it. He was still a big brother and family, so she joined him in asylum. Whatever you say - say nothing
  2. Thank you for your feedback! I'm guessing this is what you had in mind:
  3. In this current build I made, the windows are breakable. So it should be pretty easy to shoot or throw a nade into the building, killing everything inside.
  4. So sorry about the mess Open World People can turn on Dynamic Open World by pressing "o" Which allow the player to join in on the action and to get notifications of upcoming events. If a player decides to ready up for some mission, it will turn off Open World Civilians HVT High Value Target is a NPC the enforcers have to protect, while the criminals tries to take it down. He/she will spawn at a random location inside a black nulander kurai with some bodyguards, while driving towards a destination The nulander kurai has increased health, so it will take 3 rockets to blowup or a lot of bullets. Enforcers will get the first notification, so they can prepare for an assault Criminals will then get a message with the details, that if they kill him/her they will get rewarded with money The HVT will drive around 1000m to its destination, so the criminals have a short window to complete the job If the HVT successfully drives to its destination, enforcers will get rewarded with 5000$ If the HVT dies, criminals will get rewareded with 5000$ Razzia Razzia is a open world event, that will mark 3 garage doors on the map that enforcers have to raid criminal stash. Enforcers get a message saying there is suspicious activity at those 3 garage doors. Criminals will get a warning that their stash is about to be raided. The whole event lasts 10 minutes. If the criminals successfully defends it, they will win and receive 5000$ If the enforcers successfully raids it, they will win and receive 5000$ Gas Stations Inside the gas station you can find a Joker Vending Machine, and a NPC Joker Ammo! Gas Station Clerk The NPC at the gas station, sells vanilla guns and some modifications. Criminals will be able to rob the NPC for a quick cash reward. It will take some time (20 sec) to finish robbing the NPC, but the reward is pretty good (1000 - 3000$). Upon robbing the NPC, all Enforcers will receive a Notification saying "*Name of Area* gas station is currently robbed!" After the Criminals are done with robbing, a bag filled with money will drop. The criminals have to deliver it to Money Laundry Nearby civilians can see you commit a crime. There is a cooldown before the NPC can be robbed again ( 15 - 30 min). Enforcers can take the bag and deliver it to a contact for 1000$ Blue Steel Security A dynamic event that will spawn every hour if there's enough players and if people have turned on Open World. A 'BS' (Blue Steel) truck will spawn in somewhere on the map alerting players There is a timer before the event ends. Total of 10 min to either protect/rob it. Criminals have to break into the back doors of the truck to get the cash and win the event. It takes approximately 30 seconds in total to break in. (It can be canceled) If successful, the Criminals wins and get 8.000$ Enforcers have 10 minutes to use any means necessary to stop the criminals from breaking into the truck. If successful, the Enforcers wins and gets a 8.000$ paycheck Burglary Same as Ram Raiding but this is on all the doors around San Paro besides the ones used for missions The loot should almost be the same as Ram Raiding but with more Computers and Televisions ATM's Criminals can also hack ATM's for a cash reward There is already a hacking animation in-game, so it would be pretty easy to reuse Since there is a lot of ATM's scattered around the map, they should give less cash than gas stations. Hacking takes approximately 15 - 30 sec. Cash reward is 250 - 500$ Nearby civilians can see you commit a crime. Statues When purchased from the market place, it will give a 10% boost to respect (Standing) Players will also be able to change what pose will be shown This will make the statues less pointless Those commands will unlock once the player has purchased a statue. Weather Emotes Leaning against a wall Benches Walking up to a bench and pressing 'F' will make you sit down. Should only be an option in Social. Male position Female position Player created content Darrell "Speedball" Kayne should accept more player created content E.G. "Asylum Theme" "Bloodroses Theme" Clothing, vehicles etc. Then players could post their creations on forum, and then players will vote for the best ones. Vehicle Fire Burning cars should slowly kill players if they are near it. The closer they are the more damage it does Lights Turn off the light on vehicles, by pressing 'R' while inside. This is a pointless detail (same as turn signals) Engine By holding 'F' will make you exit the vehicle and turn off the engine. This is a pointless detail. Vehicle Cargo Vehicle cargo should be shown in the back This is a pointless detail. San Paro Bus A bus that drives around San Paro and picks up civilians. Would be more immersive than having dump trucks littering the streets. Tinted Windows WIP Moirai Uber RS WIP Dodge Charger 2019 Mission Information This could also be a way for players to learn the different names of streets and areas. Player Information A way to see what secondary weapon the enemy or teammate is using Weapon Locker Arrows to move your guns up and down the list. Good way to have the most used/main guns at the top when you change weapons, so you don't have to scroll through a lot of weapons. Favorite Weapons A way to quickly select your favorite weapons in the heat of battle Can favorite up to 6 weapons Search Bar Adding a 'Search' bar to the interface to help navigate through mails or finding a specific mail. Adding a 'Sent' button to navigate through the archive of sent mails. Adding a 'Select' option to select multiple mails to delete. More Attachments Will be able to add more attachments to a mail. So you don't have to send a lot of mails with only one item You've Got Mail Inspect When trying to inspect a player standing in a group, the inspection box should show all player names in the vicinity. So it's easier to inspect people. San Paro News By pressing 'F' on the various newspaper stand around San Paro will open up a window and show the latest news from Matt Scott. Example Team Damage If you do more damage than 50% to a teammate, you will get the demerit medal Modifications This is just a goof. I've been frustrated many times, due to teammates stealing my car to transport their patootie 100m. Destroying a good spawn point Weapons & Grenades Smoke Grenade Consumable Slim Jim Kit Allow the user to break into a vehicle It wont work if the victim is on a mission It wont work if the victim is inside the vehicle If your car gets stolen you and want it returned, you will have to pay a insurance fee of 500$ Visual Attachments When adding a modification to a weapon, it should be visible on the weapon. Vanilla Silenced Extendedmag Optimization Playeclip should be added to most areas as they prevent the player from getting stuck on them (walls, etc) Also prevents the players view bobbing when going up/down stairs With Playerclip Without Playerclip Map Improvements Waterfront - The Blades Hotel Before and after pictures. Could also be a place for a contact Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
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