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  1. It’s called Nano-chan. https://files.fm/f/f8y996gt3 hope you guys enjoy moaning faces Of your opponents i Forgot how to add image.
  2. Hi, so i had an idea. I have encountered a situations where the mission is completely unwinnable more than once, or teammate are AFK. Of Course after matching with opponents ‚abandon mission’ is disable. But there would be an option to possible vote in favor of resigning from the mission. this would speed up the games and reduce frustration of related to the problems that arise. how would It work? depends of players quantity during mission. There is a huge chance that i wont help during 2v2 matches but 3v3 and higher will get opportunity to end mission without their perspective to win more quicker. what do you guys think of that idea? Any criticism will be much appreciated
  3. server changes could lead to even worse results. at this point, everyone has a choice when choosing a server. especially the least experienced. it allows them to make their own decisions. the fact that the zloty may go below at any moment leads to a problem that I believe is still acceptable. because such cases are much less than possible frustration from weaker players with the unification of the system. the only thing I would consider is removing the possibility of playing gold on silver servers and a Little improvement with controling people increasing theirs Threat on lower threat servers. I could suggest a „Timer” (around 20-30 min before removing player form current threat server). For Example, that kind Of player could have Opportunity to help his teammate to rank up before rebalancing or dethreat himself Just by Playing and not giving enough skill to handle Gold. i know its not The best, but if we wanna Stay, and make APB still alive we gotta to take care Of people, not only veterans but newbie specially. otherwise we Will get normal servers Like in any kind Of mmo, Like bf Or GTA. But compared to bf, tryhards are less danger to the New players cause Of threat levels. And GTA, where mixed lobbies are total mess for starting or weaker CHADS against fully loaded VIRGINS on Oppersors Or other spacecraft. Let Devs find The best solution
  4. As the others said. It could help stable the situation on Jericho, rather then on Citadel Server. As a EU player i would like to see better menaging of the „auto server opener” (i dont know how It is called, i just create that so, ™). Whenever silver servers are filled up the new one turns on. If there would be something Like auto balance, or merging few identical servers with same threat would be (probably) make gameplay much easier than camping for one slot on full server. Im sure that would help not only with player count, but with threat segregation as Well.
  5. Fallout New Vegas. But there has to be Little catch. Whenever i finish the game. WHOLE memories need to be erased from my brain. I wanna feel this first time playthrough over and over again. 🥲 ps. Second one is always APB, but, there has to be the same catch. That first playthrough. OMG, It was one in a Kind! Every lost game could be persuaded as „Acceptable defeat” as a Newbie. Now? More like „BLATANT Cheating led to my failure” Of course im joking, im the Calm kind Of Guy.
  6. Hello there, Nano Connoissieur would be much appreciated in my inbox if someone has left these garbage in their „Locker”. pm me for correct character name needed to send
  7. IMHO the Best track for cruising in the „Financial” streets in my GROWL https://youtu.be/RSItvxxTUMs
  8. Interesting idea. Specially with JT option. If APB will start freshly with new engine they gonna focus on relatively new kind of economy in mmo games. Expired or not avaliable clothing should be awesome advantage to maintain veterans and New players as well.
  9. Im Very happy about huge ivolvement in game by new developer. Hope it will be salvation for issues, but a little info regarding of still not finished planned works
  10. Is there any scheduled work time or even is there any possibility to end today ? Cuz i dont Know what to do with my Life right now Any kind of info IS Bleeding
  11. Well , guess i need to find another game for todays evening. What a shame ... I Really love this time-wasting masterpiece
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