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  1. You're not alone in this problem :) I'm also wanted to back play again in APB but still when I'm choosing which district and I wanna enter to it it's showing Connect to the district server..... and that's is. It connects infinite to the district. I tried do 2 of 3 thing metioned in the subject https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/8871-infinite-connecting-to-district-server/ but still I didn't 3rd one because if someone isn't experienced in that matter it may be worse or cut off the internet from home XD
  2. Hey I wonder if there would be a posibility to get those all clothes and bundles that are no longer in Armas by via JT or restore those items in Armas. What you all active/less active players think about that idea ? There would be more Fashions outfit to create, maybe some contest about who has better vision for outfit XD
  3. Increase delay between shots in ISSR series
  4. First of all you all should choose which of those vote has priority ( in my opinion is Engine Update/Upgrade, them Matchmaking system and Threar System and last Cheats). Reason ? It's because if Engine Update/Upgrade will be done it will be more options for faster Maintenance ( not 6-10h but maybe even lower than this ). Also it maybe be more things to implement ( such as Expand Customization system with diffrent varriants hairstyle, face, body etc.). It maybe also game have better optimalization and faster rendering texture. Cons of my opinion ? Not many players may endurance this statement of game because of lags cheaters etc.
  5. In my opinion it should be reduced recoil and increased shoot dmg should those parameters revive a little this weapon. Remember this is only my opinion
  6. AnimePL

    Weapon Cosmetics

    Well if they could with current technology implement this Cosmetics I will be happy but I think that may cause some troubles.
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