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  1. Mention grenade spam but when are we getting percs as water balloons for a summer event?
  2. Got more on the desktop, will update as they come. All these are made by me, I love this game and Matt Scott has not paid me to do so. https://www.reddit.com/r/APB/comments/jm8l9p/when_you_witness_a_crim_with_the_minimal_amount/ https://www.reddit.com/r/APB/comments/j54kf6/welcome_back_old_friend/ https://www.reddit.com/r/APB/comments/g0tm1h/roll_tide/ https://www.reddit.com/r/APB/comments/fzw766/hard_landing_woes/ https://www.reddit.com/r/APB/comments/fy6dvh/it_be_like_that/
  3. For those who've left or been away for a while, we're running a Community Discord Staff survey to measure your experiences with the folks who run it. https://forms.gle/eqHW2JdgT5A8vic56 This input is not handled by LO nor is the survey to measure how LO represents themselves in the Discord as this is community driven.
  4. Matthew Roykurk 00-02/ "18-20 Begins his adult life from Phoenix AZ, working at a gun shop as well as being a living aid for his father who suffers from Alzheimer's” 03 “21 Leaves his last place of record as his father dies in a hit and run on a walk from a fireworks festival they just finished attending. This leaves Matthew uncertain of what he wants to pursue so after some long thought, he considers his sister's invitation to move to San Paro with her husband and 4 year old daughter, Sunny . In time he sees how distraught the public still is after a decade from the last mayors murder, Matthew takes on the challenge of attending the local Police Academy in mind to lend a hand to the city because of his negative experiences since living in San Paro added to this weight on his mind. ” 04 “22 Finishes Police Academy and serves in the SPPD where in passing he starts his own self defense club for citizens looking to protect themselves from the evildoers of the city, utilizing anything from blunt/sharp weapons, firearms and martial arts. During this time, his brother in law is murdered in a robbery at a local pizzeria he was visiting for the families monthly pizza night, Matthew fills in as the father role during his nieces child development ” 07 “25 Leaves SPPD after handling many loses of partners, witnessing more than enough random/pointless murders and , joins the Peace Corps to help serve in Ukraine. His club at the time being is being handled by close friends of his during the lack of Matthews presence. This time onwards, helps with ensuring the education and growth of the locals youth in Ukraine as well as taking in some ‘specialized’ lessons from the local Militia ” 11 “29 Returns to San Paro in regards to his sister dying in a bombing during a premier at an art gallery , leaving their daughter behind. Matthew takes it as his responsibility to return to his last place considered home and take care of his niece. He then spends the rest of his time, serving as an Enforcer under the C.S.A. and helping spread firearms and self defence education through his “San Paro Self Defense Club” for the safety and wellness of the local citizens. That's a Coywolf by the way, not some riced out Veo, the city "gave" it to me after lowering the crime average in the area I was assigned. This as well is Matthew's shops patch/logo for more lore fun. Also, Matty my man, please add this weapon skin as a prize, like I said earlier, I'd enjoy seeing others have it. I've waited a long time again to see more events like this and hope to see more from now. Disclaimer:I had this story and name already set aside incase this happened, I'm talking before Little Orbit so I was kind of surprised the CEO's first name was the same as my characters.
  5. Yes, please add the Joker Affiliate skin to the rewards. I love having it myself but I wish more people had access to it.
  6. I'm just glad yall are making progress and not hiding or lying about it like the last group did. Honestly, I don't care that I have to wait for the upgrade cause at this point, it's not like I wasn't believing any of it before, but I'll be staying around till either the engine comes out or the game shuts down. Just keep doing what you're doing, how you're pacing it seems fine, you know you need the upgrade done, then having it tweaked after launch is the biggest thing right now. So be it, we have to wait for content but personally I'd rather help bug out the engine when it's released than get what's in testing and it be unplayable.
  7. Consumable that removes gas damage up to 99 percent of health but sends you right back to where your health was before after 3 seconds.
  8. Title says it all. Please. Bless you Matt.
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