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  1. MurkTheMerc

    We have melee weps?

    ThEy'Re MeAnT tO EmBaRrAsS tHe EnEmY
  2. #saynotocyberbullying
  3. Gnarly, glad to see this coming around again.
  4. MurkTheMerc

    Weapon Cosmetics

    For a solid week after coming back to the game, I kept dying often to thinking I was done reloading with a round in chamber as soon as the mag was in the gun. Boy was I wrong for that week. Seeing some further customization that doesn't effect gameplay itself would be appreciated.
  5. MurkTheMerc

    Symbol Quality is Abysmal

    Yes, 4k furry butt selfies.
  6. MurkTheMerc


    youre welcome my dude
  7. Can't wait for, "It's back, but only for the holiday season!"
  8. MurkTheMerc

    When LO trolls you good...

    Iunno, I made the purchase and was okay with it cause Matt kept telling people were weren't getting any sales. Then this happens and I'm like 3 hours off.
  9. MurkTheMerc

    When LO trolls you good...

    Well I made my purchase @ 1940 EST , though your post was @ 2227 EST, me making my purchase that day was only done because through the other few questions people have had here and there about sales, left with "We are putting our focus into the engine overhaul." from countless times of people pestering you about discounts.
  10. MurkTheMerc

    When LO trolls you good...

    Will purchases made on the day of the 12th count? I made quite a big purchase of items that day for my Citadel character. Coincidentally, one of them was KTTW.
  11. MurkTheMerc

    (GAME) District's Queue Concept

    Matt has already confirmed they're looking into adding phasing to mission queuing after 3.5 hits.
  12. MurkTheMerc

    Customizable Varzuga Rally

    Yes and raised suspension
  13. MurkTheMerc

    Customizable Varzuga Rally

    Stanced Varzugas will be the new meta. No more shooting under cars.
  14. MurkTheMerc

    Customizable Varzuga Rally