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  1. I'm just glad yall are making progress and not hiding or lying about it like the last group did. Honestly, I don't care that I have to wait for the upgrade cause at this point, it's not like I wasn't believing any of it before, but I'll be staying around till either the engine comes out or the game shuts down. Just keep doing what you're doing, how you're pacing it seems fine, you know you need the upgrade done, then having it tweaked after launch is the biggest thing right now. So be it, we have to wait for content but personally I'd rather help bug out the engine when it's released than get what's in testing and it be unplayable.
  2. Consumable that removes gas damage up to 99 percent of health but sends you right back to where your health was before after 3 seconds.
  3. Title says it all. Please. Bless you Matt.
  4. I'm not sure what people are feeling bad about, I get matches just fine and usually never face the same people over and over like I normally would when we were segregated.
  5. Holding give away on December 14th on my stream. Follow to be eligible. The prizes will be $30 worth in $5 Steam cards.
  6. RESURRECTION Anyone else have some nice outfits they've made with katanas?
  7. https://imgur.com/gallery/0klKfq4 I hope you enjoy the update I did, I added it before bed and was at work.
  8. LO, all I have to say is I'm thankful for you taking over this game and listening to all of our requests and input towards our personal concerns of the game.
  9. I don't think it should be removed either, I'm all for stuff like bank robberies and openworld heists being added to stack on to the IP of the game. For that truck stuff, wish there was some sort of incentive on top of it to do it for more fun. Calabria Bowling when.
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