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  1. MurkTheMerc

    Weapon Cosmetics

    That's why it's a suggestion. Can't put it down till ACTUAL staff says anything, like wither or not it would hurt the servers, so I'm not really sure where you're getting these numbers.
  2. MurkTheMerc

    Weapon Cosmetics

    It was the ability to paint the guns that got washed. What I'm looking for is purely just weapon accessories.
  3. MurkTheMerc

    Crouch movement speed.

    I understand what you're saying and agree. Though it's never binded to anything from the start, we do have a Walk key, which I use sometimes on corners, that can be used to toggle the speed of the crouch walk.
  4. MurkTheMerc

    HVR/Scout mechanics remanaged

    okay then just make it so if a player is tagged by a pistol then the hvr does zero damage What
  5. MurkTheMerc

    Weapon Cosmetics

    Some people are all about how they look when they shoot or how they shoot their guns, I'm one of them. Under your weapon roles would show a drop menu for the weapons you currently own under that type. Each weapon has its own record of kills. These would still count towards the overall role. For certain kill milestones for that specific weapon, you could unlock accessories such as sights, stocks, rail covers, horizontal/vertical grips and magazines. These are PURELY COSMETIC. These can be unlocked in game only or include a pack of sorts on ARMAS. If there is a pack on ARMAS, I suggest there be some cosmetics you can only earn from reaching a kill milestone for said gun. There could also be certain cosmetics only obtainable by purchasing the pack, this move is dependent on the devs. Silenced weapons will still be separate weapons or to make a weapon library smaller and specific for simply a gun such as the ATAC 424, it will earn its kills as the ATAC 424, not as a ATAC 424 'BodyGuard' but a ATAC 424 'BodyGuard' will still contribute to the ATAC 424's role. So in this case, silencers can be the only purchasable cosmetic that does effect how the gun works, but will be specific to that weapon system so if there is an overhaul, people right now, if they own a silenced model of that weapon that is not a preset but has vacant mod slots, that weapon will be removed from their inventory and they will be given a silencer mod for that weapon in its place. If the weapon is a preset model, you will retain that weapon as it is unmodifiable. If you buy a preset version of a weapon, the accessories on the weapon will become available for you to customize your weapons cosmetics. Wither or not a player will get the Silencer mod from a preset, again is a choice by the devs since it, on some weapon types, have differences, such as the Assault Rifle silencer's only downside is less hard damage and it has no recoil buffs, it simply removes the tracer and reduces its sound where as the Sniper Rifle silencers, reduce vertical recoil but reduce its damage drop off by 7m. Picture below is to be used as a reference for accessories to be used on the weapon systems available to give people a better idea of what they will be able to play with.
  6. MurkTheMerc

    Pistol Dual Wielding Mechanics

    This is only a suggestion, not "This needs to be done first."
  7. MurkTheMerc

    Crouch movement speed.

    Would do we need to sprint faster?
  8. MurkTheMerc

    HVR/Scout mechanics remanaged

    What does realism have to do with APB? We have car surfing, no headshots and flak can tank a osmaw rocket. The point of the feature being is to pull HVR out of the CQC zone.
  9. MurkTheMerc

    Crouch movement speed.

    Why double sprint speed?
  10. MurkTheMerc

    Can Yall Fix the Damn Car Spawner Please?

    Should've shot the car harder. Believe in your bullets and they believe in you.
  11. MurkTheMerc

    Ammo Remanaged

    A lot of your concern is alleviated by utilizing your teammates and them relying on you. People would get their ammo from resupply boxes and ammo resupplies from cars, of which, I already utilize in missions to this day, so I don't know how this change would effect people if car spawners don't have the ability. Areas where you don't have the Joker Ammo machines for missions, like you said, some 2 minute objective, what does it hurt asking your teammate for ammo?
  12. MurkTheMerc

    Ammo Remanaged

    1. I'm not looking to slow down fire fights, I'm looking to slow down players who don't prepare or who are running on an ammo pool bigger than needed. This does not slow down engagement, this slows down the unprepared. Indeed the game is fast paced, but this wouldn't hurt a person in a firefight, unless they didn't prepare to rearm themselves before hand. For instance the N-Tec kills in 6 shots, it's ammo reserve is 128 at which results in 4x32 round magazines. With Bandolier 3, the ammo reserve is increased to 192 which results in 6x32 round magazines. Extended Mag 3 ammo reserve is 128 but bears 3x41 round mags with 5 spare rounds. Mag Pull 3 ammo reserve is 128 but bears 5x24 round mags with 8 spare rounds. Stock Ammo, really it's just stock. Bandolier 3, you're just carrying extra ammo for yourself, usually helpful if you would rather use Consumables or mods that don't resupply ammo, usually when you're trying to fill a support role with Spotter or Radar Jammer, Satchel Charge when you're Mobile Spawn hunting or shield to thrown down some sort of car trap/ ladder blocker. Extended Magazine, sometimes ideal on weapons you plan to use on both soft and hard targets. There are the few that just like having the possibility to outgun some other by having some spare rounds in the well. Mag Pull, who doesn't love a boost to reload speed? You end up running a lower risk of wasting ammo when reloading just to top off your loaded mag, usually for someone whose efficient with ammo or has a way to resupply themselves with ammo. You pretty much gain a magazine from your stock ammo pool. 2.Like Keanu said, I'm talking about Car Spawners, not Mobile Spawners.
  13. MurkTheMerc

    Matchmaking issue idea

    Is English not your native language because the system you're asking is pretty much what I said. How you said it, is how the mechanics would or should work. Threat is distributed weekly, based on the active population of that week, so if the Gold percentile is 15 and the population is 100, then the top 15 players of that week will be Gold. "Might actually hurt it", is a big ways off considering how Matt explained in the Discord he visits often, after me asking it, it would be a complete involvement of that action districts populations, not just those in ONE instance. Like you said your self, you're not very familiar with how threat works but you're saying your own idea would hurt the game?