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  1. MurkTheMerc

    (GAME) District's Queue Concept

    Matt has already confirmed they're looking into adding phasing to mission queuing after 3.5 hits.
  2. MurkTheMerc

    Customizable Varzuga Rally

    Yes and raised suspension
  3. MurkTheMerc

    Customizable Varzuga Rally

    Stanced Varzugas will be the new meta. No more shooting under cars.
  4. MurkTheMerc

    Customizable Varzuga Rally

  5. Yeah, I got in, was playing for 2 matches and was disconnected. I stopped trying to login after the 5th attempt.
  6. Screen sits at this when ever I attempt to enter a district. Haven't been able to play APB stably for 4 months because of this. It used to be I could join here and there on a chance but now the game simply doesn't let me join a district at all. Anyone else having this issue or have a solution? Update: Times before I've tried manually logging in, not using the Steam Login to see if it would make a difference, it wouldn't but as of now, it seems to be my solution. Like the situation presented, it can change again because it has in the past.
  7. With the engine upgrade.
  8. MurkTheMerc

    Vivox vs UE3.5

    Why is this a thread?
  9. Displayed characters are Enforcers but have access to clothing items belonging to the opposite faction which are not available to purchase for Enforcers on ARMAS Marketplace or by trading. Edit:An update, the third picture shows that Criminals also have access to the Enforcer version as well.
  10. Title says it all. I'm unable to join servers or play the game at all. This has been ongoing for me since past 2 patches and become worse over time to where now I can't even play the game.
  11. MurkTheMerc

    Solution to runners in missions

    Change it to a drop off location the item will need to sit at to gain points. The point system is set to the 'Tug of war' points system you see in the TDM missions with the green and red bar. This could also just be separate point pools After a certain amount of points are gained, say the location only gives up to 50 pts shared between the teams to take, the location will change and the objective item will need to be moved. Over time, if the item is not dropped in the currently set location, the team with the bigger piece of the point "rope" will center out, if this is on the separate point pools, both teams will lose points. This should help negate the whole, snatch the objective and run with the mission item problem a bit more. The further the item is from the drop off area, the faster points will be lost. For VIP missions, it goes as this: VIP must goto an objective area and stay there for a set amount of time. The VIP's name tag will be visible when in transit to the location but once they get to the objective area, the name tag will disappear. If the VIP is not in the objective area, a window of time will be shown under the lives counter. This counter will only reset if they step back into the objective area. If the timer hits 0, a VIP live will be lost, the player will not die though. The rule for name tags, applies to this so if you try to run, you will show up on the HUD. For Team Death Matches: Make players fight each other in a set area. Name tags do not appear unless you're outside of the set mission area. If a player leaves the mission area, a window of time will be shown under the lives counter. This counter will only reset if they step back into the objective area. If the timer hits 0, a team life will be lost, the player who caused it, will not die though.
  12. MurkTheMerc


    Then rethink your encounters. I'm not having this issue.
  13. MurkTheMerc


    what do you mean? I'm asking if you're using the gun wrong. It's 5 pts less damage than the N-Tec and you can easily hipfire it, what are you doing to think the gun needs to be changed and why?