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  1. HeY0

    Basic Ideas [Updated]

    i thnk we must organize weapon profiles. For example Profile 1 = NHVR 762 + ATC44 + Low Yield Granade Profile 2 = Oca626 Wishper + JarseyDewill + Half Brick Profile 3 = CSG21 PR1 - Ap.45 + Concussion Granade i want to 1click to profile and load my choose guns and bombs..
  2. HeY0

    Patriot T-25 Pickup KIT

    for example... new kit can be with snorkel - top lights.. etc...
  3. Hello to everyone, Wouldn't it be great if the Patriot T-25 came with a kit now?
  4. Hi All, İ am looking for NFAS12 TrueOgre.. i can give -EOL KickBack -Jarsey Dewill -500.000$ ------------------------------------------ Server = Citadel Name = CxHeYo Thnx...
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