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  1. Upvote on cropped blouse! It looks sick
  2. My newest character, Leo Rayford. I wanted to do soemthing different from my usual, so here goes. Gotta thank @Sameriah for the amazing tribal tattoos Eventually I will give him some more stuff. Probably.
  3. I did a thing for Jenz's Amaka
  4. You might have noticed there is a new forum background option under the APB theme. During the talks with LO on where the 3D community was going, they gave us the opportunity to do this! So here's the render Whiskey, Sameriah and I did! Needless to say we are honored to see our stuff in an official place...
  5. Looking around some files I came across this
  6. Well, still, it's the one that can hit a company the most I'd say Also fix yer signature D:<
  7. The truth. But people's delusion is too big to realize this...
  8. Still broke render posting combo :c
  9. you broke our render combo. I hope you are happy
  10. Gotta love you, Matt! I was going to suggest the same thing as ninetenduh. I'm certain many people would volunteer to work on translations for free, myself included. Maybe it's something to consider in the future?
  11. So far, LO has acknowledged the 3D Community and unlike G1, they have shown interest. For now we have to be patient and see how things go