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  1. The newest version of Eevee got the Hair info input node at last, and even if the Hair shader isn't there yet, it's enough to get closer to Cycles. Hair is handled slightly differently but so far I'm happy with what they've done with it. Particularly the fact that I could render the three particle hairs in one go in around 3 minutes, opposite to Cycles taking 6 hours and only handling 1.
  2. Did you try an older version? For some reason I can no longer use the most recent, so I've been using NR 1.1.4 and it works like a charm, I suppose it's worth a try
  3. Yeah, I'd try to play with the roughness and maybe even darken the color. Blood is usually quite a pain in the patootie to get right
  4. Can we get back to posting renders pls I'm a true fan of your work
  5. A friend just sent me a link to a tutorial on how to use a blender addon called archimesh that is actually already in blender but you gotta enable manually through the preferences panel. It allows you to build rooms with doors and windows, as well as furniture with different types and options and overall it's pretty cool for backgrounds, so in case someone didn't know of it's existance just like I didn't here's said tutorial by Blender Guru:
  6. A friend suggested this scene for Dinah and I found it quite interesting
  7. I don't think I ever did a solo render of Tony so here's a something Thanks to @Sameriah for the truck and @WhiskeyTangoFoxX for the ready-up guns and the Enforcer tower This one took around 15 hours to complete
  8. I suppose if anything changes they will let us know Also I rendered more Rayford
  9. I had a massive data loss due to one of my hard drives suddenly dying. Most of the stuff lost was Dragon Age and Mass Effect, but I also lost much APB stuff, mainly textures, so I had to spend quite a lot of hours fixing paths. But finally I managed to render something. Hopefully I get to do more posters soon
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