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  1. Ursus is no better than the standard ntec, and possibly a bit less versatile. Since they changed IR, putting IR3 on an ursus makes it a mid/long range laser rifle. pew pew. the mod makes it rate of fire slow enough that you can easily control the recoil, but thats just my opinion on the gun.
  2. Been a while since i designed anything and i'm honestly rusty, hopefully i will be able to catch up with you guys
  3. Not sure if this helps but i do have few following basics suggestions for you and i really hope it'll somehow fix your problem : 1- Repair your game through the launcher. 2- Make sure you're running the game through APB_BEprogram (not APBprogram) and make sure it is Named that way exactly. 3-Run it as administrator.
  4. Sameriah

    Shame on Lil Orbit

    I'm sorry you feel that way , considering that the game was meant to go into a trashcan, don't be angry when the game could've been lost forever, without a company running it, you would have not been able to log into the game in the first place ,unless ofc buying it from G1, correct me if i'm wrong.
  5. Since we lost alot on the old forum, I thought i'd bring back some good stuff...
  6. Been a while since i didn't post anything here, i would like to start apologising by posting this...
  7. Would be an awesome moment to play with you guys ^^!
  8. 2 symbols that i didn't share in a respectful size before i believe : Fallout : New vegas - Ranger. A portrait of a Friend that is obviously a fan of deadpool.
  9. Sameriah

    The plan to fix the lag

    Thank you Mr.Scott , You're the Hero this game Needs right now !
  10. Pretty much what Jenz said , a Render of Lixil leading a group of enforcers !
  11. Glad to see this thread up and running again , posting something i made aswell !