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  1. High Burn Fuel will now reduce Vehicle HP by 15%, in addition to its current effect. - Overkill Consumable Changes Mobile Cover (orange mod) Cooldown: 120s - Why not a short cooldown that starts when you cancel the shield? Duration: 60s - Unnecessarily short Resupply Box - Should give all types of ammo & include inventory access Cooldown: 180s Duration: 90s Boombox - I'm sorry, but this is the solid proof that whoever is doing the balance has no idea what APB is, who even uses this thing? it was useless before you put any timers on it, was only used for music, it needed a strong buff, but you think it's more useful than Resupply Box & Shield.. Cooldown: 60s Duration: 45s Weapon Changes Reduced Blowtorch healing rate by 46% - Overkill Reduced AAEPD 'Volcano JC' max hard damage from 1227 -> 800 - Overkill for a weapon that already needed a slight buff. Reduced ISSR-B hard damage from 72.9 -> 45 - Completely unnecessary, the gun is already surpassed by other snipers, it's role balance is that you can do hard damage with it Reduced SWARM hard damage from 50.7 -> 40.95 - - Same as ISSR-B Car Changes Modified the HP values for cars in the following way: Bishada: 900 -> 1,150 (HBF 977) - This is now better than Jericho, due to better grip & suspension Jericho: 1,100 -> 1,150 (HBF 977) - Slightly better ramming power compared to Bishada doesn't justify the other differences Vegas 4x4: 1,350 -> 1,150 (HBF 977) - There is no reason regular Vegas should have significantly higher HP
  2. I wouldn't risk it, and probably not, they'd not put an expiration time altogether for them
  3. A question regarding premium, the loyalty awards codes are expiring soon, irrelevant of when they were awarded, is that intended? will they expire? unless that's intended, new codes won't work either
  4. People have already mentioned this already, but the upgrade is not only for player direct simple experience, it allows integrating all sorts of systems a lot easier, including anti cheat, possibilities for better player match making, dynamic population merging, relying on better systems for their tools for content creation, probably even higher limitations on some things With that said, the problem you experience is not due to cheaters only, they are a small minority in this game, the cheater epidemics are gone and now there are just a few here and there, what you see is extremely old players, extremely skilled, playing with a lot less experienced players, things they do may seem like blatant cheating when it is most often not. This can be fixed with better matchmaking in my opinion, the problem is not even that, the system may be very good, but the population to choose from is extremely small, if they manage to make the dynamic migration of population among servers, the matchmaking will be at least a tenfold better, as the system will have a pool of all available players for missions, and merge them together in a single server to play, so their skill levels will be a lot closer, combine that with (IF) larger community, and the pool will be even more diverse and filled with newer players. LO seem to be playing their cards right on the technical challenges, the challenge that remains to be seen is if they have a solid plan of bringing new players and keeping them with new content, but most likely, they wouldn't invest so much in the technical if they don't have a plan for player base too, that's where the return of investment is, afterall.
  5. 1v1 is still there, due to bugs possibly, I think it should be an option, inspect -> challenge. 2v2 are fun missions, often more fun than 4v4
  6. I'm sure if you bought a brand new laptop, fresh out of the box, that did not cost 2000€, the situation would have been entirely different.
  7. Looking back at my list in your quote, I think you're right tbh, they confused me a bit when assigning them, they probably need just a minor buff, Cap40 used to be solid, exactly an alternative to oca / pmg / tommy around the time it was released, Trouble Maker was OP at that time, now though I can still make acceptable kills with them, they're not useless
  8. Nice thing you got there, thanks for sharing. I didn't find some guns in there, like Oblivion & Corsair which are weak in my opinion, I've also neglected a few guns I'm not familiar enough with. FFA I'm assuming it's Bullshark, I'd treat the R&D III as Obir.
  9. Crown is the silliest thing in APB, why bother? no use, looks ugly, super expensive, and every other player has it..
  10. I mean, yes you can farm that, I have kinda forgotten, but they also farm the event rewards.. Besides, farming 20k? I think it would take forever even there, especially that I don't think you can camp with friends forever, it's crowded and chaotic and everyone's bound to run into other enemies.. But ty for the reply, better than all those random dislikes keeping me puzzled so as to why people hate the idea :))
  11. Why just why do weapon roles not count in event districts, this was the issue with every event, and I think it annoys a lot of players not just me. For around 20k per weapon role, which is already a really high number to achieve, I don't think the event kills "ruin" the grind, this only serves to discourage the players from playing the event unless they really need that event's rewards. Is this some sort of technical limitation due to the code, or is it intended? Is there any chance to see it gone in future events? Side note I like this event, though the frames are under the carpet in some games, but they're fun and short, and the dev guns are a nice change
  12. Well yes, sorry I didn't do the math when I'm hyped reading the other tab :))
  13. Awesome, beautiful work people, give a big clap for your team from us. Just making sure, the announcement says there is a 1% chance for a legendary at every 500JT purchased, if you buy a pack of more JT, this is automatically stacked, right? Edit to remove my math
  14. N66

    reduce perc AOE range

    Nah, that's why they're laughing stock, just like NFAS, easy to use, but weak.
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