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  1. Rebinding keys? like mapping a mouse button for an action that is not allowed in the options menu? is there such limitation? or rebinding as in changing "profiles" of mapping presets?
  2. Does the current EAC use any degree of server side measures? if not, EAC client side only is not a choice? I'm saying this since I find a lot less cheaters since EAC was used and it'd be a shame to lose that. On the other hand, I understand that it might be controversial to suddenly disallow all macros, but to be honest, I can't think of a macro someone needs in APB that has a legitimate use, so in my opinion it's a huge advantage if we get rid of all the macros
  3. This is how you win your community, very kind decisions on your part LO. Stay safe people, don't underestimate the risks just because things are easing off, it can get much worse again.
  4. N66

    Disable things

    Though I personally dislike all this hentai and porn addiction in APB and I think it ruins the game's idea of gang wars and urban chaos, it still is a part of the game, I would love to see it limited by the players themselves not by action by LO, though I don't mind the latter either, even if the game is for mature audiences, it seems like 80% of the symbols on the walls, cars and character outfits fall under that category. Then no, I don't agree with the money part, I don't think it's healthy to incentivise people to report things for money in general, I don't think reporting cheaters should give money either, people should report because they disagree with it, not because they want some virtual currency
  5. Yes, of course, credit to LO, they're to thank that APB is still running, and doing far better than G1 did, they're on the right track and their work is appreciated, even the toxic community gives them a ton more praise, and honest praise (not a*s kissing), we can see people complaining too, but unlike G1's time (especially their last 2-3years), you don't see bans left and right to everyone who complains, and you don't see a troop of boot lickers. But if we're to be more realistic and more productive, apart from the appreciation, we need to help with what little we can, be friendly towards the community, get out of your way to help new players, guide them, play with them, if someone flames you don't reply with the same, a /ignore is still far less toxic than a quarrel. Don't abuse mechanics / missions / guns, don't tease, don't cheat, don't use macro. And for those of us with more artistic talent, make more creations, share them in game especially with new players, share them online, not just on this forum but on your steam or on other content websites.
  6. N66

    Gasoline truck

    Would be cool, and simple implementation, game design could also add more details and play around this to make it refreshing though simple. A technical issue, though obviously I have no insight to APB systems, might be that they have a fixed number of vehicles per district, the servers probably have only those models loaded, idk if APB went 64 bit, and if it did, if it'd be feasible for the server side, atm the implementation would mean all dump trucks are replaced with the Gas version. You probably noticed that a district only has Dolton or Han Veo as taxi, Kurai or Sentinel, Vegas or Cisco, I don't think this is meant only for variety as their combined variety would be better, it's probably a system limitation
  7. Nah, I didn't put it to words properly, everyone camps around target and protects, and the game is designed around not being able to camp in a single spot, but it's one thing to go around and protect actively, and another thing to backstab once, then run 130m+ to the opposite direction to hide at another spot, and refuse to make a noise or shoot unless the enemy starts doing the target (with Obeya long range), and repeat, and to make it worse, if you get off target and shoot back he hides entirely, no sustained fight, no holding ground, just hide, and shoot when the player touches the target, you can't do the target in 2 min like that unless you have WH and go to the hiding spot directly.
  8. Makes me curious how inappropriate it was, seeing you kept "fucking" right there :)) Regarding the subject, I think it's more the play style than the items they use, I don't mind people playing with detonator or PMG or rocket launchers the slightest, or yields for the matter, but then I know a certain player who plays deto differently, just intentional spam of it forcing you either to die with him or to avoid the fight, or a user who hides 60+m from open target and changes location entirely after every fight, not even kill.. Basically people who abuse a specific mechanic intentionally. If I am to mention one specific item that irritates me however, it'd be oscar, that thing is extremely mobile, accurate, good for hip fire, has long range, has a ton of ammo considering how many bullets you need to kill and the gun's accuracy
  9. That would be one of the best things that would happen to APB, we'd be indebted to you :)) But yea, if that happens
  10. Wait a couple of weeks for the ticket, support is at 12 days reply delay atm, a lot of returning players are sending similar tickets. If I was to threw a wild guess, and confirm to me if I'm correct, have you bought those RT packs from another person and not from a store? if so, it is possible that player, refunded them (either via G1 or via the store / paypal) that means he gets his money back, and the RT pack is gone, possibly banning your account, and LO decided to unban almost everyone when they took over, that would explain why you can access your account. On a positive side, LO have put a large variety of weapons on Joker store, and made it so much easier to gain Joker tickets, now you can purchase more guns & cars. Welcome back & goodluck.
  11. This is very impressive work, regarding the models / BSP issue, it doesn't have to be done manually, I am certain that surfaces can be extracted and recreated as BSP with automatic UV mapping, it only needs a good programmer to write a tool for it, they also have divide it to sublevels anyway, texture it... so on, it needs work to be seen in game, but most certainly, this is a huge part of it, and an impressive one. In my opinion, APB needs new districts more than anything, we have tons of guns, tons of ranks, tons of clothing and kits, decent amount of cars, but only 2 mission districts, I think it'd multiply the variety in gameplay, with new uses and strategies for everything that's already in the game. We really need to push this to LO, give them our feedback, maybe it'll help them decide. @MattScott Is this something to be scratched as impossible or can the work be completed and integrated?
  12. Give the game more hours and you'll delete some of your points. - The launchers counter many situations apart from car delivery, and they're a lot of fun, with that in mind, they're also balanced in my opinion, the volcano could use a slight buff on damage. - Toxic yes, they used to be a lot more toxic, so hopefully whatever started changing them keeps happening (or did they just grow up?), still, the community is one of the most toxic, so that should be addressed. - Let's see when we get the engine. - The civilians are intended, they make the fights more dynamic sometimes, it's an urban environment, However I agree with you regarding the vehicles, they do drive to you directly in intersections and even speed up into you in curved roads (they seem to be spline walkers, and when the spline is curved/stretched they maintain their point travel speed) - ???? - The matchmaking is very bad though the logic behind it is probably very sound. It's due to the tiny population to choose from in districts, when it's a 40v40, the system probably has 10 or 8 enemies ready at most at a time, it's not that it's not implemented, it has nothing to choose from, the solution (Matt at some point said it will be used when upgrading the engine, not sure to 3.5 or 4) is to have dynamic migration of players, so the matchmaking system looks for enemies across all the districts, when finding them, you and them are moved to one district where you play, seamlessly (no loading world etc). - I honestly think this game is not P2W at all, most of the weapons are well balanced, there are a few exceptions, and those exceptions are mostly non Armas/Joker store weapons.
  13. My personal opinion? in a video game, that's like cosplay, it doesn't anything, neither does it mean you support whatever it is, I think it's pure free speech. I don't know the law's take on this though, at least for Swastika I think it's not allowed.
  14. Haven't seen you this enthusiastic, especially when you post on 3 different matters regarding APB, and all 3 turn out exceedingly positive. This honestly got me excited, LO's patience finally starting to pay off, hopefully those population spikes will last and increase permanently, maybe we'll be playing on that new engine with a large population, laughing at how people used to say the game is dead Thanks, everyone at LO, keep up the good work, the game may not be as famous as Fortnite or whatever else, but there are certainly people who appreciate your work a lot.
  15. That's a very nice giveaway, thanks LO. Take care and stay safe, everyone, better safe than sorry with all these hindering procedures.
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