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  1. For Enforcer you unlock one at: Grissom at contact level 3. Stu Phoenix at contact level 3. For Crim: Shift at contact level 3. Byron Bloodrose at contact level 3. You can find most information on this site: https://apbdb.com/items?page=1&search=slot
  2. And another 50 JT at the end of matches, not sure if always but it's quite frequent
  3. Pretty sure this post should've mentioned the new Mirage car, I've only seen a message on Discord about it, LO if you're reading this, you should definitely post on Steam game updates, or edit your Xmas post, to mention it, and put the car as the thumbnail for the post, marketing / hype 101, your old players that are not playing these days will see it in steam and will likely drop by
  4. Thanks, the intent is what I meant to ask about, and from what you describe it's the ideal
  5. For the new matchmaking, will you be able to queue up for the map you want? and more importantly, what will it look like, will there be a frequent loading screens before missions to join players into the same instance?
  6. only in waterfront, for financial use this:
  7. They've just shut down the servers, probably a hotfix, usually this would take an hour or less
  8. N66

    Should Ursus get a nerf ?

    I'm comparing them make a point and an exaggeration, you had to be rude and here I am detailing it again. Also what am I supposed to see? that's the point I'm making, a bullet less to kill is nothing to note if the time to kill is the same, try comparing it to Obeya for example, then Ursus is where it should be, AR-97 is just garbage, not because of TTK but because of bloom.
  9. N66

    EAC Patch Replication Bugs

    I'll bump this to add a workaround is, as soon as you start arresting, if the criminal doesn't react (animation) cancel and try again, if it doesn't work a couple more times, move slightly and try again, it works then. Maybe the problem has to do with player position not being accurate on the server, maybe the position error threshold on client position is too large
  10. N66

    Should Ursus get a nerf ?

    What does it mean if it's a 5 shot? did you check Time To Kill? it shoots slower. Also, I'm sorry but it's not that I have a bad point of view, you have a bad aim, if you lose to Ursus close range, you can kill with DMR close range too, but that would only be because the enemy gave you plenty of chance. Borrow an Ursus and see for yourself, you'll calm down then, it's a nice and solid weapon, but nothing OP. And see specifically, how reliable it is close range, compared to other n-tec variants, then compared to mid-close range weapons.
  11. N66

    Should Ursus get a nerf ?

    I've had Ursus for years yes, but I rarely use it, I love it, but I'm always switching weapons, I haven't used it in many months, and I still use Ntec-5 more often than Ursus. But that's what Ursus is, a longer range variant of Ntec-5, that is also weaker @ close range, it's quite balanced
  12. N66

    EAC Patch Replication Bugs

    Teammate had normal voice, there was no delay or robotic voice, he also had the timeout message for 30-40 seconds before the disconnect, this is why I suspect a desync
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