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  1. They've just shut down the servers, probably a hotfix, usually this would take an hour or less
  2. N66

    Should Ursus get a nerf ?

    I'm comparing them make a point and an exaggeration, you had to be rude and here I am detailing it again. Also what am I supposed to see? that's the point I'm making, a bullet less to kill is nothing to note if the time to kill is the same, try comparing it to Obeya for example, then Ursus is where it should be, AR-97 is just garbage, not because of TTK but because of bloom.
  3. N66

    EAC Patch Replication Bugs

    I'll bump this to add a workaround is, as soon as you start arresting, if the criminal doesn't react (animation) cancel and try again, if it doesn't work a couple more times, move slightly and try again, it works then. Maybe the problem has to do with player position not being accurate on the server, maybe the position error threshold on client position is too large
  4. N66

    Should Ursus get a nerf ?

    What does it mean if it's a 5 shot? did you check Time To Kill? it shoots slower. Also, I'm sorry but it's not that I have a bad point of view, you have a bad aim, if you lose to Ursus close range, you can kill with DMR close range too, but that would only be because the enemy gave you plenty of chance. Borrow an Ursus and see for yourself, you'll calm down then, it's a nice and solid weapon, but nothing OP. And see specifically, how reliable it is close range, compared to other n-tec variants, then compared to mid-close range weapons.
  5. N66

    Should Ursus get a nerf ?

    I've had Ursus for years yes, but I rarely use it, I love it, but I'm always switching weapons, I haven't used it in many months, and I still use Ntec-5 more often than Ursus. But that's what Ursus is, a longer range variant of Ntec-5, that is also weaker @ close range, it's quite balanced
  6. N66

    EAC Patch Replication Bugs

    Teammate had normal voice, there was no delay or robotic voice, he also had the timeout message for 30-40 seconds before the disconnect, this is why I suspect a desync
  7. N66

    Should Ursus get a nerf ?

    here comes the 100th ntec nerf.. No. I'll add off-topic, Oscar is the most broken weapon atm.
  8. There seems to be some new networking issues that appeared with EAC's patch: - Arresting people fails quite often, it shows the cop's arresting animation but not the criminal's, the UI radial bar appears normally, it just doesn't actually arrest, sometimes it works from the 1st attempt, at others it failed 8 times in a row (2 stuns). - When capturing point hold, there is a significant delay before capturing starts. - Teammate was disconnected due to timeout, we were on discord at that time and he had no internet connection issues. - Got shot after hiding behind a permanently open Asylum door, a considerable time after taking cover, not the usual latency issue, could be that my position on the server was not updated I'll throw my opinion on this, possibly game events that are replicated unreliably or sensitive to delay (condition fails @ server), causing a desync, kicking the client. If EAC is throttling or consuming the bandwidth, it could cause these issues to appear.
  9. Is there any chance of having all the invisible walls / Out of Bounds active only during missions in the future? Off map exploration was a "legitimate" fun community activity
  10. I see, thanks for pointing that out, at least the decision is finally made, now hopefully as you said, anti-cheat will be able to detect them
  11. I think last official stance was it's a gray area, mostly not bannable sadly. Edit: It is bannable I'm not sure how easy it is to consistently detect this without false positives, but if possible I think this should be much higher prio than punishing griefers, since macros "grief" you in PVP, and there's an unfair advantage in them, motivating doing it, unlike griefing
  12. My issue is the HP nerf of the vehicles, what I said about bullet sponges I mean about people, not vehicles, I think a vehicle being difficult to destroy using bullets, for 1 or 2 people, giving it a chance to run is a good balance in APB, that also is complimented by the fact that you can't shoot the driver through the window. The old balance allowed cars like Vegas to take an osmaw hit and possibly give the driver time to exit if he's faster than his enemy, now with HB most vehicles (not even Pioneer? correct me if I'm wrong) won't take an osmaw anyway, that's also my beef and why I said Vegas is kinda meh because it's still a good choice, but it's plastic like a Bishada. Not to mention AV guns, especially ALIG, now eat through vehicles like butter, the concept is great, but this is too much Lastly, yes, Mikro and possibly Vaquero need a reasonable buff, maybe HP buff, I think that's the difference between our views, I'd like to see a buff to them, not a nerf to bring the other vehicles closer to their level
  13. I agree with a lot of this, not sure if most people also, haven't read all the replies tbh - New Car: Vehicles and Heavy burn fuel "balance" is very terrible, I have empty vehicle mod slots and a bunch of HB sitting in inventory, I still use 4x4 Vegas, but now it's somewhat meh, your (LO) idea of balance seems to be nerfing everything to casual players and bullet sponges, which is exactly the opposite of what attracts players to APB's combat, and now to think all vehicles need to be equal sounds even worse, they're not guns, they're tiered. With that in mind, looking forward to see and design a new car, but not to drive it in missions. On new contact, sounds like it won't bring new content, if it's just old weapons, hopefully new mods, and hopefully, radio tower will finally be brought back. - Hosting Upgrade #2: This can seriously affect the playerbase negatively, if it is done in the manner the roadmap describes, and if it's released segment by segment, it will kill the open map and world/player interaction of APB and replace it with a "match based session" like in DOTA or such games, I see it breaking the game flow and replacing it with a bunch of loading screens, meaning even the social aspects such as customization will be worth far less. - Anti-Griefing Options / Streamer Mode: This goes well with the previous point, it's part of APB identity and what I love about it (on the long term, not in the moment), will vehicles pass through eachother if players are not in the same mission? I think occasional and accidental negative interaction with other players is a good thing, it's part of the unfairness and how you handle it, what I agree with, is abusing this to ruin missions insistently should be punished, but this isn't an ESports game afterall. - Vivox Reintegration: Is there a chance this can be used to stream imported music in game? - Xbox and Playstation Ports of 1.30: Don't consoles now support mouse and keyboard too? I think the matchmaking should differentiate according to mouse / keyboard, not hardware, also, maybe PC should support controllers too - Premium Revamp: Sounds reasonable, toxic but justifiable, but I doubt it would work - Player vs Environment (PVE) Missions: This is not worth the investment and the time, no one wants APB for PVE, there will always be better games at that, and APB actually aces other, AAA games when it comes to PVP, don't change focus, it will flop like Battle Royale, but taking a lot bigger investment.
  14. I had a daily activity for a Nano and now halfway through I hope they're will be time to finish it before the activities change
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