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  1. Haven't seen you this enthusiastic, especially when you post on 3 different matters regarding APB, and all 3 turn out exceedingly positive. This honestly got me excited, LO's patience finally starting to pay off, hopefully those population spikes will last and increase permanently, maybe we'll be playing on that new engine with a large population, laughing at how people used to say the game is dead Thanks, everyone at LO, keep up the good work, the game may not be as famous as Fortnite or whatever else, but there are certainly people who appreciate your work a lot.
  2. That's a very nice giveaway, thanks LO. Take care and stay safe, everyone, better safe than sorry with all these hindering procedures.
  3. This. Would love to, hard to manage with a full time job..
  4. I still don't understand the intention with the Strife's extremely low fire rate.. JG has about the same damage, can easily 2 shot kill, at the same range, but it can shoot almost 3 times by the time the strife shoots the second time.. Basically, more or less, you can expect to receive 3 hits before you are allowed to fire your second shot, overkill.. I think 1 second or 0.9 would be more fair
  5. Though I agree with how it's frustrating to lose a mission due to bounty, I still agree more with how you put it, as balancing punishment in addition to open world feel, hopefully there will be a better solution than to remove it There is a difference between adding more cars and ruining them, and the speed boost is not a "buff" or balance, by that I meant a more realistic speed than 80km/h top speed for sports cars, which is not possible due to the latency and the tick rate mainly. This... every orange mode is useless now that you have to keep a field supplier on, or if you think you'll keep your vehicle next to you this often, then all blue vehicle mods are useless. This is what I disagree with honestly, I don't see how making low and high end cars equal makes sense, I don't see vehicles the same as weapons in term of "balancing". And since I'm posting anyway, I hate the balance of "low yields", they're useless now, they explode in a radius and damage of a popcorn, and I get bored of how many nades I have to toss under parked cars for them to explode. or how you can't flush people out of cover with them now, as covers usually are big enough, and damage is low enough..
  6. Opinions? I got 3 comments on this.. - Don't touch the cars pls........ you'll ruin our fun, the only thing we ever wanted regarding cars was more speed if possible, and certainly more variety. - This isn't a road map, I support LO but this had no effort put into it, what sort of road map doesn't mention order of events and when to expect them, or any events for the matter, balance was last year's news which people were hoping you would abandon, engine upgrade is being delayed forever it's not a new event, and there is no mention of a date.. - Thank you, for postponing work on events, those feel like a chore to play, and I think other areas of the game are a priority. I understand you're probably hesitant to make promises, but it'd be better to wait and give news when you can confirm it. - If the engine is still far from done, can we get those contacts and you make some other contacts along with some other unlockables for the future? no? kthxbye
  7. I'm sorry, I only read the summary, but I disagree, the game has a lot of meta strategy, unlike CS in my opinion, part of the mission is forcing the map positioning to your advantage, this is probably the main reason why I can't play CS anymore, IMO you get no more fun once you learn a map. Another thing in the game that supports this part of the meta strategy is that the teams don't always start in this or that position, missions may send you to the same area from different directions and timings (reaching first or last), thus the advantage of a location can turn to a disadvantage, instead you should rely on some plan to thwart that.
  8. You make some valid points, I agree with the nerf part, the events were buggy, can't argue, but though I hate anything battle royal, Matt defended it saying it barely took time, and that most of the effort is reusable for future content (which can be true, just learning the code base while doing RIOT then throwing it away is still progress). However, on the other hand, the new guns, they're all fun, and balanced, which could not be said about any of G1's legendaries when they first appear, you remember the classic money grab then nerf by G1. Lastly about LO, the management, I think, they had many issues because they made many changes, servers went offline, for an extended duration, multiple times, but it was to move it to better equipment, to use better ISP, to setup some anti DDOS measures, G1 ignored every issue of those, and if you remember, we had DDOS way too often at G1's times, we also had the districts spiking to 50ms just due to players playing regularly. But then, you didn't mention much about G1 to show comparison, for instance, promising the engine upgrade for years, when in reality they had... 1 guy? if any, working on it, LO are actually showing their progress on the engine, and it's a lot of progress, though slower than they promised, but it's there. Then there is the issue with G1's pricing, which relied purely on whales to fund the game intentionally. Then lastly, the bans and cheaters, you probably remember that if you had posted something like this about G1, you'd end up banned, either by Tiggs or by an "automatic ban by Fairfight" many of which were actually manual GM bans using the system to pretend you were cheating, and besides that, the whole system was really broken, so many people were banned randomly, and we had a lot more cheaters than now. Which gives another point for LO, for both providing a much better anti cheat, and for unbanning a large number of players who were banned unfairly.
  9. Besides, it's not like it's their intended design, specifically made to be good behind cover and weaker than SMGs in the open.
  10. But that honestly doesn't make sense, I mean, 3 stk for shotguns... even corner popping won't help you if any SMG charges you, while at best case scenario you need 3 shots for them..
  11. lol? they want to NERF strife? I mentioned before I think they want to nerf everything until the game becomes casual friendly, like a mobile game, shoot and you get 50% chance to kill or 50% chance to die, keep everyone "having fun"
  12. I understand Ursus is supposed to be balanced in relation to Ntec-5, and yes it should be, but people are already complaining for a while that it's a downgrade from Ntec-5, which I didn't agree with at all, until recently when they reverted IR3 (that revert is still in place right?) since then I feel it's a bit weaker, but from what I know there are no changes what-so-ever to Ursus or IR3 now. This is more of a confused opinion I guess, Ursus is changed or is it just some placebo?
  13. Yea at this point I realized that L.O will fuck this part up real bad. I was anxious for balance, for reliability for shotguns without a buff, for buffing those unused weapons here and there which could bring a lot more fun. Then I realized their idea is to nerf anything to match the shittiest weapons, and instead of having a meta strategy plan of using the right weapon for the right scenario, and learning skills, instead they prefer to just make a spam fest of bullets and rely on 50 / 50 chances of each player dying or killing, thus giving everyone "their dose of fun". In my opinion Ntec-5 was the ideal target for the balance, Scout with jumpshooting, NHVR with damage over range (maybe even allowing long range QS), and other nades to get a slight buff if they're not matching up to low-yields, and I think the majority of weapons back this up as they're balanced to fit with this.
  14. I think a Vegas / Kurai SUV hybrid is missing, where it's fast and solid
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