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  1. Funds for L.O. is nice, can mean a lot for APB:R if there is an investment in the game and bringing a large community. But it's sad that it's not only the rights to mobile titles but the franchise as a whole (except APB:R)
  2. Don't like the chat, don't read it, or filter it, or ignore it, wth.. that's not a big issue... besides, how is it that only Russian is an issue? why not all the languages other than English?
  3. And this second account to support you? what a coincidence it was just created, it's totally not you. Don't grief, don't be toxic, let people enjoy the game.
  4. Though I agree with all of this and think the RFP is already OP, but as Skitty said, the nerf means it'll always take at least 4 bursts to kill, if I'm not mistaken, in the current version, you need to land 8 out of 9 shots in those bursts to kill, with the damage nerf, it'll need at least 10 shots, meaning larger ttk. Let's test this, maybe somehow the range will make sense.. What I'm more worried about though is the ammo boxes and shield becoming really useless.. I think 2 min cooldown makes them garbage, and no inventory access kills half the reason you may ever need them and Boombox is still as useless as ever.
  5. As the title says, Joker Store is selling an old style Scout for 3600JT for 7 days, this is the only time limited weapon, and at a hefty price
  6. Should've been a range based damage instead... also, I think scouts without jump shooting are a downgrade from nhvr
  7. My 2 cents, On the positive side: Interesting to read about this EMP grenade, this may feel like a new unique mechanic, nice to finally have new contacts, hopefully with more mods, radar jammer changes seem very well thought. On the not as positive side, the balance, I'm in favour of some balance changes, but my take on this is as follows: Shotguns generally were designed and intended around corner popping, this is how they are different from other CQC weapons, you lose in the open (slower ttk), you win behind cover, and I think this is brilliant. I agree that they need to be more reliable, but I don't like some of the changes, namely: - NFAS 0.72 is too much, it is intended as knife range, at which it'd be very deadly, and then useless, so I'd make it a bit more reliable, a bit slower to kill (it wouldn't be OP if first pellets didn't give more damage) - JG is unreliable yet OP sometimes atm, I wouldn't give it any buff, I wouldn't make its TTK competitive with CQC sub machine guns either - Shredder is broken atm, entirely, sometimes you shoot someone at 2-3m range, 5 shots, well aimed, and they brush it off and keep going, it should be a CSG range version of NFAS kinda - Ogre, would remove initial pellets giving more damage on this as well, and it'd be fine, wind up time is needed to force it's play style to corner waiting, it'd also be OP without it. -- I also don't think removing inventory access from munition boxes is a good idea, that's their main use, you don't use them in combination with a Field Supplier. --- I really think Boom Box needs a change, it's only useful on paper.
  8. 1- Buggy af. 2- How does the riot contact even progress? it's way too slow, and I'm not sure what to do. 3- Often you respawn so deep into the gas zones, hazmat suit expires, the warning delay expires, and your whole health depletes before you can sprint out of it. Happened to my whole team at some point that we all ran out of respawns trying to get out. 4- Vehicles ? difficult to implement but it's meh without 5- Takes too long to start. 6- Hazmat suit's cool down is way too long, maybe 20 sec instead. 7- Rewards? I know it's season 0 without rewards, but it needs more of the typical rewards, more $ and some way of obtaining standing, so people can play it as an alternative to missions. 8- Random teams is a minus. 9- BR, giant minus, from what I see, me included, the majority of APB players really hate BR. 10- Game flow seems too chaotic,, luck plays a big role. you either die too early before you collect money, or you collect and keep respawning, getting killed when trying to bribe the driver, but you don't get a confirmation of loss since you respawn, but you also don't get a confirmation of progression since it's in vain. It lacks strategy. * Generally the mode focuses on a negative feedback loop, which is only good for some particular game design flows, not riot imo. My suggestion which unless every member in the community insists on it, will be ignored as it's too different from original RIOT plan, convert this to faction or clan wars, you already have the map segmented, a mechanic to obtain zones is there, maybe keep the random weapons or allow player weapons, Let the faction/clan obtain zones and defend them, obtaining reward for holding out, delivered at match end, (divided by participating faction players, or divided by clan members, including the ones not participating at a smaller ratio). For this suggestion, it can either be active all the time as RIOT having smaller rewards, or being a daily/weekly event at a fixed scheduled time with bigger rewards (possibly including an increased rewards multiplier for the winners until the next event)
  9. All the people saying macro doesn't give an advantage and blah blah, let's put it this way, if it only makes you able to use the gun at normal fire rate / accuracy like others and you couldn't do it yourself, you need to get kicked, why? coz we need greens & bronze and you pretend you're not one.
  10. Personally I wouldn't buy stuff for that honestly, I can't perceive the value of the purchase anymore And then yea, ideally stats are always good, practically it's highly unlikely people don't start having placebos and raging about this and that Threat system itself I think is very good, it gives score to hidden things like saving a mission last moments, even if it never mentions it, so if you carry your team, your score will be really high even if you lose, the problem is the segments may be too few (though I think in the back it actually uses a ton more than 4 threats, + it almost certainly takes into consideration things like matching pings etc..), some things can be abused and need to be fixed, and it needs a lot more players to select from, 80 is simply not enough, most games select from a main lobby of hundreds if not thousands, I think Matt mentioned at some point a dynamic population merging solution (your district changes mid play with minor loading), that requires UE4, that, abuse fixes, and larger population would fix matchmaking And regarding the Armas, what I meant was awards given to players, not trials, but gifts given for a few days, multiple of them, to keep them testing this and that weapon, while they also have multiple choices instead of star, even if the gifts stop later
  11. 1- Why would I ever buy anything? What exclusivity does buying it give me? and how do I feel any value to it ? 2- Major change to APB play style to accommodate waiting periods and maybe a lobby to go with it. Make players wait more, fuck up matchmaking to find matching restrictions And why? to diminish gameplay mechanics & content 3- Maybe, but most of the time displaying usage statistics ends up making a negative feedback loop, oh that gun is shit because the usage stats say so, that gun is OP because more people use it, the community starts raging, such stats must exist, and must be reviewed by developers/game design, but they should not influence the community by themselves. - I think a proper matchmaking system with a lot of new players would solve this problem better by matching them together - If extra steps are to be taken, I think Armas trials are to be encouraged on new players, reward them now and then with a few days lease of some Armas gun so he can see what it is as well as return to the game to use it again and again before it expires.
  12. You guys deserve a break now, and a celebration, most of the community won't understand the amount of stress, long hours and hard work put into this, as well as the panic. Thank you L.O., Hopefully it'll now be smooth sailing (if that exists in game dev) with the rest of your plans
  13. Watch this and it'll be back If anyone has it working, let me know what setup you are using
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