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  1. The roadmap is not necessarily new, most of it are the "Soon TM" of both G1 generations, however, the actual work on implementing it, that's new, I heard previously it was 1 person working on the engine upgrade, now its 2 teams. I see them working hard on different areas of the game, and investing money into it, and so far all they get back is increased population, but not much spending, people are waiting for the confirmation, the change, and the mentioned change of prices in Armas. Personally, I quit due to G1, came back due to friends, but stopped paying at Armas altogether, now that LO took over, I am waiting for some more improvements then I'll gladly be buying again, major changes or not, as long as they keep progressing, I don't mind a different weapon or vehicle balance if it means they're adding more content or the promised maps etc.. PS: I'd like to emphasize on what you said, to whoever reads this, lets share a positive attitude about this, our community is a part of the issue, and maybe its time to solve it and get a better reputation than a salt mine.
  2. I doubt removed items will be deleted from the inventories of players that already bought them, most likely removed from Armas pages. Also, you don't need to list the unpopular guns which you think of, LO have the statistics and it won't include guess work, if anything, we'll need to ask them for more info on them (which they'll mention later anyway)
  3. I think Oscar is broken, not necessarily OP, but it looks stupid, running, stopping for a microsecond to fart a couple of bullets then run again, yet me and the people I play with frequently all have difficulty playing against it, and can't use it for shit. SHAW, if you don't have a pretty good pc, you're in for a nightmare, ntec on distance, oca in cqc, and you get that extra freeze to seal the deal.
  4. Until we have better matchmaking.. - Stick to cover, never be in the open, unless you know WHY there are no enemies around, not just that there 'probably' isn't. - If a fight starts, fight back, no matter if you're gonna die or not, maybe a teammate tagged that player, or will after you die. maybe fallback while shooting if there is a possibility. - When you see an enemy that doesn't see you, don't engage immediately in the fight, make sure he has no chance to survive, aim, get a cover, get closer/farther.. wait for him to be far from cover.. whatever it is. - Find the balance and try to know WHEN its each case, of waiting to be sure enemy won't survive, or the possibility that he's tagged already and you're giving him time to recover/hide. Of course, there are plenty more advice you can find in the forums. Goodluck !
  5. N66

    I'm sorry APB Community.

    The community jokes aside, I don't know you, but I know it's not a walk in the park, but remember, this is a mental phase that passes eventually, you'll realize big parts of it are in your head, other parts do not matter, and at the end of the day, the other "normal" people you see without this issue.. they each have their own struggles, so have the patience and wisdom to guide yourself through this
  6. N66

    Maybe a Mist rebalance?

    A screenshot will help clarify where this is exactly, most people aren't familiar with area names (me included)
  7. Well.. how about a match of you AND @Selali against Matt? whats the worst that can happen? get fired?
  8. N66

    Bringing back the "REFER A FRIEND" system.

    Would be great to get it back as I was too busy being banned last time. But maybe it would be better if its done after the matchmaking is improved and cheaters are under controls, servers are stable.. so that those players stay not just test the game
  9. N66

    We need...T R E N C H C O A T S

    I think it was a technical issue that doesn't allow them, lack of cloth physics, with Unreal 4 it's solved but that means we can expect it only after the upgrade. But yes, it's a very good idea, there were many posts asking for it before
  10. You guys are gaining a lot more popularity than the community is showing, I see so many old faces coming back, years later, even people that were never banned, population online has doubled and hopefully a lot more to come, this reply is useless, it's only here to motivate you guys to keep doing your awesome jobs
  11. N66

    Stack splitting

    I read a full page of replies trying to understand wtf splitting and duping are and when did we ever have them, and what inventory is stackable... until I realized I'm on the wrong damned forum (APB player) :)) I'm glad you guys are seeing improvements as well.
  12. N66

    Gamersfirst Support

    Thank you, it's been resolved Awesome new customer support we got
  13. N66

    Gamersfirst Support

    Thanks, didn't know about this
  14. N66

    Dethreat fix idea

    They have no place indeed, but I am not sure if this fixes the issue, I think level is independent from skill, forcing it on levels doesn't affect the issue I think, but maybe an alternative solution would be to fix the number of low threat players considered equal to a gold threat or so... Or maybe they'll come up with a better solution anyway
  15. N66

    Account Unbanning

    Despite the criticism, I think this is a very good move. I see some old players coming back, some who I am certain were falsely banned (ex, 5 months only in social, banned for aimbot..?), other assholes also, but on the other hand, it doesn't matter, they create new accounts anyway, and if they misbehave again, BE will probably give them another ban, so I don't see much cons for this. Great job people, and may you have the patience to deal with all the tickets