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  1. Well, since they destroyed spawnpoints for NPC vehicles - i'am not surprised - NPC cars are spawning from free space right now, devs don't give a shit about those who making actual online and making game even worse
  2. 1.Why 3 golds aghaints 4 silvers can call backup and got 4th gold, but silvers can't? Where is balance? 2.Is it possible to return threat-copies back? 3.Where is buff to Sungnyemun Moirai? It has dead rear gear and completely obsolete in $30k range(even Fresno is better because it has biggest HP among all purchasable vehicles) 4.Can we receive "senior" versions of older cars for $5k like Han Veo -> Han Coywolf 5.Where is buff to Balkan Varzuga Rally XS, as well, as ability to buy it normally and customizable? 6.Where is a buff to Charge Sentinel's HP? 7.Are you going to remove these stupid factions' restrctions and add cars into each others purchasable pool? Because it's not funny that both factions have alternatives only via armas 8.What about promised PVE mode? 9.Where is a fix to Balkan Ravan's lack of torque boost from nitro? 10.Maybe, if you set high stakes on JT - then make it main "donate" cash, instead of G1C? And move all items from ARMAS to Joker Store? Also made it moveable between players, as Warframe did? - It will change game from P2W(for newcomers) to slightly Market-Sitting 2 Gain 11.What about craft-system as in Warframe? Like you have a chance to get a weapon's piece from mission and that is also tradeble between players(like: you'll get receiver from Joker CR-5 and you can trade it for missing buttstock of DMV-AV and after that you'll build it with blueprint) 12.What about new modes, like, for example: derby? normal races and mods for them? drift event etc.? 13.Also, after reforming armas it will be good to see an price reduction for donate items About car buffs - you can read it here: -> Spreadsheet of APB's cars <-
  3. Hewwo evywan :3 We vecowded a video that veveted to discuss @MattScott after 5 years of ruling EyPiBi Reloyded for a whole 1.5 hours ^^ Hope you enjoyved dis ^^ Also feel free to check translition of highlight-phrases in comments section, i translated these sentences specially for you, my dear community ;* Dont' look for a age restrictions - we just so excitied about 5 year celebration :<
  4. Thread can be closed, no necessary support has achieved
  5. Thank you for support! IDK seems like they're not care about this
  6. Wow, that's pretty good work particularly pleased with the attention to details and geometry, it will be nice addition to the APB if LO actually cared about community work, especially this one with like 90% of work's done
  7. what does it mean? i tried to read this sentence many times but don't understand anyway vaquero now can drive 22 m/s or what?
  8. Thank you for support! Like watching your videos
  9. I recently watched patch notes to find one with "buff" of regular Vegas G20 and found this post: MIKRO & VAQUERO BUFF I mean, this is cool, that moderators are checking forum and listen community, but the problem is that i wrote about those things like 3 years ago in this thread: And in my spreadsheet: (Last Change was in October 10, 2021) So, i wondering: is "Community Corner>Fan Sites & Communities & Promotions" don't checking by Moderators or it's just that theme isn't popular? Anyway, i feel nice that cars were changed in better side, so i'd like to test them, but on a special server for testing without NPCs(like i posted in my "Car Comparison" thread), maybe there is an option to make it? Because NPCs are really ruining tests I'am not asking for something special, because i know, that i'am yet another player of which there are many in APB, but why not try and find out? Especially that i don't ask something extraordinary, and i made/making this videos for a community(and also balancers of game for sure) and this thing will be really helpful and allow me to make videos faster and maybe more better, like making more Sprint runs instead of only 3, or 15 instead of 10 laps on circuit because, like i said before, NPCs are main ruining factor in my tests
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