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  1. >Car balance >Only 2 tweaks you know, this is a joke, right? Where is Varzuga Rally? Where is fix for nitro on Ravan not giving any boost? Where is fix for Moirai's rear gear? Ah, yes redacting HP is most simpliest thing, i forgor
  2. Lol? i always thought that this weapon need an buff, not nerf? This thing is already too narrow-specialized and even in it's niche it still performs bad I don't understand at all Also, if you want to change cars' balance - can you, please, fix the spawn of traffic cars that just appears in line of sight from nowhere? I remember times when i tested cars and for first episoded of "Car Comparison" there was a good thing that i could block NPCs from driving on tracks-for-tests, but the more videos i uploaded - the worse situation becoming, like someone specially ruined their spawning (example:APB: Reloaded - Bishada Rapier vs Charge Cisco vs IO Growl: Car comparison)
  3. Yeah, that's it, regular Vegas is needless now, if you have 4x4
  4. Well, for it's price it's one of the best cars in game, because for only 50k you'll got pretty nice car with 1)kits 2)4 seats 3)decent characteristics, the car that beat every 5K$ car by it's price/quality Talking about nitro: if you use it, you'll get around ~12% perfomance boost(-3 seconds from ~25 second drag race) which is good result, beaten only by varzuga One of thing that made this car not as good as it could be - rollovers on sharp turns, yes, also, it isn't that responsive, as Coywolf Yep, V4x4 is bouncy because of it's chassis, but anyway it's meta anyway, even after nerf, i recomend to use it with e-brake - it helps very well to turn You can buy it anytime of course, it isn't limted BTW, congratulations with purchase!
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2420010302 - created a guide in steam
  6. >i want to find IF and >i found out see the difference between two sentences? And two Varzugas are identical, RXS just lifted version and have slightly increased maximum speed
  7. Because, 1)i want to test if the MSU has effect on the cars, as you can see, answer is: no 2)i want to find if the WCW and regular montane have differences, as you can see: no(because Varzuga and Varzuga RXS have them) 3)the WCW have installed mods and also MSU which consumes 3 slots of trunk, so it's different in terms of practically cathegory but not for the cars(this still need to be noticed) 4)i want to demonstrate perfect car for newcomers(which you can see on a tittle screen), so WCW is a very good car for them for price-quality value and 5)I recommend to buy WCW(for newbies mainly), but do not recommend to buy regular one, that's just an exception and a pleasant one Thank you for that, i really appreceate this and i also agree with you, there is no creators such as GTA 5's to compare different cars into each other, so that's why i found it a good idea even if doesn't collect much views, it's interesting first of all for me to see very good examples of cars and also sharing my thoughts with otherc ;^) it's old one(oldest tbh) and then HBF doesn't have -15% HP debuff as well as V4x4 had 1350 HP Also, Coywolf is preseted one that i got from joker store so i cant change it anyway
  8. Your thoughts about lvluping contacts from any district is very good on one side, but on the other we'll have the situation where waterfront will be always empty because: 1)it's very unbalanced and have a lot of point where you cant do anything to enemy because of OP spots 2)it have many troubles with optimization and you in almost all cases have ~40-50 FPS even on strong PCs but this is intersting feature, me too wanna see this one For limitations removing i see a plus because it will fill the game with content, without really changing anything: bumpers for factional cars are already existing in-game, so devs dont need to anything: just add options for enforcer players to install additional bumpers without sirens, also, there are balance problems for cars, you know, Vaquero on several goals higher than Mikro, also Jericho is OP in comparison with bishada, but some players still love other faction's cars because of appereance etc., on further i don't see reasons to repeat my words, i said them in this video about Jericho(timing included): https://youtu.be/wlL4REUIsYI?t=1058 I too thought about this, tho, there're not things to do ASAP, so i never hurrying up devs to do what i see a perfect decesions for the game because, lets be real: it's dead rn: no extension content(like races etc), no in-depth content(we have a cars that locked just because and you anyway can buy them with real money, so factional limits only existing for non-donate players), also, i told about racing in this video(only in intro, outro): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZRchGEgLeo Honestly , i dont think that this will split it, i can say even more: it will bring new players, who dont wanna always have PVP content but also chill with friends on one of the favourite games with a lot of customization options(i knew a lot of players who leaved/dont wanna play in apb because of it's monotonous emphasis in pvp and don't having other options) i also quit playing apb for serious because it's just tired me of on the 10 years that I spent in it - now i just driving around on empty districts and creating video-comparisons and now i'll do racing things with my friends for IGC, because, as you probably understood: they too got bored of same and same gameplay like you're playing in "Groundhog Day" And i belive that this change will bring new players and also return old ones: it's better when you have time to get used to and learn the mechanics before you get into real fight, i think that also "closing new players" to only PVE content to prevent them got into missions with veterans, before, let's say, like 20-30 rank will be a good idea and will help them more easily integrate into the game
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