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  1. I'm sure if you bought a brand new laptop, fresh out of the box, that did not cost 2000€, the situation would have been entirely different.
  2. Looking back at my list in your quote, I think you're right tbh, they confused me a bit when assigning them, they probably need just a minor buff, Cap40 used to be solid, exactly an alternative to oca / pmg / tommy around the time it was released, Trouble Maker was OP at that time, now though I can still make acceptable kills with them, they're not useless
  3. Nice thing you got there, thanks for sharing. I didn't find some guns in there, like Oblivion & Corsair which are weak in my opinion, I've also neglected a few guns I'm not familiar enough with. FFA I'm assuming it's Bullshark, I'd treat the R&D III as Obir.
  4. Crown is the silliest thing in APB, why bother? no use, looks ugly, super expensive, and every other player has it..
  5. I mean, yes you can farm that, I have kinda forgotten, but they also farm the event rewards.. Besides, farming 20k? I think it would take forever even there, especially that I don't think you can camp with friends forever, it's crowded and chaotic and everyone's bound to run into other enemies.. But ty for the reply, better than all those random dislikes keeping me puzzled so as to why people hate the idea :))
  6. Why just why do weapon roles not count in event districts, this was the issue with every event, and I think it annoys a lot of players not just me. For around 20k per weapon role, which is already a really high number to achieve, I don't think the event kills "ruin" the grind, this only serves to discourage the players from playing the event unless they really need that event's rewards. Is this some sort of technical limitation due to the code, or is it intended? Is there any chance to see it gone in future events? Side note I like this event, though the frames are under the carpet in some games, but they're fun and short, and the dev guns are a nice change
  7. Well yes, sorry I didn't do the math when I'm hyped reading the other tab :))
  8. Awesome, beautiful work people, give a big clap for your team from us. Just making sure, the announcement says there is a 1% chance for a legendary at every 500JT purchased, if you buy a pack of more JT, this is automatically stacked, right? Edit to remove my math
  9. N66

    reduce perc AOE range

    Nah, that's why they're laughing stock, just like NFAS, easy to use, but weak.
  10. Though I agree with you that it needs to be released ASAP, and though what you say about a large number of testers and a variety of hardware is correct, but some issues cannot be released to Beta, if the game crashes consistently at a common part, the Beta will be unplayable at all, and the data gathered will report the same crash over and over again, only giving chance for people to be grumpy, and less change for them to play the beta. That's why a better approach may be to fix known reproduce-able crashes, as they're probably game blockers, then release it with lower severity or reproduction issues, and even lack of minor features
  11. No he's right, if you sit close to a car and fire it'll fire at a wrong angle, but in a straight line, an issue probably dating all the way back to RTW
  12. Very late edit, just realized you asked about Armas, somehow I read Joker, my bad Off the top of my head AP45, 4x4 customizable with kits, NSSW (3slot), Atac (3slot), TAS/CSG, whatever has the option to be account bound, it's worth it. And avoid buying reskins or items that are given as loyalty awards
  13. I so wish we will see this in game, APB is in dire need of a new district, it can be used to bring a lot of players
  14. As you said, the learning curve is steep, so the amount of valid advice you can get is huge, I'll throw in a few and try to keep them short. Navigation: - As _chain said, the ability of "cheesing" obstacles is intentionally built into the map, so when you're good you can hop around for shortcuts or positional advantage, or at least to avoid the disadvantage of for ex jumping a fence with "F" - Almost always, if you jump a fence / climb a ladder / open a door, with an enemy waiting for you, you'll die, if you suspect they're near, then yes, they're waiting for you. - When you open doors, you can jump to a side and press F to open it while not static and in the open, there is no disadvantage to this over opening normally. - Don't go in the open, don't lose cover, the only time you do this is when you KNOW there is no one around because they left / died etc, that must be a main focus. Fighting: - I'll go against multiple players with this, but my advice is to use multiple weapons, depending on stage area, switch to a proper weapon, close/mid/long range or anti vehicle. - Force the enemy to your gun range whenever possible, that's a significant advantage. - If you feel relatively confident in your accuracy, take a primary for a range and a secondary for the opposite range, FBW + Sniper, Submachine gun/Shotgun + revolver (Act44 / RSA) - Unless you're dominating the enemy, car spawners are very useful. - If you made a fuss, don't expect the enemy to have "forgotten" they'll either be flanking you or waiting for you. - It's too early for Less Than Lethal weapons, you'll be in a disadvantage if you use them. - Most of the time, it's better to cook a grenade before you throw it (duh) - Concussion grenades (green smoke trail) do about 95% damage, and can destroy most regular vehicles with 1 hit. - Frag grenades (starter, white trail) do about the same damage vs people, but less vs vehicles, their advantage is that they have significantly larger radius of explosion. Money: - Yes, ram raiding as crim makes ok money, but it can be stolen by enforcers, it also takes away the fun of playing APB replacing it with a long grind. - A better alternative to ram raiding, if you have the ability, is to make in game music / symbols & sell them, that's far faster. - Don't focus on money, focus on missions & playing, money will come. Get yourself some regular mates to play with, it's more fun, don't bother with the toxicity, /ignore is your friend, you can unignore later. Welcome to APB, I hope this will make your experience more fun, if you have any sort of questions you can message me in game too (N66, Citadel server)
  15. This is supposed to launch at OTW first, right? so all those issues should not be a worry since only a margin of interested players will play the beta and will go through the process of downloading it manually etc , meaning they know what they're signing up for, besides, a much bigger issue which cannot be addressed is the fact that most likely the beta will have few players, if they're bothered by something it's most likely that, not the bugs in beta. So yes, my opinion, release and put a clear message that it's beta and issues found will be fixed.
  16. This is becoming very silly, it's been nerfed 100 times, go ahead, nerf it another 100, personally I don't care anymore because I don't use it anymore, there are many better choices, sad the iconic AK-47 is no longer a choice If you want to add something to the game, look at Oscar first, it breaks multiple weapons, then buff other weapons to make PMG not the only viable option for that range (OCA, C9, Norseman), then there is SBSR & Oblivion don't stand a chance vs other snipers. Misery doesn't stand a chance against anything, maybe not even against some secondaries. Lastly RFP pistol, it certainly needed a nerf back then, it was a primary weapon not secondary, and even excelled at long & close range, but now it's way too weak & innacurate I think it could use an accuracy buff, maybe even a damage one, as long as it drops off quickly not to allow it to be that effective long range
  17. Rebinding keys? like mapping a mouse button for an action that is not allowed in the options menu? is there such limitation? or rebinding as in changing "profiles" of mapping presets?
  18. Does the current EAC use any degree of server side measures? if not, EAC client side only is not a choice? I'm saying this since I find a lot less cheaters since EAC was used and it'd be a shame to lose that. On the other hand, I understand that it might be controversial to suddenly disallow all macros, but to be honest, I can't think of a macro someone needs in APB that has a legitimate use, so in my opinion it's a huge advantage if we get rid of all the macros
  19. This is how you win your community, very kind decisions on your part LO. Stay safe people, don't underestimate the risks just because things are easing off, it can get much worse again.
  20. N66

    Disable things

    Though I personally dislike all this hentai and porn addiction in APB and I think it ruins the game's idea of gang wars and urban chaos, it still is a part of the game, I would love to see it limited by the players themselves not by action by LO, though I don't mind the latter either, even if the game is for mature audiences, it seems like 80% of the symbols on the walls, cars and character outfits fall under that category. Then no, I don't agree with the money part, I don't think it's healthy to incentivise people to report things for money in general, I don't think reporting cheaters should give money either, people should report because they disagree with it, not because they want some virtual currency
  21. Yes, of course, credit to LO, they're to thank that APB is still running, and doing far better than G1 did, they're on the right track and their work is appreciated, even the toxic community gives them a ton more praise, and honest praise (not a*s kissing), we can see people complaining too, but unlike G1's time (especially their last 2-3years), you don't see bans left and right to everyone who complains, and you don't see a troop of boot lickers. But if we're to be more realistic and more productive, apart from the appreciation, we need to help with what little we can, be friendly towards the community, get out of your way to help new players, guide them, play with them, if someone flames you don't reply with the same, a /ignore is still far less toxic than a quarrel. Don't abuse mechanics / missions / guns, don't tease, don't cheat, don't use macro. And for those of us with more artistic talent, make more creations, share them in game especially with new players, share them online, not just on this forum but on your steam or on other content websites.
  22. N66

    Gasoline truck

    Would be cool, and simple implementation, game design could also add more details and play around this to make it refreshing though simple. A technical issue, though obviously I have no insight to APB systems, might be that they have a fixed number of vehicles per district, the servers probably have only those models loaded, idk if APB went 64 bit, and if it did, if it'd be feasible for the server side, atm the implementation would mean all dump trucks are replaced with the Gas version. You probably noticed that a district only has Dolton or Han Veo as taxi, Kurai or Sentinel, Vegas or Cisco, I don't think this is meant only for variety as their combined variety would be better, it's probably a system limitation
  23. Nah, I didn't put it to words properly, everyone camps around target and protects, and the game is designed around not being able to camp in a single spot, but it's one thing to go around and protect actively, and another thing to backstab once, then run 130m+ to the opposite direction to hide at another spot, and refuse to make a noise or shoot unless the enemy starts doing the target (with Obeya long range), and repeat, and to make it worse, if you get off target and shoot back he hides entirely, no sustained fight, no holding ground, just hide, and shoot when the player touches the target, you can't do the target in 2 min like that unless you have WH and go to the hiding spot directly.
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