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  1. Well.. how about a match of you AND @Selali against Matt? whats the worst that can happen? get fired?
  2. Would be great to get it back as I was too busy being banned last time. But maybe it would be better if its done after the matchmaking is improved and cheaters are under controls, servers are stable.. so that those players stay not just test the game
  3. I think it was a technical issue that doesn't allow them, lack of cloth physics, with Unreal 4 it's solved but that means we can expect it only after the upgrade. But yes, it's a very good idea, there were many posts asking for it before
  4. You guys are gaining a lot more popularity than the community is showing, I see so many old faces coming back, years later, even people that were never banned, population online has doubled and hopefully a lot more to come, this reply is useless, it's only here to motivate you guys to keep doing your awesome jobs
  5. I read a full page of replies trying to understand wtf splitting and duping are and when did we ever have them, and what inventory is stackable... until I realized I'm on the wrong damned forum (APB player) :)) I'm glad you guys are seeing improvements as well.
  6. Thank you, it's been resolved Awesome new customer support we got
  7. Thanks, didn't know about this
  8. N66

    Dethreat fix idea

    They have no place indeed, but I am not sure if this fixes the issue, I think level is independent from skill, forcing it on levels doesn't affect the issue I think, but maybe an alternative solution would be to fix the number of low threat players considered equal to a gold threat or so... Or maybe they'll come up with a better solution anyway
  9. Despite the criticism, I think this is a very good move. I see some old players coming back, some who I am certain were falsely banned (ex, 5 months only in social, banned for aimbot..?), other assholes also, but on the other hand, it doesn't matter, they create new accounts anyway, and if they misbehave again, BE will probably give them another ban, so I don't see much cons for this. Great job people, and may you have the patience to deal with all the tickets
  10. I use mainly crim, but I strongly disagree. LTL is weak against any sort of teamwork, yes you stun the guy, but then you have to get rid of all his teammates in the area before he gets up again, the time to stun is also longer than other weapons (compared to OCA / ATAC / NTEC / STAR). And regarding the vehicles, I think each excels at something, nothing overpowered in terms of faction, but even then, they are not faction specific, there are the rewarded vehicles when you rank up, and you can also buy them from Armas. On a different perspective, maybe a more positive one, I think criminals can use an extra gun category or so to make up for the LTL, to add more fun, not to "balance it".
  11. Well, skills of silver players vary, just like those of gold, but technically, if you have spewed enough guts of the golds you'd be gold by now, so no, golds are better (speaking of skills strictly), but who cares really? what matters is that you have fun.
  12. I am one of those, I haven't been too lazy to rename them until now, so a wipe would be a disaster for those people, but if it really is an issue, renaming them to numbers or something, so each has to struggle with a new name is less of an impact
  13. It was when G1 merged the European servers, the characters were renamed to solve the issue of identical names in the previously separate servers, but I think all characters were renamed, not just the ones were a duplicate was found.
  14. No offense man but that reminds me of the people in social asking money, it makes no sense to, the effort wastes much time, and a side note, the 3rd choice doesn't seem to fit with the poll.
  15. What you say matches a lot of players, I have good faith in LO so far, but due to G1's previous mistakes I have stopped paying anything, I do plan to start paying again, but that is once I see some of those mistakes being fixed
  16. This actually sounds fun, I'll pay you a visit if I see you in game (who knows, maybe a visit through your car window) After so long, hello again WQ
  17. Well, welcome back, it seems like a kind policy is paying off better than a restrict one, the people unfairly banned get what is rightfully theirs, you get a second chance and hopefully you'll be adding to the community now, and the ones that try to be a pain in the... will be banned before its noticeable (if BattleEye is that OP)
  18. Titicus Calmus, so far they're super transparent with us the community, and they're delivering things according to their schedule, if not faster. You see GMs in game frequently, answering all questions as promised, you're posting on the new forum already, customer support is up again, and many players believe the servers are a lot smoother, me included, they must've upgraded sth, or at least paid some long due bills. And the long term plan seems pretty good, better appreciate their hard work and invest time in them, as they invested a lot in us
  19. That actually is quite useful. I just want to add one thing on Yukon's "How to fight it", an alternative, crouch mid burst, that unsurprisingly screws up your enemy who is already struggling with the recoil and he'll shoot the rest of the mag above your head. PS: Hello Timber
  20. Unrelated to topic, but you're acing the communications, APB seems to be in good hands, old players are coming back, keep rocking
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