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  1. Not fastest. Has the most acceleration. I tested a growl vs a jericho in a straight line.
  2. I also got a Phenom II x4 and can confirm 35 - 45 fps on Waterfront. Damn cpu based games
  3. Zealocke

    Secondary weapons worth buying at armas.

    Yeah i mean in the mag.. it kills with like 12 or something
  4. Zealocke

    Secondary weapons worth buying at armas.

    Doesnt the mountie have too few ammo?
  5. Zealocke

    Secondary weapons worth buying at armas.

    Whats wrong with the hitchhiker? People seem to hate it a lot.
  6. lets not derail the thread.. we REALLY need a Lore threat to fantalk a little xP
  7. i was just saying This game really needs a fashion contest
  8. we need a thread about lore, there are so much things im missing
  9. You know by typing "maps of clothing" instead of just "maps"? I thought you wanted to change financial or something xD
  10. didnt knew about rank, but i did knew about derren and waskawi. I certainly didnt knew the redhead and the bodyguard had an official name though #TheMoreYouKnow
  11. I think you should make the title of your thread a liiiitle more precise...
  12. Those and the leaders of faction that is. Never knew what "specialist" mean. So ill just carry with tier 6 xD
  13. Ive never bought a secondary in armas. You guys know any thats worth it for close range and one for long range?
  14. Tempelton is at the same level of devil dog, birth and tiptoe (tier 5). Only current tier 6 is aletta cadagan and gumball, both on financial.
  15. - no tier 6 contact there - more cpu intensive, less average fps - more camp spots from more distance make defense easier and attack a living hell. - current hvr/ntec meta - veterans/aimbotters have an edge on mid to long ranged fights. Pros - kewl highways (we need street races) - kewl graffiti spots - nice sea view