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  1. Ok i havent been on forums or playing APB in 2 months... can someone explain me what the heck is going on now? I cant seem to find all the info i need. 1) wth is OTW.. 2) shotguns rule now? .-. What happened to HVR? N-TEC? 3) Trump is still president?
  2. About the lixil topic all i saw was three people who dont even participate in the forum regularly tried to use the whole forum community to lynch the cm just because a mistake she couldnt have foreseen. I dont know if they are "famous" in the community... and i dont care. You cant harass a person like that.. nor a cm, nor a normal player. Its even worse than naming and shaming someone for hacking. I just hope those 3 people get the bad rep they ultimately deserve and the community dont bait on their toxicity again.
  3. revert the ttk buff, but give the OCA 35m range and I'd be ok with it NERF IT TO THE GROUND!!!
  4. Agreee. With this level of custom we need more clothing slots for our fashion expresion.
  5. Good gun in good hands. And thats the point, good hands, it has a learning curve. Unlike those very easy to use guns we always comply about
  6. They would just kill all civies around and done. No witnesses.
  7. As a dedicated witnesser ill tell you this: No matter if you have $100 $1000 or $200k. The ultimate satisfaction of witnessing is to ruin a crims day. Thats my role as enforcer. If i see you do it ill ambush you and tryhard as much as i can just to take your free earned cash from your hands and see you get salted. Why? Because i can. And if i sound scary, imagine whole clans of golds dedicated to just witness you. Seriously. The system works. Ramraiding is a high risk, high reward mechanic, not a free benefit for crims to have an edge on enforcers.
  8. Dont be so mean with the poor guy/girl/alien. She just likes anime.
  9. Na is home for northamerican and southamerican players, so obviously the experience is more varied in jericho
  10. So.. what if i like another smg?. Im forced to gimp myself. I shouldnt be forced to use just one gun to be "competitive" let alone to use the 3 most used on this game.
  11. So we have enough proof to ask for a nerf i guess.. But if they nerf it... APB becomes P2W.????
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