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  1. Misakaaa

    trade lock

    should have waited the full 1 minutes instead of spamming it the system blocked you for spamming
  2. kind of weird that someone that complains about the nfas being op is calling me dumb and thinks im a bronze. You should work on yourself first before judging others (PS: no offense for real now) Im really sorry if i offended you i really like the nfas so i might have overexaggerated a bit when i had the thought of it getting nerfed because people keep getting outplayed since the only thing they know is to pressing w and walk towards the enemy like rambo without using any nades or cars and so on.
  3. the gun is accesable to everyone which means you can fight fire with fire. and also it is a FREAKING SHOTGUN all you have to do is press s and back off. Don't you know how physics work don't you know that you will get less damage when you are farther away from the gun? Please educate yourself before posting nonsense and don't skip school people like you need it the most. PS: no offense btw
  4. matt please don't touch the nfas ignore the whiners it's a well balanced weapon that is accesable to EVERYONE!
  5. How am i supposed to get 800 tickets in fight club if my average kd is 0.1 think before talking
  6. use a desired blue mod on it never use marksmanmode and jump around like a monkey to dodge all those oca bullets and reck your enemys
  7. can't do that im saving 10k for a vegas for around 5years now (hope that gets a fix aswell?)
  8. let's keep chating with each other so others can see xD bring free trial back or riot! and also 3hours aren't enough to test a gun i need 10h to adjust my playstyle to that specific weapon
  9. they removed it. i won't ever buy a gun i can't try out so they played themselves with that rework
  10. i saw a r255 using a earrape sound. hope i get matched against him again xD
  11. i don't want to be that guy but seems like i missed alot. (quit cuz cant login to main acc) what did they change ?
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