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  1. If that's the case lo needs to talk Amazon and get those removed
  2. so i have some credits on amazon and im thinking of using it to buy g1 credits but im curious if it still works as the link account isnt working the credits are here https://www.amazon.com/800-G1-Credits-Reloaded-Instant/dp/B00A2V3086/ref=pd_sim_367_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00A2V3086&pd_rd_r=MX6AYPE4G12E5MMEE41P&pd_rd_w=zurWb&pd_rd_wg=dHxbM&refRID=MX6AYPE4G12E5MMEE41P&th=1
  3. how does that work we have the hunter which a modded revovler
  4. try the advanced tab it lets you pick your area
  5. Ignoring it isn't the answer it still leaves it up for the next player
  6. Can you report offensive music themes? I play with headphones and I've had two themes that were basically screeching
  7. It's two separate things not one Edit: after messing with the tats it fixed the problem which just highlights the issue clothing and appearance need to be separated
  8. If you have to remove tattoos to get clothes to work there's still a problem
  9. The bar at the bottom that fills up as you add things
  10. I got the blood rose assassin outfit and when I went to try it out it says over budget so how about upping the limit for premium if nothing else
  11. if not a mod then some kind of balance for ltl and arrest its rediculous that only crims get taken out for longer
  12. maybe try going through the arc app
  13. Well I was right just installed apb on my main hard drive and it worked what a stupid program
  14. wonder if its an issue with the game not being on c mines on a external hard drive and im getting the same out of date problem
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