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  1. Specs: i7 7740x @4.56Ghz GTX 1070 32gb ddr4 @3200mhz - Foliage has severe impact on frame-rate. - Some lightmaps aren't correct. - black & white colors are off. - Live has better performance in all districts. - The game stutters less than live. - Sounds quality and accuracy are off. The panning is not smooth, with Spatial audio its worse. I've photoshopped the beta to make it look more colorful and bloomy. Before: After: The shadows and black colors are way too dark.
  2. Login Screen Character Selection > Snakeyio > Contacting World Server... > Disconnection [Happens a lot] Login Screen Character Selection > Snakeyio > Contacting World Server... > Social Breakwater Marina > Exit > Disconnection [Happened once]
  3. - Character Name: ChuckyDoll - Server: Citadel (EU) - Chucky The Killer Doll -
  4. It is fine, the area around the contact needs to be worked around. Wait for engine upgrade and new re-textures.
  5. -How does RIOT compare to other APB game modes? A: It has similar player grouping and bomb arming to normal missions, feels like open conflict for small teams. -Would you encourage your friends to play RIOT? A: I wish I could encourage my friends to play RIOT, but it is not as good as I thought it would be. Many things are missing, and I don't think so they gonna like it. -How would you explain RIOT to someone who has never seen it? A: I would tell them, this mode is similar to Battle Royal but with toxic gas everywhere and extra lives. A little bit like Apex Legends. -What ONE THING would you change about RIOT if you could? A: Spectating! change how you spectate a player, from their point of view, which player to spectate. Press a button to change the viewpoint style. -What is your favorite aspect of RIOT? A: Having extra lives and arming bombs. -What about RIOT do you like the least? The spawns are annoying sometimes, you don't have a chance to move when you are in the wrong place wrong time. -Other stuff And, what makes Riot boring is the lack of UI, sounds, voice and music. It just feels empty and home-made. When I get killed, I instantly spectate a random player as If something went wrong. I wish everytime someone arms a bomb, some in-game voice plays, telling everyone about it. Winning should trigger for ex, You are the WINNNER! or anything. make it exciting. Add music, during the warmup add some relaxing music and when the battle begins. Add some combat styled music. even at the end, add music. Of course, add an option to disable music for those who listen to background music. Now, the UI. Every few minutes the game asks the player to purchase, guns, lives etc. The UI isn't really helping. It is really like you are not ready? Please, give us fresh content. Ambient level sounds? I think something is missing. If it is, add a special RIOT ambient sounds. You hear police sirens coming from somewhere, people screaming, rocks hitting the ground stuff like that. ++ Disable Manual Grouping! no advantages! or make special districts for premade groups. MAKE IT EXCITING!
  6. 3. Some players don't pay attention to their teammates in the chat, this would be helpful! 4. Yeah, but I made this topic specifically for the Chat UI. 5. I know, but some players would love saying GG or good job for example. Let's say you can switch them off.
  7. Yeah, I am tired of the current UI its so sluggish. I agree with you, but I had to create this topic about the chat specifically. You can try creating your own, it will be better. The removal of whispers is optional in case of getting a lot of unwanted whispers. Your friends only can whisper you. Is that better? what you think. I agree with this toggle switch emojis. Yeah, hopefully LO will have a surprise for us after they release the Engine Upgrade. Better chat UI and overall.
  8. Hello there, We all know that APB's chat including user Interface (UI) are annoying, and look terrible. I am here to suggest an improvement to the chat's design and features. I will begin from here: 1. Control: an option to change the chat's, alphabet size, and to disable it completely from the screen. Within that being said, leave the important messages from system, and rewards on a separate box. On top-left or any where the player desires. Disabling whispers, also disables anyone from whispering. For ex, this player has disabled whispering and you cannot whisper them. 2. Better Design: Make the design of the current chat UI look more futuristic, and as cool as your new APB:Reloaded website. 3. Animated Texts: Make the chat look more interesting, less annoying, stylish. Add specific animations for each type of the chat text. Not just that, but the user can pick their favorite animation specifically. 4. Floating Chat: Give us the ability to drag and place the chat box to where we want. 5. Emojis: Wouldn't it be so cool to have Emojis for winning, losing and taunting or joking? imagine! That's what I hope we can get in the future. If you see something wrong with the suggestion, please give me a solution and a better suggestion.
  9. Snakeyio

    Hair Customization

    Yeah, I agree with you! lack of hair colors is really annoying!
  10. The UI seems to be really outdated and looks bad. They really should rework the UI and give it a modern look.
  11. I think having open slot secondaries is better than having nothing. We have fixed secondaries with IR3, RS3 etc. and I think having a secondary with only 1 open slot is enough, because its not a primary so it does not support more mods. The currently available weapon modifications should have different values when added to secondaries, you are not shooting with an assault rifle Here's an example: It is better to have one slot for modifiable secondaries in my opinion. This won't make them much more powerful. Ex. .45 current dropoff range is 40m with improved rifling dropoff range is increased to 50m. Extended Mag 3 increases clip size from 7 to 10 bullets. This picture is just a sample from Open Test World. You have different opinion? agree or disagree? share your thoughts.
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