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  1. I agree, we don't need a sweeping change that makes people like you lose your immersion. We just need a fix for griefing so that it isn't so easily do-able.
  2. I agree, people sitting on your bomb plant/raid/bug with dump and armored trucks dont affect the outcome. If anything it's up to the player to play around that obstacle while also fighting the opposition. It's part of APB.
  3. I get your point however one effective strat for the ntec in cqc is to corner lean while showing as little of your hitbox as possible. Being able to corner lean behind some items without even having to show your hitbox at all i can imagine would be extremely powerful.
  4. Piercing is really overrated. agreed, it just doesnt pierce enough stuff (mainly cars imo) for it to be useful enough to give up a mod slot i don't like this nested quote stuff. It'll get ugly real quick. Anyways, being able to shoot through objects like trash containers, pallets, destructable advertisements, etc is very powerful. There are hall ways and alley ways that specifically have these items in them to provide some sort of cover and piercing effectively ignores all of that.
  5. There's supposed to be an armas-only rfp with silencer and reduced recoil? Interesting
  6. Is the spread for the CSG and TAS the same? Or does the CSG still have a circle with a dot in the middle
  7. And maybe allow us to filter non-friend whispers into a different chat tab.
  8. That combined with longer range I would definitely consider an advantage over the oca since the the falloff damage greatly decreases over a small distance
  9. Doesn't the Whisper have less recoil? Can someone confirm
  10. Many things in APB have been "good enough" for nearly a decade. Many of those things can be improved.
  11. How did I act like it was a big deal? I already have the pioneer on my Crim's, but I am able to recognize the imbalance that exists. Again, I didn't say that I wanted Crim's to have the pioneer. If Crim's could have a large 1600hp AWD 4 seat car that allowed for 360 firing that would be good enough for me.
  12. That sarcasm is needed because...? Why is it so sacrilegious to wish that crims had a vehicle as powerful, versatile and resilient as the pioneer. I never said I wanted Crim's to be able to easily obtain pioneer's (they can already be bought in armas).
  13. Wish crims could have a vehicle that's at least somewhere close to the effectiveness of the pioneer. The espacio doesn't have nearly enough weight, isn't AWD, and doesn't allow backseat passengers to shoot 360 degrees. The fact that they can't shoot 360 degrees makes Crim's highest HP 4 seat vehicle unsuitable for car chases. But even if they could shoot 360 they would still have their entire bodies exposed when leaning out.
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