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  1. I wish we could reorganize our guns, its really annoying having to scroll down
  2. I'd actually spend money on the game if this was back. support
  3. What is the point of this, if you have a 60hz monitor?
  4. apb purely runs off clockspeed. GPU barely matters, anything above a GTX 1050 or so will run enough frames since this is a DX9 title. For maximum FPS get an 8086K @ 5.2GHz
  5. Karma Koin was a great way of buying G1C especially if you don't have a paypal account or wish to link your credit card.
  6. I can count on one hand the cheaters i saw since Battleye So yea.
  7. I never said to create more districts, I just said more threats. Make threat mean something. When you see a platinum player, you should go "oh shit"
  8. tfw you can't brag about the names you own because that would give away your alts
  9. What? You don't enjoy terrible EDM and Sanic the hedgehog? Blasphemous
  10. Split gold threat into 2 threats. The upper tier should be platinum. If you have over ~50 hours in this game and a decent framerate getting gold should be easy enough. However playing at a gold 10 level requires months if not years of experience
  11. star LCR is completely outclassed by the obeya but yea why not
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