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  1. Spread is huge, burst fire its really bad. Players are bullet absorbing it all the time. If you think that you can use the perfect ttk all the time at all ranges, you need to pass the tutorial bud. I would trade nano over it any time, but nerfing it so bad and making players lose millions is smart.
  2. Lol what? Can't kill anything at mid range, cant kill anything at short range. Im not playing for the assists you know?
  3. Weapon is the most useless secondary right now. Or should i live with myself throwing 6m to the trash?
  4. If this trash is the best they can pull out of their brain, apb future is really dark. The most funny is the gm asking the guy to stop playing... and there is a thread where this vanilakeks ask them to grant them more power. This is absurd.
  5. Its better this way. GMs get abusive at any moment as we already seen it multiple times. The problem is that they dont seem to report or get cheaters (the fucking blatant ones the very least, god) banned for long periods either, or the whole process is way too slow.
  6. Wait... does this event consist into getting the first place to get a reward and they dont expect people to get more toxic and frustrated? Well designed friends.
  7. Why is he trying to make a deep voice? And then kinda gave up. He would be* a good trap.
  8. Ok, there should be a tier 1 afk where you are able to keep playing in the mission, then a second one where you get removed from it. A guy just ruined a mission just for being afk.
  9. No, you can put it on general since its talking about the game, "Discuss all things APB Reloaded related here!". -First of all, cheaters/ spammers. They are roting apb and they need to seriously combat these bug people. -Low population -An objective that keep players glued to the game. Legendaries were a nice objective until they starting nerfing them and spam trash guns -everytime more and more trash-. -A more flexible way to rank up your characters. There are plenty of people that really enjoy playing other maps like FC and not action districts. Plus ranking up barely rewards the player. Meh i talked about this in other post and went completly ignored, w/e. -Some fresh air with new maps and modes. For some reason i really enjoyed transporting stuff in the toxic event and not just focused on killing. And yet, i have this crazy idea to make the game even more casual since they can't fight cheaters: lower ttk to a new average half second (just make weapons more powerful and letal); remove everything negative from mods (cars, characters, etc.); increase spawn time speed so everyone can kill each other more frecuently. In gral, making the game more enjoyable, challenging and easier.
  10. Posting this must be saving your life. Be glad that there are "daily im silver" threads that keeps you breathing. That's just spam. They should have some kind of filter for support tickets... there is an average of 500 players and i really doubt they are all sending help request. Maybe just acepting tickets from active accounts??? maybe???
  11. Are you sure? Because ive been playing like for 3 days i think and ive seen blatant shit enjoying themselves so openly. Its depressing having 2 anticheats and volunteer gms taking so long to find out guys going full rage (well just removing finding out because that doesn't happen). Or is just them having so many unbanned accounts to play in that constantly switching characters troubles two anticheats? Are they actually working or just not?
  12. Probably he means that cheaters got for volunteers to help test some stuff or give direct advice to fuck up the game completly. One thing that cheaters could barely stop is the nhvr, and they managed to get it nerfed to be trash. And again, i am not surprised.
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