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  1. Mitigation sometimes gets as bad as a weak ddos... Ugly avatar, my wheelchaired frend.
  2. I am not sure if ddos or cheat... a guy just teleported side to side away from my crosshair at incredible speed. WTF IS THAT?
  3. Servers are on mitigation but its lagging badly.
  4. What would it be their reason for ddos?
  5. I dont think anyone would risk their pc not even with vpn, just contract a service or others.
  6. Oh no someone is losing the packets again...
  7. At the end the hit reg issue may be caused just because of that... ddos. Competency or just the addition of BE... or probably a thing that im thinking but it would be ridiculous.
  8. I would believe it if it was like a random guy, but that one is allways doing the same ;/ Can fire his ntec like an oca, and he does not hide against me. Oh and dont worry about dislikes, every time u spit facts the people who dislike you get mad.
  9. I dont care, you cant fire it so fast or you can recoil even tap firing. You notice it because of its sound. He just sniped me in the middle of a lag spike and i was zigzaging... stop the excuses and explanations dude, stop.
  10. Nice info. Yes ive seen this, some guys lagging while you fire them without problem. But there are the ones that never have problem and fire their full auto no recoiling ntecs...
  11. Its unbelievable how people manage to kill so fast with this lag and packet loss... even with be running. I had my lucky fbw kills but its just that, luck.
  12. Okay thanks guys, sometimes i experience connection problems (ive checked nothing wrong in my end) and wanted to be sure if everyone else were having same troubles.
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