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  1. LuddeBoii

    Autumn Assault.

    Any news or updates? Or just a new picture?
  2. GTX980 Ti 6GB i7- 3820 @ 3.6GHz 1600MHz 16GB 50-90 fps average and dropping down to 30 30-60ms lag spikes where it jumps to 120+ ms I can confirm everything OP is saying
  3. LuddeBoii

    Best of the two

    I dont think Fr0g it’s a faster .45 Since they have the same ttk. But it sure is more reliable thanks to the extra two shots
  4. Showstopper or any Fr0g variant
  5. Great! Thanks for the response!
  6. I thought the new halloween symbols were only obtainable during the event but it seems like you’re able to buy them after this event too I think they should be added to the KTTC pack since: ”• All fonts, symbols, and decals unlocked”
  7. Pumpkin Hunter 2018