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  1. if it's not patched after X amount of years, it's a feature
  2. @Kewlin great post! I hope @MattScott and the LO team can use this as a guideline when they take a second try to balance the shotguns
  3. The autumn skin looks so much better in-game the picture showen here doesnt do the skin any justice
  4. Any news or updates? Or just a new picture?
  5. GTX980 Ti 6GB i7- 3820 @ 3.6GHz 1600MHz 16GB 50-90 fps average and dropping down to 30 30-60ms lag spikes where it jumps to 120+ ms I can confirm everything OP is saying
  6. I dont think Fr0g it’s a faster .45 Since they have the same ttk. But it sure is more reliable thanks to the extra two shots
  7. I thought the new halloween symbols were only obtainable during the event but it seems like you’re able to buy them after this event too I think they should be added to the KTTC pack since: ”• All fonts, symbols, and decals unlocked”
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