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  1. Well good thing we can buy 7 day leases of the wepons in the jt store to try them out before we buy them on armas marketpl.... oh, right. you can still try them with the armas try for free function, if you haven't already. altho I think you need more than just a few hours to make up your mind if a gun suits you or not
  2. The reason you don't get any response it because they are far behind with all the support tickets. as you can see here: there is nothing that can help you on the forums unfortionally, so you have to wait for a response from the ticket. (17 days roughly)
  3. LuddeBoii2 Citadel https://imgur.com/BVfchbq https://imgur.com/4zLGJUX An appreciation to my old clan Smiling Demons back in the days. With an even more halloween'y twist I wanted to post my Darth Maul, but I was too late for the party so someone had aleady made a really good looking one. (Shout out to Darksider/Cold8 Very nice!)
  4. there are so many wrongs in this post I had to read it a few times
  5. https://imgur.com/FEhRXC4 4 max gold vs 4 new players these guys had just installed apb
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