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  1. Just try to enjoy the game, focus on your rank more so than your threat level, it can get pretty toxic.
  2. let's all slap his nuts.
  3. Come across this so many times, the warp is crazy.
  4. Buy premium, those Joker Boxes are a cruel mistress.
  5. haunta

    Cyber Monday Sale

    Aww, unluggy. Seems like a good idea.
  6. haunta

    Cyber Monday Sale

    What about account weapons?
  7. haunta

    Cyber Monday Sale

    40% off though
  8. haunta

    Cyber Monday Sale

    Is it up yet?
  9. haunta

    When LO trolls you good...

    The x2 loyality is all I care about at the moment. Could of waited till the sale to purchase some stuff, shattered.
  10. haunta

    Cyber Monday Sale

    9h30m till sales
  11. haunta

    Car mods are not showing.

    Well it makes sense, I do sit at 300 to 350 ping lol
  12. haunta

    Car mods are not showing.

  13. I would think it would be.
  14. haunta

    Car mods are not showing.

    Two cars a bugged like this, I have to change them in order to see them again and then they just disappear again.