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  1. It's going to be great, there is going to be aids EVERYWHERE.
  2. What I am trying to figure out for myself. Makes sense although what about some people hoarding them? Will someone eventually be able or even allowed to control the prices?
  3. Who controls the prices of Legendary weapons and will the prices ever change and if they do - why do they change? How do we know how many there are and how many have entered the game. Does anyone at LO monitor the in-game economy? Have they even thought about it? Is it even worth worrying about at this point in time?
  4. haunta

    Joker Boxes

    I have had that feeling as well but in the end I am supporting the company.
  5. haunta

    Matchmaking and Threat

    This is what I was hoping for but I still feel like I am losing that populated district feel. When we have finished the mission do we stay in that instance? Also people are still going to be able to get into the lower instances.
  6. I wouldn't trust these vendors selling RT packs.
  7. haunta

    Matchmaking and Threat

    Not a fan of phasing really, would this include us having to connect and wait whilst we connect to the instance?
  8. it won't detect the program straight away.
  9. haunta

    Dear Little Orbit

    They should of done this from the beginning, this is a great idea.
  10. haunta

    Joker Boxes

    2 gold boxes opened so far.