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  1. and if there will be an xmas event what will it be?
  2. it kinda drives me crazy because usually it just dont let you log in but right now it says i have 0$ and 0JT and i cant press next https://gyazo.com/5d37adaa6397cadbb623d5701ed2889d @Kevkof
  3. as i said,since the characters are looking thicker in some resolutions its mentally helping you the hitboxes thing was a theory
  4. in fat i mean like thick,it seems like the hitboxes are bigger(not sure if they actually are) but its mentally helping me
  5. i7 7700 8GB of ram Nvidia gtx 1050(2gb) i dont care 'bout the graphics,just want some nice settings with low resolution(to make the people look more "fat")
  6. so,could anyone borrow me his settings?(my resolution is 1280x1024)
  7. i've got these settings from a guy and idk if theres something malicious in the file(avg scan results were no,but im not sure) these are the graphics settings he sent me -> https://www.mediafire.com/file/bq8xto4o30mcz4n/graphics.rar/file (i dont know if theres something malicious in them,DONT DOWNLOAD IT IF YOU DONT KNOW STUFF ABOUT VIRSUSES) its not a confirmed virus but who knows i would like to get new settings for my launcher could anyone send me new settings so i can take it off my back?(i dont feel good when i use his files,idk why i feel like they're malicious) (im asking for other settings over here because i dont think anyone is going to send malwares,viruses over here) thanks for anyone who helps or comment!
  8. as i said i wanna get some opinions and see what the people are thinking about it its also some kind of a funny thing,moaning about something you've done 5 mins ago
  9. eh it was the hypocrisy,you do realize i wasnt expecting anyone to explain me how we got there,it's pretty obvious but for the last days,i met so many moronic people over the game,like too many of them like mosquitoes at the summer
  10. you clearly missed my point,i meant in every group of people some will be assholes,the "-" represents them
  11. it was just the hypocrisy,i found in pretty funny and cringe it* its not that,just like in math or physics every + has - every positive thing has a negative thing its pretty clear that some people will act like assholes,its some kind of a "rule" the thing that got me is the hypocrisy xD he ignored me for that shit and then he complained when someone ignored him
  12. for anyone who thinks he was being sarcastic,he was toxic for the whole game,he typed something and i didnt understand him(he didnt type well) so i asked him "wut" and he was so toxic over me saying "wut",i didnt take screenshots of the whole match because it would be long as heck
  13. like for real look at the hypocrisy and the the moronic behavior of people nowadays,just posting it here because i've seen alot of them for the last week the guy's answer when i asked him "why are you so negative" -> -- he also decided to ignore me(because he had no point or at least,i assume any braincells -> -- and then i saw him saying that shit,he claimed that someone is cheating and then he said that the guy ignored him,he ignored me for trying to figure out why is he so negative and toxic and then he actually complained about someone ignoring him -> -- can you guys see the hypocrisy of what he just did? can you guys see his reaction ? can you guys please explain me how did we get there,to that point when someone is doing something so stupid,and then complains when someone is doing the same thing i made this post because i see alot of people like this guy for the last days,i decided to take screenshots of that conversation just to prove you how bad we got,no hate against that guy,just wanna see some opinions
  14. is it bannable to use it? is it confirmed and safe? just wondering,im about to download it
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