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  1. Well, then explain to me how i've ben using he same pc for a year, play the same account since 2012/2013, and now i can't use that specific account on any pc without corrupt data, but can play other accounts i tried on 2 different pcs. My account gets kicked on any pc i play on for corrupt data in less than 5 minutes. Any other account is fine. Maybe my apb days are over finally....
  2. It's an account data issue imo. I've uninstalled and reinstalled everything. Emailed BE themselves and that gets nowehere. I've played all night on the same pc with a different account. I still cannot stay on my account for more than 5 minutes before i'm kicked for corrupt data. It's definitely not on my end.
  3. What I've found so far is it's affect my account specifically, meaning that i can log another account on my pc and play fine, but it kicks my account on any pc i log it onto. This happened to me today right after i lost internet for a minute at my house. I can play on any other account but my own on any pc in the house. I emailed Battleye but have yet to hear anything back.
  4. Yea you can still get into citadel, but jericho is no bueno
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