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  1. I have no battleye file installed in my pc and I am now running APB smoothly. Been playing for the past 2 house without a problem. I disabled malware threats and that seemed to work for me.
  2. No idea what that says, but I feel your pain too
  3. Well, This seems very odd but it worked for me. I tried to do Yangeline's technique. I tried to locate the BattlEye folder, but I did not have anything like that installed on my computer. It seemed strange to me because In order for me to play APB, BattlEye was a mandatory install and I remember doing it. Now I don't see any BattlEye files on my PC. Anyways, I uninstalled APB and then I reinstalled it again, While installing it showed me an error saying BattlEye could not install. Okay! very strange. I then disabled Malware threat and protection from my Laptop, Now the install finished, I have been playing for over an hour with no problem at all. I still don't see any BattlEye files on my PC. Will Update soon
  4. It can't be an account/data issue. As previously stated I have been using the same account/character for more than 5 years. I recently purchased a new laptop and did all the anti malware scans on it, no issues at all. Tried on my old laptop and getting the same issue. One more thing I have noticed, If I go to social district the game is fine, I can spend my time there without getting kicked. When I enter a combat district then it kicks me out. As a member of APB for a while, users like me have always had issue with these third party anti-cheats. A few years ago they were using another one although I can't quite remember, that was the same issue. I will try Yangeline's steps to see if it works for me. Will update you guys. Thanks for contributing I really appreciate it! NoOxygen.
  5. I can't play this game anymore because Every time I enter a district it disconnects me and states I was kicked by BattlEye for corrupted data. I have had the same account for 5+ years and Never had any problem. I am playing on a brand new Laptop. Can someone please advise, thanks.
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