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  1. Calaway

    Consumable Mods

    I run Fragile and Hard Landings as my main mods, I like to have Med Spray as my consumable, but I'm usually fresh out of them. I wish there was a way that you could select what consumables you get from missions, other than those Boom Boxes, EPI Pens, etc. Maybe, just put them up on the JT store to buy that would be nice. If I'm not mistaken, I don't see any way to get a specific consumable consistently, because I rely on MED Spray pretty hard for my loadout. Any Ideas?
  2. Honestly wasn't as noticeable as this. The game is nearly unplayable, you teleport all over the place.
  3. The hell is going on with this, game wasn't this laggy before the owner change.
  4. I own the name Deport that's my best name.
  5. I just want the name Polaroid xD.
  6. They should still clear the name pool of people who haven't been on in forever. They clearly lost interest in the game. Obviously send the characters a notification if they want to keep their names or something games been out for so long and there are some good names that got banned or people just lost interest.
  7. So why is it that when check if a name is available by trying to add the name as a friend. Where it will say there is no one by that name. However, when I try to make a character with that name it says its already taken. I understand that they might be banned and the name is just lost forever, but damn LO should really clear the banned name pool if those people aren't going to take their account back. I want the name Polaroid so bad.
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