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  1. Revolted

    Error 30006

    At this time it is still not fixed but thank you matt scott.
  2. Revolted

    Error 30006

    This issue still has not been resolved. I have 0 characters so I cannot even buy another character slot to fix the problem I have spent over $2000 in APB and now that has gone to waste? I cannot play the game!!!!!!! Please fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to buy the halloween pack and I can't now.
  3. Revolted

    Error 30006

    Hello I cannot make any characters in the character creation as it says I have reached the maximum amount of characters. However I have absolutely no characters on my account. I have tried resetting the game and I have also tried repairing the game through the launcher. I do not know what to do but I really need help as I cannot play. I cannot make a new account because I have many armas market items account bound. (This is on citadel by the way.) Before you ask for any character names I do not have any :D
  4. Ok i think its bloody pointless arguing this. WAIT FOR THE ENGINE UPDATE then make your mind up and to those saying "it wont come" yes it will. They are on the test servers right now are they doing that because it wont come? NO so just chill and wait man what the hell is wrong with people. If the game is dead to you instead of leaving you should try to bring it back and if you dont care enough to, well then i regret you ever installed it. So just chill and wait until the engine update comes out please?
  5. Revolted


    Firstly russia is NOT in europe Russia is part of the Eurasian continent. Which is not in Europe it is actually in northern Asia. If you do not believe me you can google it. I prefer citadel to merge with US or somewhat another english speaking continent or country and make russians have their own server. This is because if we need to team communicate we cant because they speak Russian.
  6. Revolted

    Hair Customization

    Hello I was thinking it would be really cool to dye one side of the hair a colour and another side a different colour and having like dreads a bit longer not too long but a bit longer like covering the forehead would be awesome hopefully you will listen to this suggestion!
  7. I just want to say a sweep is a bad idea as players that spent money on the game will most likely quit. SO please keep my request in mind as im not prepared to lose all the money i spent on the game. So please do not sweep our items.
  8. Again ask my friends they said its p2w if you read my reply earlier i said im quoting what my friends said. All i am saying is that we need more players thats obvious.
  9. I am quoting what my friends are saying coz i actually like this game. They said tell that to the raptor ogre thumper atac etc...... I am just here to get the community alive again thats all i want
  10. We need more players in the game it is slowly dying. I don't want to see this game die can we promote the game more and maybe work on a new engine and make the game less pay to win and more noob friendly to attract more players thank you for reading I hope something can be done.
  11. yup i know dont worry been playing for 6-7 years
  12. Its still a problem for sone but they used my method and it seems to work
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