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  1. i understand this completely and I wish I could be this level headed, but for most people when you log on to this new game to play it and all you do is just die, die, and die even more with some of your only help is the speed at which you pick up things which varies from person to person, you can't help but think "what is even the point, dying over and over and over isn't any fun no matter what anyone says" and just quit for good, no matter how many times you play it and try to get better. the rest of the APB experience can be okay or amazing depending on the person, but when the main core of the gameplay doesn't have any sort of consistent satisfaction, people just leave the game and more than likely never come back.
  2. That bell curve would be accurate if there was a healthy playerbase APB doesn't have a healthy playerbase, and there's close to an equal amount if not the same amount of really good golds compared to the silvers, and this is whats causing some of the problems.
  3. never said it was perfect. work was in quotation for a reason
  4. the population is too low, so the majority isn't the usual average skill level. one half is the people who are able to get as good as they are, but have insufferable attitudes, and the other half being comprised of the newbies who are also new to using a computer, and the average skill players just trying to enjoy the game. the current threat would "work", but only if this game had a big and active playerbase. /thread
  5. Nothing could ever unify this playerbase as long as the two extremes of playerskill are the main population still left playing, which are the people who are really good, and the new players/people who have hit their skill peak and sadly can't get better. The game is in shambles and it is getting fixed over time but what good is a working game if there's no new players to keep it healthy?
  6. It shouldn't be too hard, but keep in bounties but make the notoriety take effect AFTER the mission the player is in is over, not during.
  7. Forgot to put this in my original post. Not saying this thread is full of them, but for the elitsts who I know browse the forums: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning–Kruger_effect
  8. At this current situation, the game's too saturated with all the veterans who don't even realize that they're still part of the problem on top of everything. The same thing happened to chivlary, a game which I also fucking loved but was ruined for me by the playerbase, and look at how many people play it now. How this game can draw in new players is going to be a trial and a half of planning out with keeping them in being even more far-fetched.
  9. My computer broke down in early march, and just today I got a decent gaming build up that's leagues better than my old computer, but I still want to optimize the settings for better performance. does anyone have the link to the advanced launcher that they could either PM me or link in this thread?
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