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  1. ok multiply the population by 10,000 still too easy to get gold
  2. Or a way to get into bronze districts when NA is temporarily dead...
  3. What's the point of the current threat system if the difference in skill amongst "golds" is greater than the difference in skill of all the other threat levels combined?
  4. Every now and then I get the most fucked up, weird, APB dreams. I dream that I'm driving cars that don't exist in the game, in parts of the map that don't exist, while there's a shitload of neon signs and lights everywhere. Also, I'm not playing on my PC, but on an oversized 3DS, somehow. And I end up on top of buildings, lookingdown at the neon hellscape that is my distorted dreamworld APB. I get these dreams at least once or twice a month, and I haven't really played since 2015. Why.
  5. The main issue here is matchmaking. Gold is far - FAR too easy to get. Everyone, their mom and their dog is gold in this game. Gold = Anyone below average can get this Silver = Bad Bronze = New to APB, learning the ropes Green = Green is only acheived by actual golds that troll "golds"
  6. You mean Mobile Spawn Points. But yes, they suck, as does the spawn system in itself.
  7. But GamersFirst can't do physics! Even though Enemy Territory did it!
  8. The purpose is to see how people want to prioritize things being done.
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