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  1. Zanting

    Error in the update

    Had this happen before where the process could be killed, but now had it happen where it was hidden instead, Process Explorer as @Kevkof mentioned though [APB_Catcher] seems to have killed itself randomly after a few minutes. This can happen anytime someone launches the game while forgetting there's a patch day, due to the process remaining running after closing the game, so would be wise to address this soon.
  2. The infinite loading issue seems to have returned with this patch after playing a few rounds.
  3. This happens to my instance of MSI Afterburner as well and I have to restart it while the game launches. Need it for fan control primarily.
  4. This is an interesting idea, in the instance that latency is unstable, would the average or highest value be the determining factor? Might be worth considering that other highly variable things affect this aside from just latency, like which resolution a player uses, or if a player has better client performance and stability.
  5. Does the 2nd rule only apply when not using the 1st rule colors? Do you have to use all three colors or can you choose to use one, two, etc?
  6. Glitched Vegas? I thought they fixed previously bugged inventory vehicles.
  7. Biggest thing will always be performance by far followed by content cardboard.
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