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  1. How can people even dream of complaining about Little Orbit and Matty-boy? This man is literally a godsend.
  2. Honestly the best post I've seen in this forum so far.
  3. After reading through all the replies on this thread, I'm getting very mixed signals.
  4. Great, now I have to feel bad about being poor in a game as well. Damn you, APB community.
  5. No benefits in tagging admins or mods, except giving them more shit to deal with that 90% of the time wasn't worth the tag. Just makes their job harder.
  6. I am... 85% sure most people do this on purpose. Except that guy I was matched against that had flight of the bumblebee. Definitely had the wrong notes.
  7. Top notch paragraphing and punctuation, not to mention the grammar. Probably another one of those angry posts, not gonna bother.
  8. I automatically dismiss any video that starts with a teenager voice saying "What is up, guys/everyone, my name is ________"
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