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  1. What a hypocrite. Do you ever stop and read the stuff you post?
  2. I got shat on for not taking the NTEC instead of the ALIG. It feels good to be against likeminded people.
  3. When the experimental test comes on, I usually run to the corner of the map with the little metal houses.
  4. The crown is possibly the ugliest clothing item in the game. Besides bragging rights, which don't matter to most people, it serves absolutely no other purpose with the exception of making you look like a asylum fugitive. mfw no more self admiration
  5. I dislike the idea - I think it should be more stable, otherwise there's probably going to be a influx of tickets such as "Game crashed doing X" "I lost all my stuff because of X" and things like that.
  6. Not sure if I quoted you before or not, but if I did, take it as a reminder. Are you trying to be the most disliked person on these forums or something of the sort?
  7. I agree with almost everything here except the Top Sounding PMG. Thing sounds like a nailgun.
  8. All I see you do ingame is complain, now you gotta take it to the forums as well? OT: Yeah, explosive weapons are annoying but easy to counter with teamwork. Since the OSMAW only has 4 rockets, I don't see a reason for the Volcano to have 14, should be 8 or so. I believe a few changes should be tweaked - It's fine as AV weaponry, but maybe reduce the health damage just a smidge so it doesn't one shot people? The HVR doesn't - I don't see why a rocket launcher should, regardless of not being hitscan. Edit: This is why I don't give my opinion.
  9. Honestly, I believe there's still hope for APB Reloaded. If the engine changes, if things are balanced out and then advertised, it might make it.
  10. Excuse me, but HB3 with DMR might just be the most fun to play weapon. If you time your shots right you usually stun before a kill and and if your teammates aren't around to arrest the lad, you can shoot them in the face again. If HB does get removed, atleast add something similar, but I believe HB is fine as it is.
  11. Can't wait to see ads for hot singles in my area.
  12. I'll paypal you $10 if you show me a clip of someone instakilling you full spray with an OCA at 30m.
  13. Man, if you haven't played the DMR with heavy barrel to do LTL or to simply stun an enemy before you kill them over 80m you haven't lived.
  14. How can people even dream of complaining about Little Orbit and Matty-boy? This man is literally a godsend.
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